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Crochet Anywhere, a Wedding, and a Makeup Class #TheWeekThatWas

Confession: I am writing this on a Sunday and backdating it to yesterday. So let’s pretend for a bit that it’s still Saturday, kay? 🙂

My week started with my usual Sunday morning crochet, coffee and breakfast combo with MrC at Starbucks Ayala Alabang. This quickly became a weekly habit that I’d indulge in during Little MrC’s football class. It was the last of my crochet anywhere Sunday mornings for a while though, because Futbol Funatics goes on break for a couple of weeks. The kiddo is actually still deciding if he wants to enroll in the next camp, so I’m not too sure what our weekends are gonna look like towards the end of this year. As if it won’t be unpredictable enough with all the holiday parties coming up, right?


My happy Sunday morning ritual. #CrochetAnywhere #LikeALola #Crochet #gantsilyo #instacrochet #handmade #wip #StarbucksPH

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My relaxing Sunday was followed by a work-filled week, which was okay coz I was on a self-imposed 4-day work week. Friday was reserved for my cousin’s wedding, something that we had all been looking forward to all year. If my count is right, we are 19 cousins on the delos Santos side of my family, and as each of us is starting to get married and have kids our family is steadily growing. The more we are, the more fun it becomes, and we are all very happy and excited to have Monica in our family now. 

Congrats, Chab and Mon!
Congrats, Mon and Chab! Babies next, guys!


Saturday was spent with my ABC Loves, plus a couple of other blogger friends from the south. My old friend Tina offered to teach us how to apply makeup on ourselves, and it was so much fun playing with her brushes and palettes! She brought a lot of fun toys to our small makeup class (as in 2 suitcases worth of makeup!), making my teeny tiny box of makeup look so small and lacking. Must go shopping soon. Lol!


My friend @itstyn is teaching our Alabang blogger group how to apply makeup today! #MakeupByTina A photo posted by MrsC | Patricia Cuyugan (@mrspcuyugan) on


I shared a few tips and tricks I learned from the class on my Instagram page, along with the silliest looking photos of myself doing makeup. Also gonna be writing about the class soon. Oh, and I can’t wait to share my wedding hair, makeup and gown from Chab and Mon’s wedding with you guys, too! I rarely write makeup and fashion posts, but I really felt so pretty that day that I just have to write. #GGSS hahaha.

Okay that’s all for now. Here’s hoping we all have an amazing next week!

New Clients, New Challenges, and Plans for the Future #TheWeekThatWas

Technically, this post ought to be hashtagged “The Weeks That Were” because it covers this past week and the one before it. After going though a super active blogging week, I had a practically post-less one because October decided to start super strong. New clients mean new challenges, and new challenges mean schedule reshuffling. That’s just what I did over the first 10 days of October, and I’m happy to say that things feel “in place” for me now.



Out of Alabang today for a series of meetings and errands. First stop, #StarbucksReserve in Makati. Reminds me of my time as a Valero working girl. #Breakfast muna.

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My busy week began here, at Starbucks Reserve in Makati      


Today was spent with my Manila Workshops team, planning for 2015 and beyond. I’ve moved on from being one of the Workshop Directors of the team to becoming the Digital Marketing Manager. I’ve actually held this post for a few months now, but it’s only now that my duties and responsibilities are really clearer and more structured, at least in my mind. Lol.




@mcdo_ph #Coffee Float-ing on a Saturday night coz I have lotsa writing to do. MrC is off to an out of town bachelor party and the little boy is about to sleep. Work mode, on! #WAHMLife #NoGimikForMe View on Instagram

Third coffee drink to cap off this insanely busy Saturday


I remember saying last year that I didn’t want to do social media jobs anymore, but lo and behold these are the ones that fate has been presenting me with lately. Guess it’s where I’m supposed to be headed. At the same time, I’m also aiming to pump up my own blog and brand’s (naks, brand!) social media, simply because I know it makes a real difference.



2nd stop, #StarbucksReserve in BGC. First meeting with a new client. Yay for work. #StarbucksHopping #WAHMLife

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My first meeting with my new client (who has me thinking and writing like a suave, handsome man) took place here, at Starbucks Reserve in BGC    


I also want to do better as far as blogging goes, and so I signed up for Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blogging Challenge, despite the chaos that is my daily life. Our first assignment was to create or update our About Me pages, and I want to ask you now to please visit mine and tell me what you think about it.




Let the staycation begin! Thank you for having us this weekend, #F1HotelManila! I love the cutie detail you put into our itinerary 🙂 View on Instagram

I’m so loving how this little blog has allowed me to do such nice things and build such wonderful memories with my boys. Our recent staycation at F1 Hotel in BGC was one of those amazing gifts that blogging has given our family


Like I said, these past two weeks have been eventful. In one day, I visited two different Starbucks Reserve stores. I’ve done back to back meetings in one morning to maximize my Makati trips. I’ve checked out two different co-working spaces and one virtual office site. I’ve taken another fun staycation with the boys. I’ve cooked and eaten an assortment of food. I’ve made future plans for myself, my family, my blog, and even my clients. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, and that is most definitely a good thing.



My gorgeous office for the day. @O2space #WorkMode

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I really cannot wait to spend another Makati day at O2 Space


To be honest, this is a boring post with me just unloading my brain. It’s been a while since I’ve written such a random brainfart as this, and it kinda feels good. Blame it on all the coffee I’ve had today, and the cookies on my table that I am trying not to eat right now. And with that, I bid you all good night. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Backlog Busting, a Garage Sale and a Girls Night Out #TheWeekThatWas

It has been a very long and full week. A lot of it was spent in the kitchen cooking breakfast, baon and dinner. I really enjoy cooking for the family, even though it really tires me out. I’ve also been remembering to post my kitchen creations on Instagram, and that is a good thing. One of my winner dishes of the week was Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs. These are the meatballs. The rest of the steps are on my IG page! 


Another thing that kept me busy this past week was our batch garage sale. Little MrC’s batch will be having their First Holy Communion this coming school year, and this was one of the fundraising projects that the Parents Association put together for it. It was fun working with the other moms, sorting and pricing the items for sale. The kiddo also enjoyed playing with the other kids who hung around while the moms worked. THe best part of all this was that I got to get rid of some of the things we no longer use at home. Yay for finally starting on my purging project! I did buy some cook books and cooking magazines, though, but those I’ll be able to use for sure. And I got all of these for only 200Pesos!


I happily capped off this crazy week in the best way ever, with a girls’ night out with my ABC loves and our significant others. We spent the evening at Century City Mall in Makati, which was nice and clean and spacious. It was my first time there, and I already told MrC that I want to go back and go shopping. Soon. We had dinner in what I now fondly think of as Kessaku’s cousin who lives in Makati, Yumi Japanese Restaurant. I’ve gushed over Kessaku several times here on the blog, and you can look forward to a blog post gushing about Yumi real soon. 


After dinner came drinks at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub. It has been forever since MrC and I went to a gig, and so I was really happy to be at 12 Monkeys. I can’t wait to catch one of my favorite bands there coz the sound in the place is really good. It’s nice and comfy, too, with amazing food. Perfect for me, as I am quickly becoming tanders (aka old and boring). Blogging about this experience soon, too.

MrC and me at 12 Monkeys
MrC and me at 12 Monkeys


My greatest achievement this past week was posting every day and significantly cutting down my blogging backlog. Yay!!! Here’s a roundup of posts that came out this week. Please read them?

And with that, this tanders is going to bed. Hope you all had a fab week, too. 

Divergent, Magnum Opus and Biogesic #TheWeekThatWas

There are crazy weeks, and there are crazy weeks. This past one, for me, has been the latter.

It all started when I took on an AVP script project with a 24-hour turnaround time frame for the first draft. Are you shaking your head already? Well I figured I could manage easily since I’ve worked with the agency before, and they’re actually friends, from school. The topic was also something that I was super familiar with, so no problem there. And then I found out that the overall event theme was Divergent, and well, I hadn’t seen the film yet. Toinks.

And so, Monday became an impromptu movie date night for MrC and me, with Divergent as our film of choice. Have you seen it? I actually liked it! I liked the story better than The Hunger Games books, and I really liked those books. I think that the casting here is great, too. A blogger friend told me that the books are better than the film, so yes I’ve already loaded my Kindle up with all the books in the series. And oh my gosh, Theo James. That is all.

Hello, Four.

I managed to survive that AVP project, so I took a time out on Wednesday to spend time with an old friend. Our coffee date was an on again, off again one, with meetings always coming up on the days when we were scheduled to see each other. Finally though, we pushed through, and ended up spending 4 hours at Magnum Opus Fine Coffees in BF just chatting away about our new lives as moms and wives. I love when old friends grow with you. 

This wasn’t my first time at Magnum Opus. MrC and I actually visited the place around this time last year to attend a coffee brewing workshop. I love how their coffee is bold and full-flavored. I ordered a Picolo Late, which you can see in that photo up there. It’s basically a tiny latte, sort of like a macchiato. And by macchiato I mean the real macchiato, and not the watered down type that Starbucks serves, which I also happen to love. Lol. I am easy to please.

Our coffee date ended abruptly when I got a call from the school nurse saying that Little MrC had a fever and had to be picked up. Since then, I’ve been playing nurse mommy to the little guy here at home. It’s a good thing we always have Biogesic at home, so even though his temperature has been quite high, we’ve been able to manage his pretty quite well. I’ve had to cancel all of my appointments this weekend, and he’s missing football, too. But that’s okay. What matters is that he gets better soon.  

So there. I’ve been trying to just relax and rest this weekend because next week’s gonna be crazy. It’s exam week, so we have to study. At the same time, that means that the kid will be home most of the day, so I’m gonna have to be creative and keep him entertained so that I can get work done. All in a WAHM’s day.

How has your week been? Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!