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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Plus Snacks) at F1 Hotel Manila

So, last month the boys and I went on a staycation at F1 Hotel in BGC. During our stay, we were eating about 80% of the time. I’m not kidding! It even started with food. As in, there was food laid out at the Premier Lounge when we arrived.

This boy was the most excited over the cookies and pastries that were laid out!


After a short welcome program, we were sent off to the hotel’s restaurant, F All Day Dining, for lunch. We were treated to a preview of their Christmas menu, and I was excited about having holiday food in October. I love to eat and I love the holidays, so when you put those two together, you make one happy me. 

Just a tiny peek at the selection of viands at the F All Day Dining lunch buffet


I started out with the usual suspects: soup, salad and sushi. I remember my friend Jane asking why I was having a salad, and I told her that it was just the beginning. Best to get the vegetables out of the way early on. I also can never skip sushi and sashimi at buffets. Those are must-haves for me, and I really enjoyed the sashimi at F1. I was happy to see they had molo soup, which is also a favorite. It was good, but needed a pinch more of salt and pepper for my taste. 

Round 1: Starters


And then came the holiday goodness. There was stuffed turkey, glazed ham with pineapple, cherries and candied fruit, beef morcon, lamb caldereta, chicken galantina, and roasted salmon with orange and rosemary beurre blanc. There were also dishes being served that weren’t part of the holiday menu, but I chose to dive into the Christmas feast and pretty much ignore the rest.

Caldereta, beef morcon, chicken galantina and roasted salmon
Glazed ham
Stuffed turkey


The star of the holiday feast, for me, was of course the stuffed turkey. I love, love, love turkey, and this one was pretty good. I also enjoyed the glazed ham . No matter how simple this dish may be, ham gives me this Christmas morning feeling and that’s why I love it.

Round 2: My plate filled with holiday cheer


Yes, I still had room for dessert after all of that. I was eager to try all the small cakes that were laid out, and also the chocolate fondue. I don’t know about you guys, but those things make me feel like a kid! There was also churros and tsokolate, which I love! My friends, Jane and Joei and I played around a bit at the tsokolate station, as you’ll see in the next photo.

Fondue, churros, cheesecake, chocolate cake, black forest cake – Dessert Heaven!


I think I liked the cheesecake best, and also the tsokolate. I wanted to get some fruit but I had absolutely no more space for it. And that was why I went straight for the salad before anything else! Habang may space pa.

Round 3: Sweet treats


I really would have wanted to nap after lunch, but we had to leave to catch a party in my aunt’s house nearby. We tried our best not to eat so much at the party because we knew we had a dinner feast to look forward to at the hotel that night.

Originally, the plan was for us to have an outdoor barbecue at the poolside Canary Lounge but the weather just refused to cooperate. So instead, we had our meal at the restaurant again, but this time we were served yummy grilled meat and seafood at our tables.

Barbecue feast!


Dinner was EXCELLENT. I really loved the grilled squid with the steamed vegetables, and the grilled sausage with the corn salad. There was also a buffet, similar to what was served at lunch, and so I picked up some sushi and sashimi (again!), russian salad, bread, crackers and cheese (my happiness!)

My choice of side dishes!


I slept super soundly that night with a happy tummy and a happy heart. The next morning, I woke up earlier than the boys did. I wanted coffee but I was too lazy to make some. Then I remembered that there was an uneaten quezo de bola cheesecake sitting in the living area of our suite! So I happily ate that all by myself, first thing in the morning on a Sunday. What a fun way to wake up!

My idea of happiness is having breakfast that I didn’t have to prepare myself. That, for me, is such a luxury, and one of the best parts of any staycation. 


Back at the restaurant, I finally got my coffee. I also had a glass of apple juice. I wasn’t very hungry so I only had a small plate (yes, small na yan for me!) of with waffles, a pandesal, a cinnamon roll, puto, bacon, the yummiest, fluffiest scrambled eggs ever, and vegetable gratin. I wasn’t able to take photos of the breakfast spread because the stations were due for a refill while we were there, so they wouldn’t have made nice photos anyway.

Breakfast plate + apple juice


I may have been full, but I wasn’t satisfied. I had been eyeing the champorado all morning, and finally I decided to give in. I’m glad I did because it was the best part of my entire breakfast. I would have regretted not going for it.

You complete me. Or at least my breakfast.


We didn’t try the other hotel facilities because we really just wanted to relax and rest that weekend. F1 does have a nice gym and spa, and 3 swimming pools! After breakfast, Little MrC and I went to check out the pools so I could take photos. There were a lot of people swimming, though, so there was more kiddo than there were pools in my pictures. Oh well!

See the pools in the background?
And just like that, he decided that since I kept taking photos of him, he would start taking photos of ME


We slept well, ate well, enjoyed the company, and had fun in general at F1 Hotel. All in all, it was a great staycation. Those of you who are planning a visit should come during the holidays because there is a lot to look forward to then – special room rates, Christmas and New Year’s Eve mass, Christmas carols, and that Christmas buffet.

Lunch and dinner buffet at F All Day Dining costs PHP 1,399 nett. The special lunch and dinner buffet on December 24, 25, 30, 2014 and January 1, 2015 costs PHP 1,999, and comes with a glass of wine. Special lunch on December 31 is PHP 1,999. Special dinner on December 31 is PHP 2,999, inclusive of one (1) New Year’s Countdown Party Ticket.

Again, THANK YOU so very much, Mr. Tony Co and Pau of F1 Hotel for having us. We enjoyed our stay. Thank you also, Spanky and Jane, for including us in your guest list. We are truly grateful. 

F All Day Dining at F1 Hotel Manila
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
+632 928.9888 / +632 908.7888
Instagram @F1Hotelmanila

A Weekend of Happy Experiences at F1 Hotel Manila

My ABC Loves and I just cannot get enough of each other, as you will notice from my recent blog posts. We just love hanging out so much, that whenever we get the chance to we just go for it. Such was the case when Jane invited the boys and I to spend the weekend at F1 Hotel Manila in BGC together with her family, Joei and Timmy, and a bunch of other bloggers. This was a special invite from the Bossman of KTG, Spanky Enriquez, whom I was looking forward to meeting.

Family photo!
Family photo!


We drove to BGC after a football morning in Alabang, together with Joei who hitched a ride with us. Jane and Boss Spanky welcomed us when we arrived at F1, and we were given our itinerary for the weekend. I was excited to see that my mommy blogger friend, Jackie was spending the weekend at the hotel, too, with her beautiful family. 


Let the staycation begin! Thank you for having us this weekend, #F1HotelManila! I love the cutie detail you put into our itinerary πŸ™‚

A photo posted by MrsC | Patricia Cuyugan (@mrspcuyugan) on


Our weekend started off with a short Halloween program with games and giveaways for the kids. There were snacks, refreshments and coffee, too, and the boys happily munched away. Football leaves us all hungry, so we were super looking forward to the yummy food we were going to indulge in during our staycation.

My boys πŸ™‚
The kiddo really liked the Green Lantern and Hulk cookies!


Next on our itinerary was lunch at the hotel’s F All Day Dining, where we were given a sneak peek at their Christmas buffet. I’ll be writing about our breakfast, lunch and dinner at F1 in a separate post though, so suspense muna


Full and sleepy after lunch, we were ready to head to our room. When we walked in and I saw the sofa bed set up in the living room, I got so excited because I knew right away that MrC and I would have our own room for the night! After 8 years of the 3 of us sharing a room, it felt so nice to have a room to call our own, even just for a night.

MrC was happy about having our own room, too!


Truth be told, it felt a little weird, too, not being able to see what the kiddo was doing on his own bed and what he was watching on his own TV. We also stayed with him until he fell asleep, then we moved to our bed after. Hello, separation anxiety! I know for sure that the little boy had fun with our setup, too, though.

I also know that MrC really liked the Batcave-ish color scheme of our room and bathroom


Two beds, two airconditioners, two TV sets, wired and wireless internet connectivity, and a big writing desk. All these made me very happy with our room. I also noticed that there were a lot of power outlets, and that’s something I appreciate. We always seem to have so many gadgets that need to be charged all at the same time, and I’m happy we were able to plug everything in all at the same time. The whole suite was super spacious, and that was such a welcome change from our usual cramped and cluttered room. Plus, there was a Quezo de Bola Cheesecake waiting for us inside! Oh my gosh, way to make me happy!

Missing my usual photobomber in my requisite hotel mirror selfie


Our room was a Fort Suite (PHP 13,100 per night). This room can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 kids, and includes breakfast. Here’s a tip from our friendly hotel housekeeping guy – when booking, ask for a corner room because these are generally bigger than the middle rooms, with no added cost. Other room types available at F1 Hotel are the City Suite Room (PHP 10,700 per night) and the Deluxe Room (PHP 9,500 per night).


MrC and I signed up for massages, but unfortunately I fell asleep before my schedule so I missed out on what would have been the first massage of my life. The husbandry was able to get one, though, and judging by how soundly he slept, it looks like it was a relaxing massage. We actually spent most of our staycation in the room because it was a rainy weekend and the weather was perfect for snuggling and being lazy. And because we got to do just that, the boys and I were happy with our F1 Hotel experience. 

If you’re planning to visit F1 Hotel, you may want to avail of their Thrills and Treats promo which runs from October 27 til November 2, and already includes 2 tickets to their Marvel Madness Halloween Party happening on November 1. Sounds like something fun to do with the family!

Thrills & Treats


THANK YOU so very much, Mr. Tony Co and Pau of F1 Hotel for taking care of the boys and I during our visit. Thank you also, Spanky and Jane, for inviting us over for the weekend. We really appreciate it! πŸ™‚


F1 Hotel Manila
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
+632 928.9888 / +632 908.7888
Instagram @F1Hotelmanila

Enjoying My Little Mommy Luxuries at Crimson Hotel Alabang

I’ve been dealing with a lot of domestic drama lately because our helper has been very un-helpful. I won’t get into details because just thinking about her makes me angry. She did something unacceptable again today, and this really made me wish that I could escape to one more staycation this weekend. But alas, we are going to be mostly home over the next couple of days, and so I will write about a past staycation instead to make myself feel better. 

I love the look of Crimson Hotel’s reception desk


I love staying at hotels for one simple reason – I get to feel like a donya for 24 hours. I know that it sounds bratty, but it’s true. I have this list of mommy luxuries that I like to indulge in, and an overnight stay at a good hotel automatically gives me at least 5 of those things. Let me explain by showing you which of these indulgences I got to enjoy during our recent staycation at Crimson Hotel in Filinvest, Alabang.

Welcome to Crimson!


A nice, clean, spacious space all to ourselves

Home for the weekend


As you know, we live in a really full house. As in, full of people and full of stuff. Our room is bursting at the seams with all of our things, and we even have stuff stored in the living room and outside the house. I get to leave all that clutter behind when we stay at a hotel. I know it doesn’t solve the clutter problem, but at least for a couple of days, we actually have our own space that is clean and quiet. 

I especially loved this makeup mirror, and that it was placed in front of the window. Natural light FTW!


Long, uninterrupted (well, mostly) showers 

Bidet = +1! Hot water = +1!


Because the boys and I share a bathroom, we have this unspoken rule that we should leave the door unlocked in case someone needs to do something in there while we’re using it. Fortunately, ours is a big enough bathroom that we can all use it at the same time. One can shower while another uses the toilet, and the third person uses the sink. It works for us, especially on rushed mornings, but oh man do I miss my bathroom privacy. At Crimson, I got to indulge in a couple of long showers and other quiet moments in the super spacious bathroom. Oh what a treat!

This is what the boys look like while I take photos around the room


Drinks. Including alcoholic ones.

Just lounging around and enjoying the sorta view


We were given access to the Executive Lounge at Crimson during our stay. There, the boys and I happily cooled off with glasses of juice and cans of soda. I was hoping to stay there all the way through happy hour, but we were told that they don’t allow children to stay once they start serving alcoholic drinks. We had to forego the beer and cocktail buffet because there was no one who could watch the kiddo for us, and also because MrC and I didn’t feel right about leaving him somewhere so that we could drink. Yes, it was the responsible thing to do. Lol. I had a mojito with dinner instead. And speaking of dinner…


A delicious dinner that I didn’t have to prepare myself, complete with dessert!

Yes, I had all of these (and more) for dinner
Yes, I had all of these (and more) for dinner


And it was a Mexican dinner, too! One of my favorite cuisines! I wrote about our Sabores de Mexico dinner experience a couple of weeks ago, and you can check it out here


The ultimate cold air conditioning + comfy bed + fluffy pillow + thick blanket combo



If I had my way, my bed would be as lush as a hotel bed. Maybe someday, we can invest in a fluffy bed. (Hint, hint, MrC!) 

Funny story, at Crimson the boys decided to have me sleep in the middle. Between the two of them and the blankets, I was sandwiched in warmth! I would wake up every once in a while when it got too hot and wiggle myself out of the blankets. Then when I’d get cold, I’d wake up again and squeeze back in. This went on a few times til morning. I still felt pretty rested, though, thank goodness.


Breakfast and coffee waiting for me when I woke up

Little MrC fixed his own plate, and made a happy face out of his pancakes and French toast


Happiness is waking up to a cup of good coffee and a yummy breakfast. On weekends, MrC sometimes takes care of this for me at home, and for that I am really grateful. That weekend at Crimson, though, was a super treat because their breakfast selections at the hotel are really, really good! I especially loved the cheeses and cold cuts that they served, and their breads too. The cheese ensaymada and the cream filled doughnut were super winners.



My first (and favorite) plate at any breakfast buffet is filled with bread, cheese and fruit. This was the first of many plates from this morning’s breakfast at Cafe Eight. 7 hours later and I am still burping. The breakfast spread at @crimsonhotel_alabang is officially one of my faves in the south. #SouthEats #CrimsonHotel #FilinvestCityAlabang #BreakfastBuffet #InstaFood

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But wait, there’s more

The Gym and the Pastry Corner


Aside from my luxury list, there’s still so much more to do at Crimson. They have a really nice gym, which I probably should visit next time, especially after eating all that bread. They also have a really nice pool, which we were sadly unable to try out because it was so windy while we were there. That’s something to come back for next time. That, and happy hour at the Executive Lounge lol. Ah! And I also have to remember to take home some of that ensaymada from the pastry corner next time. So good, promise!

Crimson Hotel's gorgeous pool
Crimson Hotel’s gorgeous pool area


The best part about our Crimson staycation was that the boys and I were there with four of my favorite families – Michelle’s, Jane’s, Joei’s (yes, Joei and Timmy are counted as a family in my book) and Kaye’s. It’s always fun for all of us when they are around, and I love how we are starting to build such fun memories together as a group. Since Little Miss QC was with us that weekend, we were officially ABC+K! Cute, diba?



THANK YOU so very much (again) to our lovely hosts, Twinkle Lacsamana, Karina, and the wonderful staff at Crimson Hotel. The boys and I had the best time and we can’t wait to come back! And super duper thank you, Jane, for arranging this for our little sisterhood. We love you!

Entrata Urban Complex,
2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City,
Alabang 1781 Muntinlupa City
Phone (02) 863 2222
Email info.alabang@crimsonhotel.com
Website http://www.crimsonhotel.com/manila/

Announcing the Winner of a Fabulous Taal Vista Hotel Staycation!!!

MrsC Loves Taal Vista Hotel

After reading, re-reading and re-re-reading all of the wonderful entries for my Taal Vista Hotel giveaway, I was stuck with a 10-way tie for the person who I felt best deserved the getaway. I re-re-re-read each entry of the 10 ladies I had picked, and still couldn’t decide who to choose, so I called on my assistant for some help.

First, we wrote down all ten names on pieces of paper. Scratch paper yan, ha! Save the trees! Continue reading Announcing the Winner of a Fabulous Taal Vista Hotel Staycation!!!