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FitFab Mom Project: The Ground Rules

It’s been a week since I announced that I am officially making an effort to become fit and fab, and to live a healthier lifestyle. Week one hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be, but that’s mostly because I decided not to be so hard on myself. Lol. I chose instead to observe myself more, and find out what works for me and what doesn’t. From there, I’ve developed five ground rules that I believe are absolutely vital to the success of this project.

 1. Set a daily calorie limit.

I know, I know, I know, calorie counting can be a real drag. But with apps like My Fitness Pal, it’s actually become easier to monitor your daily calorie intake. So thanks to technology, we no longer have an excuse not to do this. I am a firm believer in calorie counting, mostly because it means I can still have a Big Mac when I want to (which I did last Thursday), as long as I make sure to use my remaining calories for the day wisely (which, unfortunately, I didn’t do last Thursday).

Of course, it’s better that you eat healthy, cut down on salt and sugar, and if possible, eliminate junk food, soda and fast food entirely, unless you’re going to a McDonalds children’s party. It’s all a matter of making the right food choices, eating the proper portions, and keeping things balanced.

This fresh salad from John and Yoko is one of my faves.
This fresh salad from John and Yoko is one of my faves.

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How To Know When It’s Truly Time To Lose Weight

A sweet little 5-year old boy came up to me yesterday as I was talking to his mommy. He looked up at me, put a hand on my tummy, and asked ever-so-innocently, “Do you have a baby?”

I smiled down at him and answered, “No love, this is just food.”

I then pointed at little MrC and said, “There’s my baby. He’s big already, right?”

Yeah, time to lose weight. Tomorrow is day one. For real this time.

Inspired Blogging Mommies!
Inspired Blogging Mommies!

The little boy in the story is Henry. There he is with his Mama Ditas on the far right of the above photo. This was taken during the Blog Inspired workshop yesterday. This image belongs to Janice, who is on the left side of this photo with her Baby Z. Check out these mommies’ amazing blogs, Henry’s Mom Blogs for Ditas, and Roller Coaster Ride for Janice.