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Quality Education?

Earlier today, I was reviewing my little boy for his final exams. As I was going over some of his quizzes from the term, I spotted a grammatical error in one of the questions. It bothered me so much that I took a photo of the test paper and posted it on Instagram.

Past tense overload

You might think that I’m making a big deal over this, but honestly, I would probably be able to let it go if this error was not committed by an English teacher. Then again, as a parent who is paying a significant amount of money for the promise of premium, quality education, I think that I have every right to be bothered. At the same time, I chose my son’s school because I graduated from there myself, and so did MrC and all of my siblings. I believe in its educational system and the level of excellence that it promises to deliver. I take pride in being an alumna of this school, and quite frankly, it’s pretty embarrassing to know that a teacher from this school is unable to write a proper sentence in past tense.

Sure, this may just be an error, and maybe she really is qualified to be teaching English. I am more than willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, of course. But I will be watching.


Knowing Your Child’s Learning Style

Last week, I attended a seminar at my little boy’s school. This was sponsored and facilitated by Scholastic, a publisher known for its quality reading and educational materials and programs.

I got really excited when I received the memo announcing the session, which was about helping your child develop good study habits and how technology affects literacy in kids. Mr.C and I both see our son’s education as a priority investment, and we are both very much involved in his learning.

We handle homework and study time ourselves, we make sure to attend important school activities, and I also volunteer often with the Parents Association. I can really see how all this pays off each time we receive the little guy’s report card. It’s good to know that we have been doing something right.

This first slide says it all!
This first slide says it all!

Our facilitator that day, Ms Tina Calderon, shared that she read online that after Gen X and Y, our kids are now “Generation AATK (Always At The Keyboard)”. This is extra true for us now, since at Little Mr.C’s grade level, traditional books have been replaced by digital ones on an iPad.

We make sure, though, that the iPad is used primarily for learning. He does get to play games on it, but that is the exception rather than the norm. It’s been tough implementing these rules, but it’s certainly worth it. My son is more alert and attentive, and definitely less moody, when he isn’t video game zombified.

Three basic learning styles
Three basic learning styles

One of the key takeaways that I got from the seminar was that kids have varied learning styles, and in order to really be able to work effectively with your child, you should first identify how he or she learns.

Kids who are visual learners learn by watching. When they try to remember things, they usually do so by recalling images from the past. When they need to accomplish things, they tend to picture the way the finished product or the process should look like in their heads.

On the other hand, there are children who learn by listening. These auditory learners remember facts and understand instructions better when these are explained to them. One characteristic of an auditory learner is a child who spells phonetically, or based on the way the words sound. An effective learning tool to use for auditory learners is mnemonics, like ROYGBIV for the colors of the rainbow and PEMDAS (or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) for the proper order of mathematical operations.

Finally, there are kinesthetic learners, or those who learn by doing. Movement and manipulation stimulate these children, and they like to find out how things work. These kinds of kids are often more interested and successful in practical arts such as design and carpentry.

I think that Little MrC is an auditory learner. Based on experience, studying has been smooth sailing for us whenever we discuss the lessons learned for the day. He is also able to memorize things better when he hears them over and over. I actually started to notice that when he would begin singing songs that we never really taught him, but he would hear a lot at home or during car rides. 

Mnemonics actually worked very well for me growing up, too, so I think I may also be an auditory learner myself. Knowing that the kiddo and I learn the same way actually helps me figure out how to make our study time more effective and pleasant for us both.

I immediately saw how helpful this seminar would be, right off the bat, and have been applying all that I’ve learned ever since. Hopefully these bits of information prove to be helpful for you guys too.

Do you know your child’s learning style? Care to share any useful study tips?

Proud Pre-shooler’s Mama

Proud pre-shooler’s mama.That would be me. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that my five-year old is doing well in class and enjoying school. I’m so proud of him for being well-rounded, friendly, quick to learn and eager to participate.

Homework has become a daily family activity, and MrC and I enjoy looking through the seatworks, projects, activity sheets and exam papers that the teachers send us. Yesterday’s batch of accomplished school works included this:

Tristan: I want to be a fire fighter

I love how he tried to spell out the words, writing them out based on how the strewn together letters sound to him. We made sure to let him know that we are proud of his effort, and that he should always keep trying because that is the best way to learn.

I’m so proud of my kiddo, and I’m glad we decided to really invest in his schooling. I always tell soon to be parents, and soon to be parents of preschoolers that this is one thing they should really consider spending on. Education should be a priority, and I’m happy that we made it one of ours.

Report Card Day!

I love days like today when I get to perform mommy duties. Since I have ingress at the mall tonight, I was able to change to closing shift and free up my morning to pick up Tristan’s report card from school. I’m really happy that I was able to do that because it’s the Kiddo’s first report card in big school, and I really wanted to hear his teacher’s feedback on his performance and behavior. I was the second parent from his class to arrive, proof that I really was excited. I’m NEVER early!

While waiting for the first mommy to finish her consultation, I took a look at the kids’ displayed projects and saw Tristan and his dad’s photo on the reading board.

When It was finally my turn to speak with Teacher Lou, I was so happy to hear that Tristan has been doing exceptionally well in school. He has excellent grades and behavior in class, is friends with everyone, and helps out his teacher too. I’m so proud of him! I’m proud of Bong and myself as well, because it means were doing OK in the parenting department.

Now to figure out what would be a nice prize for the Kiddo…

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