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Baguio Birthday Weekend: The Long and Winding Road to Three Days of Family Fun

My birthday weekend was spent in Baguio with my boys. The trip couldn’t have been scheduled at a better time – February 25 was declared a special holiday for schools so the kiddo had no class, plus it was the weekend of the Panagbenga parades. Panagbenga is Baguio City’s annual Flower Festival. I had been to Panagbenga once before, about 8 years ago, for work. This trip was our first long road trip involving just the three of us, and we were all really excited.

First photo of the trip. Oops, the little boy can't be seen!
First photo of the trip. Oops, the little boy can’t be seen!
The flash was so bright! Lol. Off we go!
The flash was so bright! Lol. Off we go!

We left a little before sunrise on a Saturday. I knew that there was a parade scheduled early in Baguio that day, and that the Hot Air Balloon Festival was happening in Clark. I had a feeling that we’d hit heavy traffic if we left too early. I may have been right, since our drive was steady and traffic-free.

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Togetherness at Laiya Coco Grove

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog so far this month. That’s because I’ve been quite busy. Aside from the blessing of new clients and new projects I’ve also been spending a lot of time with family. My cousin and her husband and kids came home from the US for a few weeks, and all of us cousins have been getting together for fun Togetherness Sessions.

Last weekend was the big outing for the year, a trip to Laiya Coco Grove. Usually my cousins and their families go to Boracay over the holidays and we get left behind because of work or school and prior commitments. This year, since a lot of us are working, and since the trip got moved to January instead of the Christmas season, we opted for just an overnight beach getaway that didn’t involve flying.

After weeks of planning, we ended up at Laiya Coco Grove simply because the tree houses looked so cute on the website. Mr C and I went there about 8 years ago, and I remember the place being nice and quiet and quaint. You can tell from our old photos that the trip happened before we became parents, at a time when I actually had some sort of waistline. LOL.

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We drove to Batangas bright and early on a Saturday morning and arrived at the resort before noon. Our rooms were available early, which was great. We all got to settle down and freshen up before lunch. Mr C, the little boy and I shared a tree house with my mom, my sister and her boyfriend. I noticed as we walked from the reception area to our tree house that there were a lot of ongoing renovations in the resort.

Walking to our tree house
Walking to our tree house
Under renovation
Under renovation

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Roadtrip: To Fishville We Go!

When you say “beach house”, the first thing that comes to my mind is a nice villa overlooking the ocean. Kind of like the Boracay resort we stayed in during our trip last year, but not exactly, since it’s a beach house and not a hotel.

sur boracay
Sur Beach Resort, Boracay

You see, we now have a beach house, but trust me when I tell you that it’s not your typical beach house. It isn’t on your typical beach either. My dad lovingly calls it Fishville, and it stands in the middle of a fishing village in Maragondon, Cavite called Patungan. Patungan is a fishing Community in Barangay Sta. Mercedes at the farthest point of Maragondon, Cavite. The name Maragondon was derived from Tagalog word madagundong or maugong, meaning much sound.You can learn more about the place by liking its Facebook page, which my dad setup and manages.

Our first family trip for 2013 was a quick day visit to Patungan, which is my dad’s new playground. This was my first ever visit to the place. Mr C and I were the last of the family members to experience Fishville. Even little boy T was able to go there twice before with my parents. Because I’m so smart, I forgot to take a photo of the house from the outside. This is the best I can do to show you the exterior – a photo from my dad’s Facebook page. This is the portion of the house facing the ocean. That’s my mom and me cooking inihaw na liempo (grilled pork) for lunch. I am standing next to the rear entrance of the house.

Inside the bamboo fence is our beachfront dining area.
The space inside the bamboo fence is our beachfront dining area complete with bamboo tables.

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