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McCormick Flavor Nation

Birthday Noodles for the Birthday Boy

Birthdays are a big deal in my family. We actually celebrate for a whole week sometimes, and there is always food involved. Lots and lots of food. 

I’ve made sure to carry over this long-drawn birthday celebration tradition into my own home, though I know that at times MrC finds it overwhelming. It’s just that I really enjoy treating loved ones on their birthdays, and also being the center of all the fun when it’s my turn to celebrate. I guess that I will always be a kid at heart that way.

This year’s round of birthdays was extra special for my boys and I because it was the first time that we all celebrated in our house. I felt the need to fuss over the husbandry, in particular, on his special day, just because.


We kicked off his weekend-long (weekend lang because he is at the office on weekdays) celebration with a simple Birthday Noodle dinner at home. Typically, I’d go for a pasta dish over a pancit dish because honestly I don’t know how to make pancit. Luckily I had a few packs of McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix at home, which I got at a recent event.

The event, McCormick Flavor Nation, happened a few weeks ago at Bonifacio High Street. It was a fun day filled with food booths, music, and games. The boys and I braved the Saturday afternoon traffic to be there that day, driven by the promise of La Lola Churros and McCormick goodies.


In case you were wondering, yes, I really do use McCormick products in my kitchen. It’s my brand of choice for dried herbs and spices, and I also love their Grill Mates, Buffalo Wings and Korean Chicken ready mixes. 

After getting some churros (yes, that was my first order of business for the day,) I headed straight for the McCormick Avenue booth to see what I could buy. Lol, shopping agad!

I was super curious to try the different noodle variants, which were being given out for free at the event, but the lines were long and I’m not very patient. True story. So instead, I opted to buy a few to take home.


I have yet to try the other two, but like I said earlier, I cooked the Birthday Noodle pack for MrC’s birthday weekend. I have to admit that I didn’t read the directions beforehand, so I wasn’t prepared with meat and veggies to add to my pancit. I’m so galing.

I know for a fact that it would have been so much better with a little pork, some Chinese chorizo and cabbage but, nevertheless, it was still yummy with just carrots. Actually, MrC and I agree that this tasted a lot like the noodles served at the breakfast buffet in the hotel that we stayed at in Hong Kong last year. 

McCormick Flavor Nation
Birthday noodles, freshly cooked in my favorite wok!


The best part about it? This dish was so easy to prepare. I swear, it was done in no time at all, in only one pot, and with very little effort. It’s great for busy moms on days when we barely have time to get food on the table. For me, kulang nalang ay pandesal and a cold glass of Coke. Yummers!

I’m excited to try the Chap Chae and Pad Thai mixes, and yes, I will make sure that I have all the ingredients I need next time lol!

Now, can someone please teach me how to make pancit from scratch, too?