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Enjoying My Little Mommy Luxuries at Crimson Hotel Alabang

I’ve been dealing with a lot of domestic drama lately because our helper has been very un-helpful. I won’t get into details because just thinking about her makes me angry. She did something unacceptable again today, and this really made me wish that I could escape to one more staycation this weekend. But alas, we are going to be mostly home over the next couple of days, and so I will write about a past staycation instead to make myself feel better. 

I love the look of Crimson Hotel’s reception desk


I love staying at hotels for one simple reason – I get to feel like a donya for 24 hours. I know that it sounds bratty, but it’s true. I have this list of mommy luxuries that I like to indulge in, and an overnight stay at a good hotel automatically gives me at least 5 of those things. Let me explain by showing you which of these indulgences I got to enjoy during our recent staycation at Crimson Hotel in Filinvest, Alabang.

Welcome to Crimson!


A nice, clean, spacious space all to ourselves

Home for the weekend


As you know, we live in a really full house. As in, full of people and full of stuff. Our room is bursting at the seams with all of our things, and we even have stuff stored in the living room and outside the house. I get to leave all that clutter behind when we stay at a hotel. I know it doesn’t solve the clutter problem, but at least for a couple of days, we actually have our own space that is clean and quiet. 

I especially loved this makeup mirror, and that it was placed in front of the window. Natural light FTW!


Long, uninterrupted (well, mostly) showers 

Bidet = +1! Hot water = +1!


Because the boys and I share a bathroom, we have this unspoken rule that we should leave the door unlocked in case someone needs to do something in there while we’re using it. Fortunately, ours is a big enough bathroom that we can all use it at the same time. One can shower while another uses the toilet, and the third person uses the sink. It works for us, especially on rushed mornings, but oh man do I miss my bathroom privacy. At Crimson, I got to indulge in a couple of long showers and other quiet moments in the super spacious bathroom. Oh what a treat!

This is what the boys look like while I take photos around the room


Drinks. Including alcoholic ones.

Just lounging around and enjoying the sorta view


We were given access to the Executive Lounge at Crimson during our stay. There, the boys and I happily cooled off with glasses of juice and cans of soda. I was hoping to stay there all the way through happy hour, but we were told that they don’t allow children to stay once they start serving alcoholic drinks. We had to forego the beer and cocktail buffet because there was no one who could watch the kiddo for us, and also because MrC and I didn’t feel right about leaving him somewhere so that we could drink. Yes, it was the responsible thing to do. Lol. I had a mojito with dinner instead. And speaking of dinner…


A delicious dinner that I didn’t have to prepare myself, complete with dessert!

Yes, I had all of these (and more) for dinner
Yes, I had all of these (and more) for dinner


And it was a Mexican dinner, too! One of my favorite cuisines! I wrote about our Sabores de Mexico dinner experience a couple of weeks ago, and you can check it out here


The ultimate cold air conditioning + comfy bed + fluffy pillow + thick blanket combo



If I had my way, my bed would be as lush as a hotel bed. Maybe someday, we can invest in a fluffy bed. (Hint, hint, MrC!) 

Funny story, at Crimson the boys decided to have me sleep in the middle. Between the two of them and the blankets, I was sandwiched in warmth! I would wake up every once in a while when it got too hot and wiggle myself out of the blankets. Then when I’d get cold, I’d wake up again and squeeze back in. This went on a few times til morning. I still felt pretty rested, though, thank goodness.


Breakfast and coffee waiting for me when I woke up

Little MrC fixed his own plate, and made a happy face out of his pancakes and French toast


Happiness is waking up to a cup of good coffee and a yummy breakfast. On weekends, MrC sometimes takes care of this for me at home, and for that I am really grateful. That weekend at Crimson, though, was a super treat because their breakfast selections at the hotel are really, really good! I especially loved the cheeses and cold cuts that they served, and their breads too. The cheese ensaymada and the cream filled doughnut were super winners.



My first (and favorite) plate at any breakfast buffet is filled with bread, cheese and fruit. This was the first of many plates from this morning’s breakfast at Cafe Eight. 7 hours later and I am still burping. The breakfast spread at @crimsonhotel_alabang is officially one of my faves in the south. #SouthEats #CrimsonHotel #FilinvestCityAlabang #BreakfastBuffet #InstaFood

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But wait, there’s more

The Gym and the Pastry Corner


Aside from my luxury list, there’s still so much more to do at Crimson. They have a really nice gym, which I probably should visit next time, especially after eating all that bread. They also have a really nice pool, which we were sadly unable to try out because it was so windy while we were there. That’s something to come back for next time. That, and happy hour at the Executive Lounge lol. Ah! And I also have to remember to take home some of that ensaymada from the pastry corner next time. So good, promise!

Crimson Hotel's gorgeous pool
Crimson Hotel’s gorgeous pool area


The best part about our Crimson staycation was that the boys and I were there with four of my favorite families – Michelle’s, Jane’s, Joei’s (yes, Joei and Timmy are counted as a family in my book) and Kaye’s. It’s always fun for all of us when they are around, and I love how we are starting to build such fun memories together as a group. Since Little Miss QC was with us that weekend, we were officially ABC+K! Cute, diba?



THANK YOU so very much (again) to our lovely hosts, Twinkle Lacsamana, Karina, and the wonderful staff at Crimson Hotel. The boys and I had the best time and we can’t wait to come back! And super duper thank you, Jane, for arranging this for our little sisterhood. We love you!

Entrata Urban Complex,
2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City,
Alabang 1781 Muntinlupa City
Phone (02) 863 2222
Email info.alabang@crimsonhotel.com
Website http://www.crimsonhotel.com/manila/

Mexican #FoodTrip: Sabores de Mexico at Crimson Hotel

My Instagram feed will tell you that the boys and I spent the weekend at our friendly neighborhood hotel, Crimson Hotel at the Entrata Complex in Filinvest Alabang. One of the highlights of our stay was the Sabores de Mexico Mexican food festival that happened to be running while we were there. Oh the joy! We are Mexican food fanatics, and so this was really a special treat to look forward to.

My dinner dates – Kaye, Jane and Mish, and our gracious host, Crimson Hotel’s Karina Leal
(This photo belongs to Michelle Aventajado)


I started with the starters because, well, that’s where you’re supposed to start. And because they were laid out right behind me and I could smell them! I particularly liked the different salads. I thought they all looked the same, but then they each tasted different. They were cold and quite refreshing to the palate. 

Chili Bean and Garlic Mayo
Mexican Cucumber
El maiz y El Tomate con Chorizo
Corn and Bean with Pico de Gallo Salad


A Mexican meal is not complete unless you have nachos. At least for me and MrC. He happily crunched away on chips loaded while cheese while I had my plate of assorted salads and cheese. I love the cheese selections at Crimson. There were several different kinds, and no, sliced sandwich cheese was not a part of the list. Thank goodness.

Nacho bar, cold cuts and assorted starters
Cheese is happiness. Cheese and ice cream.


I was excited to get started on the main dishes. The Mexican Embassy flew in Chef Daniela Romero to infuse authentic Mexican dishes into Cafe Eight’s buffet, after all, and I couldn’t wait to try them. The Mexican Rice (of all things!) was my favorite. So good. I can just imagine stuffing this into burritos and all sorts of tortilla wraps, or eating it topped with carne asada and cheese. Yes, even more cheese. I also really enjoyed the beans. They went so well with the rice!

Tamales and Beans
Mexican Rice


I also picked up a plate of sushi. It isn’t Mexican food, but I just couldn’t resist. I make sure to always try the Japanese selections at every hotel buffet I try just because I love Sushi and Sashimi a whole lot. Little MrC had a big plate of Sushi that night, too! That and a plate of Carbonara plus a bowl of Tortilla Soup.

See my photo-ready friends, Jane and Kaye? 🙂


Did I mention that I had a Mojito too? Soooo goooooood! And it went really well with the Mexican spread. I didn’t notice what MrC was eating because he was up and about, picking things up and wolfing them down. Hehe, sorry Daddy, nilaglag na kita.

Now, of course I remembered to save room for dessert. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to hit the sweets they were all out of Churros with Chocolate Sauce! Huhuhu. The kids told me that they were really yummy.



It’s a good thing the Rice Pudding was excellent, otherwise I really would have been disappointed about missing out on the Churros. I got some of my usual dessert faves, too – Chocolate Mousse, Red Velvet and Tres Leches.

All in all, I had three plates (plus sushi, plus a mojito)


THANK YOU so very much to our lovely hosts, Twinkle Lacsamana, Karina, and the wonderful staff at Crimson Hotel. I had an amazing time chatting with my girlfriends, while we stuffed ourselves silly. It was such a fun night with our little group and our caboodle of husbands and kids. The boys really enjoyed dinner, and we can’t wait to come back and indulge in more of Cafe Eight’s yummy dishes. Thank you also to my south sister, Jane for arranging this for ABC+K!

Those of you who wanna check out the Sabores de Mexico Buffet, you still have until September 26, Friday, to drop by and enjoy. Lunch buffet costs PHP1,000 and dinner is PHP1,250 per person. For reservations, call Cafe Eight at 863.2222 loc 1612.

7 Must-Try Breakfast Dishes at Tus’ Clay Pots and Skillets #SundaySeven

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Oh yest it is. So when Jane invited our ABC group to have brunch with her at Tus’ Clay Pots and Skillets in Westgate, I said YES in the most enthusiastic way. I love that Tus’ is open for breakfast from 7AM to 10:30AM. See, MrC and I are always looking for places to eat early in the day. We love going out for breakfast or brunch, and this place is now officially part of our morning restaurant list.

Yes, our outfits are color-coordinated – Mish and Nino in white, Jane and Jeff in black and white, Joei and Timmy in blue, and MrC and I in yellow. No, we did not plan this.


The restaurant is owned by Chef Krsna Algenio (who happens to be the sister of my sister’s friend) and Maricar Sason. Both pretty ladies are also from Alabang, and event went to the same high school that MrC and I went to. TUS has a special meaning there. Joei and Timmy know this coz they’re also from La Salle. We actually asked if they chose this name because of that. The answer is no. The word tus simply means yours in Spanish. 

ABC and friends hehe!


So, when you go to Tus’ for breakfast (yes, I said WHEN and not IF), here are seven dishes that you absolutely positively have to order. As in. It doesn’t have to be all at once, but make sure you come back to try the ones you missed. Ready?

1. Pulled Pork with Coleslaw Breakfast Skillet (PHP 350.00)

Seasoned a slow-cooked pork, pulled apart and served with coleslaw

I cannot get over this dish! The pulled pork was perfectly seasoned. It was nice and toasty, like it had been cooked so long that the sauce dried up. The coleslaw was a perfect complement to the meat. If I had this plate to myself, I would have sopped up the egg yolk and baked beans together using the yummy slice of bread. I would go back just for this. 


2. Egg Salad and Asparagus Sandwich with Pan Seared Tomatoes (PHP 245.00)

Homemade egg salad with asparagus and chives served with pan-seared tomatoes and basil

My lola’s go-to dish at our favorite pancake place was their chicken asparagus sandwich. If she were still with us, I’d totally take her to Tus’ to try this egg salad and asparagus sandwich. I’m pretty sure she would love it. I ate a lot of this. It was really good. I loved the potatoes that came with the sandwich, too.


3. Spicy Beef Gozleme (PHP 290.00)

Savory paprika spicy beef cooked with garlic and cheese wrapped in gozleme dough and served with a cucumber salad

A gozleme is a traditional Turkish dish, made by filling a hand-rolled dough with various savory ingredients. The dough pocket is then sealed and cooked. I love exotic flavors, so this really worked for me. The cucumber salad has a very clean taste with a hint of dill. It worked well as a palate cleanser after a bite of the bold-flavored gozleme.


4. Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Skillet (PHP 350.00)

Three big strips of perfectly cooked bacon served with eggs, roasted tomatoes and baked beans

It’s bacon and eggs. Need I say more? Though I have to admit, I enjoy bacon more with rice. The good news is you can choose to have your breakfast skillet with either toast with butter, plain rice, or steak fat fried rice. 


5. Breakfast Sausage Skillet (PHP 350.00)

Homemade sausage with south style potatoes

THAT is the steak fat fried rice??? I didn’t get to try it, but I’ve already promised myself that I will soon. The homemade breakfast sausage is juicy and flavorful. It goes so well with the potatoes. This, for me, is the perfect big breakfast.


6. Margherita Pot Pie (PHP 380.00)

Filled with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil and cheese
Filled with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil and cheese

Pizza for breakfast? Yes please! This is like a mini deep-dish pizza, and it is so good. Little MrC would super enjoy this. I have to take him to Tus’ to try this. Maybe when I go back for the fried rice. 


7. Half-baked Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream (PHP 160.00)

Trust me, you should not leave Tus’ without trying this.

There is always room for dessert, even after breakfast. My sister couldn’t stop talking about it for days after she first tried it. To be honest, I’m not a fan of raw cookie dough, but this one was good. I happily ate all the edges with ice cream. It’s a good thing my companions really enjoyed having the gooey center hehe.

These seven are my faves, but there are a few more things that you should also try at Tus’.

Fritatas (PHP 180.00)

There are three kinds – the two pictured below plus a Garden one with tomatoes, basil, asparagus and onions. These are served with toast and butter.

Potatoes, Onions & Cheese and Bacon & Spinach Frittatas


Chicken Ranch Pot Pie (PHP 360.00)

For when you don’t feel like having the Margherita hehe.

This has pan-seared chicken tossed in buffalo sauce inside, topped with cheese and ranch dressing


Hot Chicken Sandwich with Jalapenos (PHP 290.00)

For those who like spicy food. MrC loved this!

Pan seared chicken fillet on romaine lettuce topped with cheese and red onions, served with jalapenos on the side


Pineapple Float (PHP 390.00 for a pitcher)

I don’t drink pineapple juice, so I didn’t try this. Between the adults and kids who were there though, the pitcher ended up empty. So I say go, go, go and try it!

Pineapple juice + vanilla ice cream. Totally matched mine and MrC’s outfits. Next to it is the breakfast sausage with bread instead of rice, just because I felt like posting a photo of it again


BIG THANKS to Chef Krsna and Kai for feeding us and making us super duper happy. I cannot wait to go back there with my kiddo. I already know that he’s gonna love your food! Thank you also to Jane for organizing this yummy brunch. Promise I will not be late next time!

So, are you guys convinced? See you at Tus’?


Tus’ Clay Pots and Skillets
D1 Westgate Center,
Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Phone: +632 8283178
Serves Breakfast 7AM – 10:30AM, Lunch 10:30AM – 2PM, and  Dinner 5PM – 10PM

A Day With My BFF

Last October, we celebrated Pet Month and the Feast of St Francis with A Day With My BFF. This event, in partnership with the Lifeline Foundation and Animal House, brought together dog lovers and their best furry friends in an afternoon of fun and games at Westgate Center Alabang.

This activity made me remember how it was to have dogs around. It’s been years since we had a puppy at home. Our last doggie was Rex the Rottweiler who broke all our hearts when he died of liver failure. Before Rex, we had an assortment of big and small dogs, beginning with our first, Cujo the Toy Poodle, who was delivered by Santa Clause when Boyong and I were little. Our other two dogs, Bow and Buddy weren’t with us for very long, which may be why I can’t remember what breed they were. After we lost Rex, we shifted to cats, and have had our last remaining kitty Sasha since 1997.

Some of the dogs I met at the event were such characters, like the Frech Bulldogs from Ayala Alabang, Spam and Tapa, and the lovable Chewie Chowchow. All of a sudden, I’m tempted to buy a puppy, and would probably have done so already if we had our own place. My mom doesn’t want any new pets in the house while Sasha is still around, coz the last time we tried to introduce new kitties to our household she went on hunger strike. Yes, we have a cranky old kitty on our hands!

Look at all the cute doggies!

More photos from the event!

MJ and Toni
Goodie Bags!
Ms Chona and Mr Noel of Westgate Operations
Our friends from Healthway
Pet Blessing
Fun walk with your BFF
Dr Contreras of Animal House and our host Dizzy Jojo
Finale – A little poodle doing tricks!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Westgate Center
Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
            (+632) 8460278       local 5033

Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc. Headquarters
#86 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque City, Philippines
            (+632) 836.2514           

Animal House
Level 1 Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
            (+632) 842-7485