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Things To Do at the #OishiSnacktacular 2016

I don’t go to mall events often because I had my fill of them when MrC and I were working for retail. Yesterday, though, I made an exception, and headed off to the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall for the #OishiSnacktacular 2016. I’m glad I did because it really was so much fun. Plus, by chance, my friend Camille and her son (my godson!) Lucas were there as well, and so it became an impromptu bonding day for the three of us, too.

Hanging out with Lucas and Camille


When I arrived yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how colorful and exciting all of the booths looked. This year’s event has an 8-bit inspired game, and it felt to me like I was in one of those video games I grew up playing. You even walk over a giant “Press Start” button when you enter.

Oishi Snacktacular Pass to Wow. Entrance is FREE, and then it’s pay to play from there.


So what’s there to do at the #OishiSnacktacular 2016? Here’s a quick rundown of the booths and activities.

Take a photo at the Oishi Pack & Pose. Don’t forget to post it online with the hashtag #OishiSnacktacular.

Go to the Make Your Own Snack booth where, for only P20, you can have a customized bag of chips and snacks made just for you.

All of your favorites on one bag. Yum!


Make sure to line up for the Oishi Snack Catcher. For P200, you get strapped on to a harness, and lowered into a giant pool of snacks. Then, you grab as much as you can, and whatever you get is all yours! Too bad I had to skip this because I was in a dress, but if the boys were with me, I’m sure one of them would have gone up. 


Cool down with some Oishi Choco Chug ice cream at the Oishi O-Twirl booth. Don’t forget to add toppings to your cup of ice cream for extra yums! All this for only P20.

The Oishi Snack Shack was my favorite activity. Here, you get to fill a 2ft tall Oishi bag with all of your favorite snacks! I loaded mine up with Bread Pan, cereal, Sponge Crunch, Wafu, and a lot of other treats. And the bag is really big, super sulit at P295! I got a lot of stares as I carried it around the mall.


As if you hadn’t already filled your bags with enough snacks at this point, there’s more to be had at the Oishi Cuckoo Blaster. For only P100, you get to put on the Cuckoo Bird suit, and catch as many balls as you can. 1 ball = 1 snack for you!

After all that activity, treat yourself to a Smart C+ slushee for only P20 at the Oishi Slush C+ booth. The calamansi flavor is super good.

And, before you leave, check out the different Oishi snacks from all over Asia at the Oishi World of Wow area.

Durian-flavored Oishi Pillows? Masarap!


The #OishiSnacktacular 2016 is open until July 17, which means you still have a day and a half to go there, enjoy, and snack-attack away! Enjoy!

New pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge

Moms Take the New Pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge at Robinsons Place Manila

Last November, Moms in Manila had the chance to take the New Pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge at Robinson’s Place Manila. Those in attendance were given the chance to bet on either Pampers or their diaper of choice, and see which one was truly able to keep babies dry.

New pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge
The New Pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge in Manila!


First, blue liquid was poured down a tube, straight to the diapers, so you could see how fast each one would absorb the liquid. While other brands struggled to take in the fluid, Pampers was able to absorb it all in no time. 

As a mom of a kid with very sensitive skin, I can’t stress enough how important this is. The faster your diaper can absorb baby pee, the less time it spends in contact with their skin, meaning less chances of rashes. So that’s a win for Pampers in my book.

New pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge
More and more moms bet on Pampers


After all the liquid was absorbed, a paper towel was placed over the full diapers, followed by a 5lb weight. It was a win for Pampers again when, after the weight was removed, you could see that the paper towel stayed dry.

Meanwhile, on top of the other diaper lay a stained blue, soaking wet paper towel. What a nightmare it would be if the wet towel was your baby’s precious little behind!

New pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge
While moms took the challenge, little ones enjoyed the play area set up for them at the event


Now obviously my Little MrC is no longer in nappies, so it’s been a while since I’ve had to fret over my choice of diaper. I did ask some friends, though, which brand they preferred, and a lot really said that they go for Pampers. My mommy blogger friend, Frances, is one, and she said she really super loves Pampers Baby Dry.

Kaity, another fellow mommy blogger, says, “Pampers is a trusted brand that’s why I use it for my 2 boys. I love that it doesn’t irritate their skin and keeps them dry for a long time. It doesn’t sag and it doesn’t have himolmol.”

One of my oldest friends, Jan-B, also bets on Pampers for her son, Noah. She says, “I use Pampers for my son because it fits him well enough to give me assurance that there wont be leaks. Pampers also has no weird smell, unlike some brands. I also like Pampers because my child can use it for a longer time compared to other brands.”

New pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge
Dry skin every night? Sounds great to me!


I’d most likely pick Pampers, too, if I had a baby. I mean, how could you go wrong with a brand that’s trusted by so many moms, right? 

Betting on Pampers gave moms a chance to win great prizes at the Manila event, and today mommies in Cebu are getting to experience this as well. Next week will be CDO’s turn. What a great way to kick off the holidays! 🙂

*All photos used in this post belong to Fuentes Manila.

Mothers Who Brunch

Fact: I love it when other people cook for me.

I think that most moms will agree that it’s so nice when someone prepares a meal for us. Most of us are the executive chefs of our households, and so being able to sit and enjoy a home cooked meal that we didn’t have to make ourselves is just awesome. Right?

I also think that I totally won the lottery when it comes to having friends who cook well. See, I have Mish and Sab in my life. Imagine, Sab once had another friend, Marge, and I over for a wala lang lunch, and she served us no less than a bagoong paella with bagnet

And then one time, when Mish and I were getting some work done at her house, she had a tray of truffle mac and cheese ready for us for lunch! I feel so spoiled.

I love the fact that these two brilliant cooks decided that it was time to collaborate so that they could share their amazing kitchen delights with other moms. And so Mothers Who Brunch was born.

Mothers Who Brunch
It was so much fun hanging out with this group of lovely women. Mothers Who Brunch reminded me that spending time with your girlfriends is important, too.


I wish I could say that the photos I’m using for this post are mine. But I can’t. Because this little genius came to the event with a camera that was super duper lowbatt! Blame it on the crazy summer we had (the event happened in May, I know, so long ago) shuttling back and forth between Alabang and Cainta while my father in law was in town.

So before anything, I wanna credit Gilbert Gutierrez for the photos. Thank goodness Sab and Mish thought to hire a photographer for the event! I think it’s a nice touch, and a great way to make sure that the moms who were there got to really relax and just enjoy without any worries.

Bonus: We all got head shots, too! Yay, I finally have a photo that I can use (that isn’t from my wedding lol) when people ask me to send one.

Mothers Who Brunch
I always feel awkward when having my photo taken. I feel even more awkward when browsing through photos of myself!


I arrived pretty early and said my hellos to the moms I already knew. And then the lady standing next to me turned around, and all I could do was stutter and stammer like the true fan girl that I am of Joey of 80breakfasts.com.

Her blog and her column on Yummy Magazine were some of my go-to places for help and advice when I first started learning how to cook! Now we are friends, and I still feel kilig over it.

Mothers Who Brunch
Whisking away with fabulous home cooks, Joey and Tina.


We started off with a quick tour of the Viking Kitchen showroom. Someday, when I get the chance to build my dream kitchen, I would love to have a Viking range. And fridge. And oven. And microwave. Even a Viking knife.

The whole place was basically every cooking mom’s dream come true, and I was as excited to try the equipment as I was about meeting Joey. Lol, fan girl overload.

Mothers Who Brunch
Ready to cook!


Getting into the kitchen with the Mothers Who Brunch moms was so much fun, and everything that Mish and Sab picked for that morning’s menu was amazeballs. I had a little bit of everything, twice!

Mothers Who Brunch
Tomato-Chorizo-Egg Stew – This was my favorite, hands down! Get the recipe here!
Mothers Who Brunch
Kangkong and Kesong Puti Quiche. When I grow up, I want to be able to make pie crust just like Michelle.
Mothers Who Brunch
Cottage Cheese and Mango Pancakes – I cannot wait to make this at home so the boys can try it. So fluffy, so good!
Mothers Who Brunch
Pinoy Breakfast Salad – This one has salted egg and adobo flakes. Ohmygulay! Recipe here!
Mothers Who Brunch
And for dessert, Apple Pie by Momma N Manila and Homemade Ice Cream by Sinfully Sabrina. Sweet tooth heaven.
Mothers Who Brunch
In true blogger fashion, photo muna bago kain.


To be honest, I’m not yet super confident when it comes to my cooking, so I rarely cook for anyone other than family. When Sab and Mish first asked me to share a recipe for the booklet that they were making as part of the giveaways, I was thisclose to backing out. True story.

Mothers Who Brunch
Brunch recipes to share! I love this idea. Pure genius.


I decided to woman-up anyway and share my recipe for Banana Swiss Miss Muffins. I’m glad that I did because I’ve gotten positive feedback about it, which was a huge confidence booster.

The recipe booklet (printed by Imagemax Digital Printing) was only one of the many, many, MANY goodies that we got to take home that day. Nothing can compare the the Mothers Who Brunch swag bag. It really felt like Christmas in May.

Mothers Who Brunch
I loved this pinakbet basket from Holy Carabao Farms the most among all of the giveaways. I enjoyed every bite of the delicious veggies included here. Yes, even the ampalaya and okra.
Mothers Who Brunch
And here’s basket number two!


Inside basket number two were gorgeous coasters from Boqueria Lifestyle Market (who also styled the venue beautifully), gift certificates from Bikram Yoga Alabang, Coco Nail Studio and House of Monogram, yummy stuff for the kitchen from A Vanilla Story, The Vanilla Co and Lucky Merchant Salt, pralines and a cake from Choco La Bella, a beautiful little cactus from Sombra Verde, and Hurraw Chai Spice Lip Balm from Cutieverse. Wow.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I feel like I won the jackpot with Mish and Sab. And no, I don’t mean that only because they feed me and make me happy.

These two are amazing women that I am proud and honored to call my friends. Through them and Mothers Who Brunch I’ve been able to meet more wonderful moms, and so I can say that they definitely make my life richer.

I can’t wait til the next one!


Cheers, mommas! ??@mommanmanila x @sinfullysabrina x @vikingrangeph #motherswhobrunch

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Celebrating The Mind Museum’s Second Birthday

The other Saturday, the boys picked me up from my mommy morning at ECHOYoga Shala so that we could go to The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day to launch their summer programs and celebrate their second anniversary. As soon as I said the words Mind Museum to my two guys, they got super excited because we never got to visit the place before, and they were both really looking forward to the experience. It was thanks to my super amazing Mommy Bloggers Philippines group that we were invited to this event, so I was also looking forward to finally meeting some of my online friends in real life.

Invite and kit

I love how the agency behind this event was really so organized. I received my invitation through email, and they made sure to get all of our names. They also provided us with a parking pass, which is a godsend if you know what parking is like at BGC. When we arrived, the kiddo and I registered while MrC went to park. We were given a small parcel that reminded me of what Snoopy (as in the dog) carries around with him when he travels. This, apparently was the actual invite, and inside there was a mini microscope that we needed for the afternoon. Of course, the little boy immediately declared that all of the contents belonged to him.

At the Kyle’s Lab buffet station

We took a quick look around when we arrived, and then we decided to get something to eat while waiting for the program to begin so that we could go on and explore right after. There was a lot of food, all of which was yummy and fun to eat. Kyle’s Lab served nice sandwiches, tiramisu flower pots (which were both yummy and brilliant, if you ask me), and this super cool iced tea with spheres that burst in your mouth. I thought at first that they were sago, so when they erupted in my mouth, I got really excited like a little kid. Hahaha I’m mababaw like that. There also were panizzas and nachos from Uncle Cheffy, cupcakes, cookies and truffles from Sophie’s Mom, and ever-so-yummy Sebastian’s Ice Cream.

So glad MrC had his camera, too. More photos!
Off we go!

After a quick program, where I learned that most of the exhibits are either made or assembled locally (amazeballs!), we were given a Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration Passport which had a list of tasks that we were supposed to complete. The first to complete their assigned tasks would win a prize. Right off the bat, I knew we weren’t going to be one of the first because it was difficult to not get sidetracked by all the other things to see, do and read all over the museum. So we decided to take our time and enjoy all of the areas we had to visit instead of rush through them. I think that our experience was worth way more than any prize.

At the Life Gallery, where we met a few Neanderthals
Here’s a closer look at our kinda creepy new friends, through MrC’s lens

Mind Museum representatives were stationed all over the area, putting stickers on our passport for completed tasks, assisting us whenever needed and answering our questions. I love how they are all so knowledgeable about the exhibits and displays, and also how they really take the time to explain things to you. I think that this is super important so that kids and adults who come to visit really learn a lot. And there really is so much information you can pick up in just one afternoon at The Mind Museum. In fact, the boys still weren’t satisfied with time we spent there, and they already want to go back to see the stuff they missed.

Exploring and getting our stickers
Learning while playing

One of my favorite stops was the new Space Shell Planetarium where we watched the newest show that they offer, “Back to the Moon for Good”. It is a story about the Google Lunar Xprize, a space competition where teams race to be the first people to successfully make it back to the moon.

Apart from the areas around the museum that we needed to visit, our passport also required us to go to each of the exhibit booths inside the function area. At these booths, we learned about the summer activities and classes being offered by The Mind Museum. This is a great option for parents who are still thinking about where to enroll your kids for the summer, especially if yours are older kids who are into learning and discovery. Here’s a list of the activities coming up this summer, as well as their corresponding schedules and rates. For Summer Program FAQs and full program details, email summerprograms@themindmuseum.org.

C.S.I. 101 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM per day)

  • 10-13 years old  | April 8  |  Php1,500/head
  • 14-17 years old  |  April 11-13  |  Php3,800/head 
  • 18-25 years old  |  April 26-27  |  Php 3,200/head

MARINE SCIENCE CAMP at Anilao Batangas (Ages 7 and up)

  • May 1, 1pm-530pm  |  at The Mind Museum  |  Half day briefing & workshops
  • May 2-3 (2 full days, overnight)  |  at Aiyanar Resort, Anilao Batangas  | Workshops, Dry & Wet activities
  • Rates: Php7,500/ head  |  Php7,000/head for a group of 2-3  |  Php6,800/head for a group of 4
  • Rates inclusive of transportation, accommodations, food, and activity materials 
Making a mini canon at the Junior Mind Mover station


  • 7-9 years old  |  Apr 23-May 10, Wed-Fri, 9am-12nn  |  P2,500/head
  • 10-13 years old  |  Apr 22-May 17, T/Th/Sat, 1pm-6pm  |  P5,000/head
  • 14-17 years old  |  Apr 29-May 23, W/Th/F, 1pm-6pm  |  P5,000/head

SOCCER SCIENCE (Ages 13 to 22 years old)

  • May 14-15  |  9am-5pm at The Mind Museum, 6pm-8pm at BGC Turf
  • Php 2,800/ head.  Inclusive of jersey bib, snacks and use of facility fees  
Summer Adventures

If you’ve never been to The Mind Museum before, I suggest you wear comfy clothes and shoes when you visit. I made the mistake of wearing platform shoes, and so I eventually gave up and sat down with a plate of snacks while the boys continued to walk around. It looks like they had a lot of fun while I chatted with my bloggy mommy friends, coz they came back with the cutest set of photos. Warning: Photo dump coming in 3… 2… 1…

Yay I found photos of me in MrC’s camera!
The boys go exploring without me
MrC tells me that the kitchen display is made of fiberglass or something like that. Looks so real, right?
Who wore it better?

The two eventually got tired, and so it was time to head home. On our way towards the museum exit though, I remembered that I hadn’t seen Stan. Stan is the first T-Rex exhibit in the Philippines, and is cast from real dinosaur fossils. Super cool.

Hi, Stan!

Like I said, the boys are really excited to go back to The Mind Museum. Lucky for us, they are offering a special Summer Day Pass Rate of P450/person for adults, children and private school students, and P150/person for teachers and public school students. What’s even luckier is The Mind Museum gave us a special token of four all-day passes that we can use on our next visit. Now, because I love you guys, I’m thinking of giving away two of these passes to one lucky blog reader, maybe as a giveaway on Little MrC’s birthday. What do you guys think? Who wants to go to The Mind Museum?

The Mind Museum
Website: www.themindmuseum.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/themindmuseum
Twitter: www.twitter.com/themindmuseum
Instagram: @themindmuseum
Tumblr: http://themindmuseumblog.tumblr.com

Hey, hey, hey! I’m giving away 2 tickets to The Mind Museum to celebrate Little MrC’s birthday! Click HERE to join. Giveaway ends on April 20, 2014!