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On Finding My Purpose and Blogging Inspired

If not for my friends Ditas, Janice and Tina, I might not have been able to attend the Blog Inspired workshop last Saturday. The four of us were talking over Twitter last week, and I think it was Ditas who asked if we were all going to be at the session. Tina was about to give birth at that time, and said she had to give up her slot. Janice was going for sure. I, on the other hand, found out about the free workshop late, and so I wasn’t able to secure a slot for myself. The three ladies convinced me to put my name on the wait list, just in case there are last minute slots that open up. So that night, I think it was a Thursday, I went ahead and signed up, without any expectations.

I got an email on Friday from my friend Martine of daintymom.com, one of the co-hosts of the workshop, saying that I was given a slot, and that I should be at Fully Booked in BGC the following day before 10:30am. It was so serendipitous because just a few minutes before I got the email, I wrote and submitted my entry to her blogaversary contest, a post about why I am inspired to blog. So yes, I believe that it was truly meant to be that I got that slot! And I mean to make the most out of it too.

Here I am with Janice and Ziggy (left side of photo), and Ditas and Henry (photo right).
Here I am with Janice and Ziggy (left side of photo), and Ditas and Henry (photo right). Little MrC is not in this photo because he’s the one who took the picture.

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Why Do YOU Blog?

There was once a young girl with so many stories to tell, but not enough people to listen to her. On one fateful summer day in 2004, she started her first blog. She blogged religiously for two years, until motherhood, work and the real world took up all of her time.

Years later, she decided to start a new blog, one that would be the launch pad to pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. She was older and wiser then, and instead of the extreme emotional fluctuations and trivial stories that she used to share, she was now writing about being a mom and a wife, her path towards becoming a work-at-home-mom, vacations, staycations and travels, recipes, and day-to-day life in her new world.

Yes, that girl is me. I am a blogger, and I love being one. I will now stop referring to myself in the third person.

The question is, “Why do I blog?” The answer is simple. I blog because it inspires me.

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