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A Year With Belo Baby

Fact: Half of the things I use on myself are actually baby products. 

A year ago, I got to know the Belo Baby brand, and ever since then their products have been a staple on my room and bathroom shelves. I love them so much that I’ve shared them with others – My son, my mom, even an aunt in the US. I’ve also given the gift of Belo Baby a few times to my new goddaughter, Luna. It’s so nice having an actual baby to share baby products with! My kiddo kasi has recently moved up to the realm of big boy products already.

There are two things I absolutely love about the Belo Baby line – Everything smells so good, and the products are 100% all-natural, and contain zero harmful ingredients. Not necessarily in that order.

mrspcuyugan Belo Baby
Have you tried these yet? If not, you SHOULD!

The soap is super mild, and doesn’t at all leave skin feeling dry or itchy. The hair and body wash is really easy to rinse off, and actually works on both hair and body. I know, I tested it myself. Lol. We all agree at home that this is the best, best, best among the products in the Belo Baby bath line.

Bonus: Both the soap, and the hair and body wash produce a very light lather, which, I’ve noticed, is common in products that are made without harmful chemicals.

I use the lotion, too. Now believe me when I say I hate using lotion. I hate the sticky feeling it usually leaves on the skin. There’s none of that with Belo Baby lotion. Buti nalang because, as a fully-functioning housewife with chores like laundry and dish washing, I now need to use lotion on a regular basis.

mrspcuyugan belo baby
Sarap naman ng bagong ligong baby!! (Photo from Barbara De Jesus)

Their tagline says it all: “Crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.”

I’m so sold on how good these baby bath products are. Not only are they gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, they’re also all-natural and safe to use at any age. Best of all, they smell awesome, exactly how I think a clean baby ought to smell.

I said earlier that I’ve shared these bath goodies with my two-month old niece, and now I can’t wait to see and sniff her after she’s freshly washed with Belo Baby.

So obviously I like to give the gift of Belo Baby. And because they are celebrating their first birthday this month, Belo Baby is gifting three of my readers (yes, you guys!) with a nice little baby bath care package. I’m so excited for you to try their soap, hair and body wash, and lotion on your little ones!

Here’s what you need to do to join:

  1. Follow me on Instagram because I will be announcing the winners there.
  2. Like and follow Belo Baby on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook since it’s their birthday. 
  3. In the comments section, greet Belo Baby a happy first birthday.

I will be drawing three random winners from all those who leave greetings. You can do so from today, March 17, until March 23. Winners will be announced next Friday, March 24 on my IG.

Good luck, guys! And happy first birthday, Belo Baby!

To learn more about the Belo Baby product line, visit their website at www.belobaby.ph.

This Big Baby Loves Belo Baby!

Fun fact: MrC calls me the biggest baby ever. Sometimes it’s because I act like one (and I’m not ashamed to admit it,) but most of the time it’s because I smell like one.

I kid you not, guys, amoy baby ako, especially when I’m fresh from a shower. The truth is, I don’t own a single bottle of perfume, and most of the products that I use are for kids. Hello, sensitive skin!

It’s not easy being allergic to sweat, especially on hot summer days. Unfortunately, my son suffers from the same fate, so, it’s really not uncommon for me to be seen sniffing bottles of baby cologne and reading labels on kid-friendly soap boxes and shampoo bottles when I’m out shopping.

Whenever I buy bath and body products, my brain is already wired to look for key phrases like safe, all-natural, gentle, and alcohol-free. It’s funny that even my shopping involves search words, but that’s really what it takes to keep our skin healthy and happy.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have that many product options to choose from, and most of what was available back then was either super expensive or not so nice. These days, I feel so lucky because I get my pick of whatever I need, from soap and shampoo to lotion and cologne. 

Belo Baby
I cannot get over how cute this package is. Wouldn’t it make such an amazing baby shower gift?

Trying out new products that won’t harm my skin is always fun for me, so you can imagine my excitement when this bundle of goodness from Belo Baby arrived at my doorstep. This, for me, is a hundred million times better than receiving a box of designer bath products because this works for my son and I. 

Safe. Natural. Gentle. These three words describe the Belo Baby product line. It is great for baby’s skin, and is clinically proven to be gentle enough for everyday use. These work super well for bigger kids (and even big babies like myself), too, who have sensitive skin.

The Belo Baby guarantee says it all: 100% certified natural ingredients” and “0% harmful ingredients. These are ingredients that were meticulously selected to ensure that they are safe for even the most delicate skin. 

Belo Baby
Check out these amazing ingredients, which are all great for delicate, sensitive skin.

So ok, Iet’s talk about the Belo Baby bath products. I didn’t hoard them all for myself, ha. I used the hair and body wash, and lotion. I gave the bar soap to Little MrC.

Now this kid, he gets itchy immediately after taking a shower with certain brands of soap. As soon as he got out of the bathroom, post-Belo Baby bath, he said, “Mom, it’s so nice. So smooth, so soft, and not itchy.” He meant his skin, of course, and I super agree with his feedback.

I’m so happy because it has been a while since I’ve found soap that works for him. He is a growing boy, so the baby soap we used to use now leaves him smelling like a growing boy after a couple of hours. So far so good with Belo Baby, though. No itchiness, and he stays nice-smelling longer. 

Belo Baby
Bath time with Belo Baby!

I think that the smell is really my favorite thing about these products. I don’t even know how to describe it, other than they smell just like the skin of a freshly washed baby. Promise, yun talaga ang description ko.

Speaking of smell, the Belo Baby cologne is something I really cannot stop raving about. I just ran out of the (rather expensive) baby cologne I’ve been using, and have been desperately seeking a replacement.

My search is over! Belo Baby Cool Drizzle is now, officially, my signature scent. Lol. It’s so fresh! Reminds me a lot of a baby cologne from my childhood that no longer exists, so not only does this make me smell good, it makes me feel happy, too. Winner, winner!

Belo Baby
I love how yummy these colognes smell. It’s like sticking your nose into the soft, fluffy skin of a baby.

The Sweet Snuggle scent comes in second for me. I love how it smells sweet and girly. I find the Happy Tickle variant to be a little more strong-smelling than the other two. This one naman is amoy bagong ligo.I love that these colognes are so gentle, and don’t sting the skin. They also contain glycerin that moisturizes, and a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes the skin.

Everything in the Belo Baby product line holds true to its promise of being crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms. I’m so glad we got to try them.

To learn more, check out the Belo Baby website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

If you want to experience Belo Baby goodness, too, you can find these products in all leading supermarkets, groceries and department stores. They are also available online via LazadaCudsly, and Zalora.