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This Big Baby Loves Belo Baby!

Fun fact: MrC calls me the biggest baby ever. Sometimes it’s because I act like one (and I’m not ashamed to admit it,) but most of the time it’s because I smell like one.

I kid you not, guys, amoy baby ako, especially when I’m fresh from a shower. The truth is, I don’t own a single bottle of perfume, and most of the products that I use are for kids. Hello, sensitive skin!

It’s not easy being allergic to sweat, especially on hot summer days. Unfortunately, my son suffers from the same fate, so, it’s really not uncommon for me to be seen sniffing bottles of baby cologne and reading labels on kid-friendly soap boxes and shampoo bottles when I’m out shopping.

Whenever I buy bath and body products, my brain is already wired to look for key phrases like safe, all-natural, gentle, and alcohol-free. It’s funny that even my shopping involves search words, but that’s really what it takes to keep our skin healthy and happy.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have that many product options to choose from, and most of what was available back then was either super expensive or not so nice. These days, I feel so lucky because I get my pick of whatever I need, from soap and shampoo to lotion and cologne. 

Belo Baby
I cannot get over how cute this package is. Wouldn’t it make such an amazing baby shower gift?

Trying out new products that won’t harm my skin is always fun for me, so you can imagine my excitement when this bundle of goodness from Belo Baby arrived at my doorstep. This, for me, is a hundred million times better than receiving a box of designer bath products because this works for my son and I. 

Safe. Natural. Gentle. These three words describe the Belo Baby product line. It is great for baby’s skin, and is clinically proven to be gentle enough for everyday use. These work super well for bigger kids (and even big babies like myself), too, who have sensitive skin.

The Belo Baby guarantee says it all: 100% certified natural ingredients” and “0% harmful ingredients. These are ingredients that were meticulously selected to ensure that they are safe for even the most delicate skin. 

Belo Baby
Check out these amazing ingredients, which are all great for delicate, sensitive skin.

So ok, Iet’s talk about the Belo Baby bath products. I didn’t hoard them all for myself, ha. I used the hair and body wash, and lotion. I gave the bar soap to Little MrC.

Now this kid, he gets itchy immediately after taking a shower with certain brands of soap. As soon as he got out of the bathroom, post-Belo Baby bath, he said, “Mom, it’s so nice. So smooth, so soft, and not itchy.” He meant his skin, of course, and I super agree with his feedback.

I’m so happy because it has been a while since I’ve found soap that works for him. He is a growing boy, so the baby soap we used to use now leaves him smelling like a growing boy after a couple of hours. So far so good with Belo Baby, though. No itchiness, and he stays nice-smelling longer. 

Belo Baby
Bath time with Belo Baby!

I think that the smell is really my favorite thing about these products. I don’t even know how to describe it, other than they smell just like the skin of a freshly washed baby. Promise, yun talaga ang description ko.

Speaking of smell, the Belo Baby cologne is something I really cannot stop raving about. I just ran out of the (rather expensive) baby cologne I’ve been using, and have been desperately seeking a replacement.

My search is over! Belo Baby Cool Drizzle is now, officially, my signature scent. Lol. It’s so fresh! Reminds me a lot of a baby cologne from my childhood that no longer exists, so not only does this make me smell good, it makes me feel happy, too. Winner, winner!

Belo Baby
I love how yummy these colognes smell. It’s like sticking your nose into the soft, fluffy skin of a baby.

The Sweet Snuggle scent comes in second for me. I love how it smells sweet and girly. I find the Happy Tickle variant to be a little more strong-smelling than the other two. This one naman is amoy bagong ligo.I love that these colognes are so gentle, and don’t sting the skin. They also contain glycerin that moisturizes, and a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes the skin.

Everything in the Belo Baby product line holds true to its promise of being crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms. I’m so glad we got to try them.

To learn more, check out the Belo Baby website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

If you want to experience Belo Baby goodness, too, you can find these products in all leading supermarkets, groceries and department stores. They are also available online via LazadaCudsly, and Zalora.


New Seasons, New Reasons

I think I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been uninspired to blog. 

I’ve never been short on desire, time or even post ideas. In fact, I’m the type who can just sit down, start typing, and actually come up with a decent post. Despite all this, I don’t get to write here as often or as consistently as I know I can. And then, literally moments ago, I realized that it’s because my “why” has changed.

Back story.

Three years ago, I wrote a post about why I am inspired to blog. I knew then that I wanted to share my story, whatever that may be. I wanted to be a part of this amazing online community of women who blog. I wanted to have a place where I could write for myself. Ultimately, I blogged because it made me happy.

As life has changed for me over the years, so has my “why.” Not by a lot, but enough to make me re-think things. Let me break it down for you.

In the beginning, I simply wanted to tell stories. I want to go beyond that, from simply telling stories to sharing lessons I’ve learned from them. After all, I need to process the lessons in order to grow, and it’s in sharing these lessons that I can inspire. (OMG, super light bulb moment.)

I hope to be able to impart more wisdom on motherhood and marriage, things that I am pretty sure I’ve been doing right all these years. I am also excited to write about things I’m still learning to do, like turning our house into a home, budgeting, and cleaning and organizing (yuck hahaha!)

Our marriage is certainly not perfect, but it definitely works. Check out my seven tips for a happy married life here.


In the beginning, I only wanted to become a part of the blogging community. Over the years, this group has also been good to me, and I have been able to make wonderful friends. This is something I want to continue doing. More importantly, I want to be able to build actual friendships with the women I meet.

To be honest, I have learned that It isn’t easy translating online friendships to real life. If you go through my archives, you’ll notice that some of the faces you would often see in older photos are no longer present in my more recent posts. I guess that’s really just the way it is. 

I have a handful of blog friends whom I consider as real friends, and they are more than enough. I know that I am lucky to have them. And, truth be told, I’d rather have a few real friends than a lot of fake ones. 

Mothers Who Brunch
These are a few of my favorite mom bloggers (and our kids!) You can read about this super fun Mothers Who Brunch Halloween event here.


In the beginning, I just wanted to have a place to write. I started out as a newbie blogger the same year I decided to pursue writing as a career. Back then, all I wanted was to be able to see my name in a byline. Five years and several drafts later, I have seen my name in print, not just online but also on paper (Confession: I’d love to see more of it on paper!) 

Soon, my name will also be credited on screen. Achievement unlocked! And OMG what an achievement this is.

Having a blog has really helped push me forward as a writer, and this is something that I hope will never stop. I never thought it would make this much of a difference, but it has. Beyond having an instant portfolio that shows how I write, the actual writing practice that I get from blogging helps a lot, too. This “why” is my constant. 

Who would have thought that my little and big ideas could actually mean something to other people? Speaking of ideas, in case you find yourself struggling to find things to write about, try doing this.


In the beginning, I blogged simply because it made me happy. It still does. And now, I want my blog to emulate my life’s happiness. I want to share this happiness with anyone who reads what I write. I hope to inspire my readers to live happily, too.

I see this space, after all, as my virtual time capsule of happy moments. Of course there will be bad times, and yes, I may write about them sometimes. I will make sure that, in these posts, I will also try to find (and write about) the good side of things. I know I can. I’m naturally optimistic like that. 

This family knows how to be happy and have fun, and I love writing about these spectacular times.


To this list, I am adding a new “why,” and that is to live more. Without living my best life, I know that I will have nothing good to write about. In this sense, blogging can also drive me to live more, do more, feel more, and be more. I continue blog because I want to live better. Makes perfect sense.

That’s why I write. 

Now, curious question, why do you read? Which of my posts do you like, and what do you hope to see more of? What will keep you coming back? 


Enveloped Ideas

Fact: Enveloped Ideas is a song by Filipino band, The Dawn.

It has nothing to do with this blog post.

I will be talking about ideas, though, and how I’m often at a loss for them when it’s time to start writing.

It seems like every time I’m not in front of the computer, I know exactly what I want to write and blog about. Then I sit down, and everything just disappears into a mushy pool of random thoughts. It’s my sad but true reality.

Well, recently I’ve gotten the chance to work with a (really) young director who gave me the brilliant idea of idea-banking. No, it isn’t a new concept, but there’s just something more appealing about having something enthusiastically explained to you versus reading about it online.

Notebook, check! Pens, check! All that’s missing now are ideas.


At our last shoot, he showed me a small notebook that he started carrying around in his back pocket. It contains his random thoughts and ideas – anything and everything that might be interesting to write about, photograph, shoot, or think about. His goal is to write down 10 ideas a day. It’s basically bottled up brainfarts, or, enveloped ideas! Lol. I just had to…

I always have ideas bouncing around in my head, but I’ve never really thought to list them. Why not? I dunno, but now I think I should have started this a long time ago. I feel like it’s a great habit to develop, especially for someone like me who needs to have an active idea bank for work (and for the sake of this blog, too.)

I’m starting today. My colorful pens and little yellow notebook are ready. I hope my brain is ready, too. It’ll be fun creating my own writing prompts, and going over my list of random thoughts on writing days. I hope this means that more interesting and exciting blogging times are coming up, too.

Do you guys keep a list of blog topics and ideas that you want to write about or do you just wing it like I’ve always done? Do you agree that keeping a list of ideas can help us defeat the dreaded blank page?


Discovering Myself on Snapchat

Confession: I have recently become addicted to Snapchat. I don’t know how it happened, but it just did.

During my first few weeks of trying out the app, a million and one things would go through my head as I viewed my own snaps. Thoughts like:

Oh my gosh this is what my voice sounds like to other people?!

My intonation is all wrong! Do I really speak this way???

Should I be fixing my hair before I record a video?

Ooh, if I angle my head and the camera this way, I look thinner. Lol.

I must look silly to people who can see me doing this.

Nakakahiya ako! Ang tanda ko na, ngayon pako natuto nito!

I wonder if it matters that I don’t make an effort to look nice (as in, made up) in these videos?

I really am camera-shy.

That last thought perplexes me. I am camera-shy and I do have stage fright. It’s so bad that even when I’m asked to speak during meetings, I stumble. I get nervous whenever everyone’s attention is turned to me.

I get SUPER nervous whenever there’s a microphone in my hand, even if all I need to do is read VO spiels from behind the tech booth.


BUT, during regular conversations, when attention is drawn to me naturally, I’m totally fine. It’s so weird. I don’t understand why I function this way. I’ve always known that I would do better behind the scenes than in the spotlight, though, because of this. And so behind the scenes I have stayed.

Sayang (it’s a shame,) some people say, because I do have a lot to say. Most of the time the things that come out of my mouth make sense. I guess this is why I enjoy writing and blogging so much. I get to let those thoughts and opinions out without having to open my mouth.

Sayang, some people say, because I’m quite entertaining. Well, my humor is sarcastic and self-deprecating. It isn’t for everyone. So I try to keep my audiences small. As in friends and family only. I feel, though, that as I get used to this Snapchatting thing, I’ll start to seem less uptight there. At the moment, I’m still struggling to get over the actual sound of my voice.

Sayang, some people say, because I register well on-cam even though I’m a bit on the chubby side. To this, all I can say is HAHAHAHAHA. Yep, I may be plus-sized, but that never bothered me before. I’m not the type who will shy away from a camera because of the way I look. I don’t pretend to be thin. I know my angle, and because I’m a girl I sometimes choose to use it. I do love being me, and that’s a fact.

Even as a bride, I was awkward in front of the camera. This is why we had no prenup shoot, no on-the-day video, and only one, super-trusted photographer during our wedding.


It’s strange, but being on Snapchat has sort of helped me learn more about myself. I now have a better idea of how I sound to other people, and what my face looks like while I speak. I never realized that I made that many facial expressions. No wonder I’m able to piss people off so easily. Lol.

I also know that my days can be really dull. I wake up, have coffee, cook, drive. I get on the computer and write. I read a little, cook some more, then drive again. Most of my time is spent at home. When I actually go out, it’s to go grocery shopping or to the laundromat. Guys, do I need a life? Lol.

At the same time, I’m learning that I really like this life. It’s a far cry from what my days were like during my 20’s, especially when I still worked in events management. Everything was so exciting and fast-paced then. Now, things are slow, calm, and quiet. I like it, but some days it makes me feel old. And I know I’m not actually old.

Back when I was cooler.. Lol.


There are days when I sit and think about how I can make my snaps look more interesting. Of course I know that the answer is to actually go out and do something. Whenever I’m out, though, I don’t open Snapchat. Why not? Because I really fell like I look silly recording myself as I speak into my (huge) phone.

At the start of 2016, a friend shared that vlogging will soon kick blogging’s butt. I take this to mean that those of us who are more comfortable at writing rather than speaking our thoughts are in trouble. I guess that Snapchat, in this case, also works for me as a sort of trial phase, should I ever transition to posting videos.

At this moment, however, I can say that I am so not ready for it. But add me on Snapchat anyway. 😀

MrsPCuyugan on Snapchat


Have any of you guys shifted from blogging to vlogging or have you started to incorporate videos into your posts? How has the transition been for you? Is anyone else out there totally not camera-ready like me?