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An Incident Outside School

School drop-off and pick-up can be a real pain in the butt. Us moms and dads who do it every day know this already. This being the case, it’s not usual to see drivers lose their cool. I’ve seen honkers and overly-aggressive drivers, drivers who cut in front of others, and also the occasional “roll down the window and scream at the other car” type of angry driver.

Yesterday, though, I witnessed an incident that I feel was a little extreme. I saw two drivers lose their cool so bad that they started to punch each other out on the street outside my son’s school. In front of everyone. In front of kids. And I mean little kids. Remember, I pick up my son from the grade school area.

It’s not unusual for us to have to crawl through this kind of traffic outside school. Alam na natin to.


Here’s the story. The driver of Car A (car in front) was a heavy-on-the-brakes kind of driver. Maybe he was doing it on purpose. Maybe he was texting or distracted. Maybe he really just isn’t the best driver. Whatever it is, the driver behind him (let’s call him Car B) was annoyed by Car A’s driving. I could tell by his constant honking. They were on the lane to my left. 

Car B guy was obviously in a hurry because he kept trying to accelerate quickly. Then, he’d be forced to brake hard whenever Car A would stop, which happened often. The road was pretty packed, and movement was slow. You know what it’s like at dismissal time.

Eventually Car B guy’s patience wore off. He got out of his car, angrily approached Car A (as in sugod levels ha), and started pointing, screaming, and hitting Car A’s window. Car B guy called out to the traffic guards, saying loudly that the driver in Car A was (insert a bunch of insults and curse words here.)

Mature. Very mature. Remember, there were kids in the area. Gosh. Me flipping out is not something I would want my kid, or any kid, to see. Not at all.

Eventually, Car A guy lost his cool, too, and stepped out of his car. That’s when they started to punch each other out. Two guards came over and pulled them apart.

At this point, Little MrC had exited school, and gotten into our car. He saw the fight from the sidewalk and asked me what happened. So I explained. I told him that the two drivers lost their cool, and decided to act on it in a not-so-smart manner.

You guys should have seen the faces of the kids standing on the sidewalk. Some of them looked scared. This was the perfect way to set a bad example.

You know traffic is bad when you have time to take a selfie. But I don’t do this anymore. I realized it sets a bad example. Right?


Wala lang, I’m just pretty bothered by what I saw, and I’m a little upset that my son had to see that, too. It’s a good thing that he’s old enough to understand what happened and why, and to know that it’s not right. But to be honest, he isn’t over what he saw. He brought it up again at breakfast today. He’s still bothered. That’s not a good thing.

Sigh. A little extra patience can really go a long way. Sana nalang people on the road remember this. Yes, the traffic problem we face daily is awful, but still. It’s no reason to let go of decency, respect for others, common courtesy, and poise. 

As parents, we always need to be aware that our kids learn from the things we do. Sure, we can’t all be perfect role models all the time, but we also need to keep ourselves in check. Ultimately, we are the adults and we are supposed to know better. That is all.

Playtex Tampons Philippines

Surviving Periods One Month At A Time With Playtex

I hate getting my period. I do. I highly doubt that there’s any girl in the world who looks forward to that horrible once a month week of pain and discomfort. 

Back when I was a student, and even when I worked at an office, period week almost always meant that I’d be absent for a few days. Now that I have errands to complete, a household to run, and hungry boys to feed, I no longer have the luxury of shutting down when my annoying monthly visitor arrives.

And so I cope in whatever way I can. I won’t get into any details, because that would be over sharing (lol as if this isn’t all too much info already,) but one thing that has helped was my choice to shift to tampons. 


Tampon of choice. Lol. #overshare #confidentgetzgals #chooseconfidence #defyperiods #playtexph

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When I was younger, I thought that tampons were the strangest things, ever. When I finally tried them, though, I realized how much better they were than pads. Minimal leaks and no rashes – Yun palang winner na.

I recently had the chance to attend an event about tampons, hosted by Playtex, my brand of choice. There, I was surprised to know that not a lot of women know how tampons work, and fewer, still, have ever tried using them. 

So, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tampon facts that were discussed during the event. Some of the information was new to me, and some I already learned through research and experience. Everything is super useful, and good for a girl to know.

Playtex Tampons Philippines
This is Dra. Lydia Jamora, who taught us all about tampons and how they work during the event. (Photo from Playtex Tampons Philippines)


Fact #1 – Tampons allow you to be active despite being on your period.

Yes, friends, you can swim with a tampon on. It won’t fall out and start floating around the pool. It won’t absorb pool water and make you sick either. Since it’s worn inside the body, you don’t have to worry about it shifting to an awkward position when you run or bike. It also can’t be seen through thin, tight sportswear unlike a pad.

Fact #2 – Tampons can’t get lost inside your body.

Your cervix is too small for a tampon to pass through, so there’s no chance of it being pushed so far in that you won’t be able to retrieve it anymore. Your vaginal wall will also hold it in place (provided that you’ve inserted the tampon properly) so it should stay put until you take it out.

Word of warning: The string could break, though, and that will make it super hard to remove. But still, it won’t get lost in there.

Fact #3 – You can wear a tampon while you sleep

I personally do not do this. For some reason, I feel more secure sleeping with a pad on. But you can totally use a tampon overnight. Just make sure to change it after a maximum of eight hours to reduce your risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Fact #4 – Tampons are not uncomfortable to wear

Truth is, when inserted properly, they fit snugly and comfortably down there. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. 

Fact #5 – Tampons won’t devirginize you

I was already a mom when I started wearing tampons, so I can’t vouch for this fact myself. Lol. This was told to us by an OB-GYN at the event though, and I’m pretty sure that we can take her word for it.

Playtex Tampons Philippines
Some info about Playtex Tampons. (Photo from Playtex Tampons Philippines)


So why do I prefer tampons over pads? Well, my sensitive skin disagrees with pads. The constant contact makes for very itchy rashes especially on warm days, and when I use tampons I don’t have to worry about this. It also feels cleaner, and I no longer need to worry about leaks and stains, which was something that I would constantly deal with before.

Playtex was the first tampon brand that I tried, then it disappeared locally for a while. I’m glad it’s back now because I really wasn’t happy with the other brands I’ve been able to buy from S&R. I even asked my in-laws to get me other brands from the States, but those weren’t so nice either. 

I like Playtex because the size is just right – Not too overwhelmingly big, but big enough to feel secure. It’s super absorbent, too. The string is long, and just thick enough that it’s easy to find. And that’s enough sharing for one day. Lol.

If you want to know more about Playtex Tampons, check them out on Facebook.


Some days, I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. I know I don’t write as  regularly as I used to, so, realistically, I imagine I’ve lost quite a few readers. Ganun talaga, right? Why should I expect anyone to visit my site when even I don’t log on so much?

Something has to change. And it’s a good time for change because my blog turns 5 years old this month. Woohoo to half a decade of existing on this space. 

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In the beginning, there was this.


I know for sure that I’m not the same person, nor the same blogger that I was when I started writing here. My lifestyle has changed so much, and with it, my interests, too. Five years ago, I was newly married, and had just quit life as a corporate slave. When I started this blog, being a wife and hands-on mom was all so new to me, and now I can no longer imagine life as anything else. 

For someone who works in events, I learned three years ago that I'm pretty clueless when it comes to DIY birthday parties. These cupcakes were my saving grace.
I learned three years ago that, for someone who worked in events, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to DIY birthday parties. These cupcakes were my saving grace. And I didn’t even make them!


The themes and topics of my posts have evolved, too, over the years. I have gone from writing about blogging and working at home to learning how to make baon  everyday while still maintaining my sanity. There were a lot of reviews, food and restaurant posts, events, staycations, and the occasional giveaway. And then my posts became about moving out and nesting in my own space, caring for my family, and thriving as a homemaker. 


As I read through my archives, I can clearly see that I’ve succeeded in turning this space into a time capsule of the amazing and also the challenging moments of the last 5 years. And now it’s time to move on. 

No, I’m not quitting this blog. Just making some changes.

First, I think I’m gonna stop posting meal plans. Obviously, I can’t get myself to share those regularly, and the desire to do so just gives me unnecessary, self-imposed stress. Lol. I tried. Instead, I will focus on sharing more recipes, especially those that I’ve been trying out for my #100homecookedmeals and #theglutenfreeproject experiments. 

16. Chicken curry with potatoes for dinner tonight. ? #100homecookedmeals

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I also plan on writing more about are my little home decorating attempts, and the fun DIY projects that the boys and take on. I hope to share more of my journey towards becoming a true domestic goddess / marvelous homemaker, too, because that’s my life now and I love it. 

I want to cut back on restaurant reviews, so unless a place really made me say ohmygoshbestfoodeverguys, chances are I won’t be writing about it. Same goes for product reviews. After all, why would I waste my time and brain cells posting about something that I don’t absolutely love?

Yup, there's only room in here for stuff I actually love. Like these guys!
Yup, there’s only room in here for stuff I actually love. Like these guys!


So basically this blog, my blog, will be more of a reflection of life as I live it, than anything else. It’s gonna be me giving you the chance to spend time at home with me, MrsC, (see what I did there?) from wherever it is that you may be reading from. And who knows, someday, you may just find yourself sitting with me in my living room for real. What an exciting thought!

You Let Me Down Today, Uber.

Warning: This is a ranty, nega post. I don’t do this often, but today calls for one.

I had my worst Uber experience ever this morning. Now, I take Uber all the time, and sure, there have been unpleasant rides. But this one takes the cake. 

The problem is this driver. As far as I’m concerned he is not qualified to drive people around. Why? Oh, for all of these reasons.

  1. I had to wait for him for an hour. Sure, traffic was bad where he came from (which was only 20 minutes away, by the way,) but I know for a fact that wasn’t the only reason why it took so long for him to get to me. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. His phone couldn’t be reached. Whenever I book a car, the first thing I do is text the driver my exact pickup address. Spares us both a lot of trouble. But he never got my address because his phone was dead. I knew this because I tried calling him several times.
  3. And then he spent 20 minutes at our village gate. Obviously they wouldn’t let him in unless he told them where he was going. Obviously. But he didn’t know where to go because he never got my message. So how did he get in? I noticed that his car was stopped on the same spot on the map for a really long time. I figured out that he was stuck at the guardhouse. So I called them, asked a guard to find my Uber, give him my address, and send him my way. Finally. Or so I thought.
  4. He went to the wrong house. At this point, I already knew that this driver wasn’t the greatest. So I decided to wait for him outside. He never arrived. I looked down the street and saw the car I was waiting for several houses down. I tried calling again but his phone was still dead. So I walked to him. It’s a good thing I got there before he rang my neighbor’s doorbell.
  5. He used my most hated “I’m new” excuse. Ok fine, it was his first ever trip on his first ever day but that doesn’t give him the license to be unprepared. Or unreachable, for that matter. Rookies are expected to perform well too, right?
  6. He was so dependent on Waze, but really couldn’t follow the map. At one point during the ride, this driver positioned the car to make a u-turn instead of go straight towards our exit. I told him that a u-turn would take us right back to where we started. He said that Waze was making him turn. Honestly, it wasn’t. It’s a good thing I was paying attention. 
  7. Halfway through the trip, he forgot where we were going. True story. He asked me where we were headed. He couldn’t remember. Good Lord.
  8. His driving was comparable to a swerving, heavy-on-the-gas, heavy-on-the-brakes cab driver. Thank God I don’t get carsick easily.

Unfortunately for me, our car is coded today so I really had no choice but to sit there and suck it up. I was hungry, irritated, and very late for work.

Sigh. You let me down today, Uber. I’m a loyal customer, but if you keep hiring drivers like this guy, our relationship might just turn sour real quick. Too bad, coz I think Uber is a great service. Don’t let those bad drivers bring you down.

Side note – I’m loving the WordPress app for iPhone. Yay for blogging on the go. Now to figure out how to properly add photos from this thing. Lol, low tech problems.