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Things To Do at the #OishiSnacktacular 2016

I don’t go to mall events often because I had my fill of them when MrC and I were working for retail. Yesterday, though, I made an exception, and headed off to the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall for the #OishiSnacktacular 2016. I’m glad I did because it really was so much fun. Plus, by chance, my friend Camille and her son (my godson!) Lucas were there as well, and so it became an impromptu bonding day for the three of us, too.

Hanging out with Lucas and Camille


When I arrived yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how colorful and exciting all of the booths looked. This year’s event has an 8-bit inspired game, and it felt to me like I was in one of those video games I grew up playing. You even walk over a giant “Press Start” button when you enter.

Oishi Snacktacular Pass to Wow. Entrance is FREE, and then it’s pay to play from there.


So what’s there to do at the #OishiSnacktacular 2016? Here’s a quick rundown of the booths and activities.

Take a photo at the Oishi Pack & Pose. Don’t forget to post it online with the hashtag #OishiSnacktacular.

Go to the Make Your Own Snack booth where, for only P20, you can have a customized bag of chips and snacks made just for you.

All of your favorites on one bag. Yum!


Make sure to line up for the Oishi Snack Catcher. For P200, you get strapped on to a harness, and lowered into a giant pool of snacks. Then, you grab as much as you can, and whatever you get is all yours! Too bad I had to skip this because I was in a dress, but if the boys were with me, I’m sure one of them would have gone up. 


Cool down with some Oishi Choco Chug ice cream at the Oishi O-Twirl booth. Don’t forget to add toppings to your cup of ice cream for extra yums! All this for only P20.

The Oishi Snack Shack was my favorite activity. Here, you get to fill a 2ft tall Oishi bag with all of your favorite snacks! I loaded mine up with Bread Pan, cereal, Sponge Crunch, Wafu, and a lot of other treats. And the bag is really big, super sulit at P295! I got a lot of stares as I carried it around the mall.


As if you hadn’t already filled your bags with enough snacks at this point, there’s more to be had at the Oishi Cuckoo Blaster. For only P100, you get to put on the Cuckoo Bird suit, and catch as many balls as you can. 1 ball = 1 snack for you!

After all that activity, treat yourself to a Smart C+ slushee for only P20 at the Oishi Slush C+ booth. The calamansi flavor is super good.

And, before you leave, check out the different Oishi snacks from all over Asia at the Oishi World of Wow area.

Durian-flavored Oishi Pillows? Masarap!


The #OishiSnacktacular 2016 is open until July 17, which means you still have a day and a half to go there, enjoy, and snack-attack away! Enjoy!

McCormick Flavor Nation

Birthday Noodles for the Birthday Boy

Birthdays are a big deal in my family. We actually celebrate for a whole week sometimes, and there is always food involved. Lots and lots of food. 

I’ve made sure to carry over this long-drawn birthday celebration tradition into my own home, though I know that at times MrC finds it overwhelming. It’s just that I really enjoy treating loved ones on their birthdays, and also being the center of all the fun when it’s my turn to celebrate. I guess that I will always be a kid at heart that way.

This year’s round of birthdays was extra special for my boys and I because it was the first time that we all celebrated in our house. I felt the need to fuss over the husbandry, in particular, on his special day, just because.


We kicked off his weekend-long (weekend lang because he is at the office on weekdays) celebration with a simple Birthday Noodle dinner at home. Typically, I’d go for a pasta dish over a pancit dish because honestly I don’t know how to make pancit. Luckily I had a few packs of McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix at home, which I got at a recent event.

The event, McCormick Flavor Nation, happened a few weeks ago at Bonifacio High Street. It was a fun day filled with food booths, music, and games. The boys and I braved the Saturday afternoon traffic to be there that day, driven by the promise of La Lola Churros and McCormick goodies.


In case you were wondering, yes, I really do use McCormick products in my kitchen. It’s my brand of choice for dried herbs and spices, and I also love their Grill Mates, Buffalo Wings and Korean Chicken ready mixes. 

After getting some churros (yes, that was my first order of business for the day,) I headed straight for the McCormick Avenue booth to see what I could buy. Lol, shopping agad!

I was super curious to try the different noodle variants, which were being given out for free at the event, but the lines were long and I’m not very patient. True story. So instead, I opted to buy a few to take home.


I have yet to try the other two, but like I said earlier, I cooked the Birthday Noodle pack for MrC’s birthday weekend. I have to admit that I didn’t read the directions beforehand, so I wasn’t prepared with meat and veggies to add to my pancit. I’m so galing.

I know for a fact that it would have been so much better with a little pork, some Chinese chorizo and cabbage but, nevertheless, it was still yummy with just carrots. Actually, MrC and I agree that this tasted a lot like the noodles served at the breakfast buffet in the hotel that we stayed at in Hong Kong last year. 

McCormick Flavor Nation
Birthday noodles, freshly cooked in my favorite wok!


The best part about it? This dish was so easy to prepare. I swear, it was done in no time at all, in only one pot, and with very little effort. It’s great for busy moms on days when we barely have time to get food on the table. For me, kulang nalang ay pandesal and a cold glass of Coke. Yummers!

I’m excited to try the Chap Chae and Pad Thai mixes, and yes, I will make sure that I have all the ingredients I need next time lol!

Now, can someone please teach me how to make pancit from scratch, too?


Food, Fun, and my Favorite Ketchup

Realization: We only have a little over two weeks left of summer vacation.

What?! The weeks seem to have gone by so quickly! Before you know it, I’ll be back to my usual morning routine of packing baon. 

Chicken nuggets + ketchup. Yes, you’ll definitely see that in my son’s lunch box.

I know that a lot of moms, especially those with younger kids, are gearing up for another school year of bento baon fun. I, personally, don’t do the whole bento lunch box thing because my kiddo is big already. He prefers to have simple, straightforward packed meals. Still, I love learning new techniques and designs, coz you’ll never know when these may come in handy!

I’ve attended bento classes before, and last month I was given the chance to sit in at another one. This time, it was a class by Kat Maderazo of Bento by Kat, in partnership with Heinz, my all-time favorite ketchup brand! Trivia: Kat is a Japanese-certified bento box maker. Galing, right?

Kat Maderazo of Bento by Kat, and Heinz Brand Manager, Rae Guinto

Before I show you guys what we made at the event, I think that I need to tell you about my relationship with ketchup. Ketchup will always and forever be my condiment of choice.

Ever since I was little, I have been putting ketchup on my food, whenever possible. Fries, burgers, fried chicken, and even adobo would not be the same for me without my little dish of ketchup on the side for dipping. It’s a love affair like no other.

Okay, now I’m ready to talk bento.

Friends, I present to you, my Kelly Ketchup. 

It only takes a few easy steps to make this cute baon box. Start by getting some cooked rice and smothering it in ketchup. My Kelly Ketchup looks a little pale, so I think I could have added a little more Heinz.


Next, shape the rice into body parts. Use cling wrap, a plastic bag or plastic gloves when you mold the rice to keep the food and your hands clean. Then, assemble inside your lunchbox. Kat taught us to use bits of spaghetti to connect the body parts to one another so that they won’t come apart. 

Once the body is formed, make a dress for Kelly using thin sheets of scrambled eggs. Then, add face and hair details using nori and cheese.Finally, use more ketchup to decorate the dress so that it’s extra pretty. Don’t forget to give her shoes, too! 

I did my best with this one! As you can see, I’m not very artistic.

Add some fillers like chicken nuggets, veggies and fruits, and you are done. Ta-da! The finished product. Mine may not be as cute as the other moms’ bento boxes, but I love it all the same. 

Expectation vs reality

I love activities that allow me to have more fun in the kitchen, specially since I’m always in the kitchen. I totally agree with the Heinz team that meal time so important in most Filipino homes. It brings the family together, and gives homecooks like me an opportunity to share love through food. 

Food is my love language, and, as they said at the event, #YourFoodDeservesBetter. Heinz makes every dish extra special. I can’t wait to play with the amazing Heinz products I took home from the event. Especially the ketchup. Ketchup is love.

Class picture! (Photo by Heinz Philippines)

Confessions of an Occasional Germophobe

I don’t like dirty things. Sure, I can be messy, but messy doesn’t necessarily mean dirty. Just because things look out of place or cluttered in a space doesn’t mean they aren’t clean. Does that even make sense to you? Because it does to me.

The truth is that I constantly worry about people around me getting sick because of germs. This is, most likely, the effect of having lived with a doctor for 32 years. Because of this, I have a set of cleanliness-related rules that I try my best to enforce at home. 

First, I make sure to choose antibacterial soaps for our laundry, dish washing, and baths. We have been loyal Safeguard users for many years. 

Not just for bath time – Our dishwashing and laundry soaps both have Safeguard in them.


Also, I absolutely will not allow anyone to sit or lie down on their bed wearing clothes that were worn outside. I just think it’s gross that MrC’s office shirt, for example, which comes into contact with a tricycle seat, a van seat, his office chair, various walls, tables and other surfaces, and even other people throughout the day, will come into contact with my pillow, blanket and bed sheet. 

When people come visit our home and sit on the bed wearing clothes they’ve worn outside, I change the sheets before we go to bed. I’m not kidding.

The boys and I do not walk around the house in shoes. We use our house slippers when we are home. We also ask people to remove their shoes and slippers before going up to the second floor of our home. When upstairs, the boys and I go barefoot, too.

We make hand washing a must before meals. I even have bottles of alcohol and hand sanitizer in our living, dining, and bedrooms just in case. I have a slight alcohol-obsession (rubbing, not drinking,) and I usually clean my hands with the stuff in between tasks, when hand washing is not possible.

The list goes on, and on, and on. I could bore you to tears just talking about this.


Did you know that sanitation issues are largely responsible for illnesses like diarrhea, which is a leading cause of child death in the Philippines, right next to malnutrition, pneumonia and injuries?


So where is this conversation going, you may be wondering?

Well, recently, Little MrC and I attended UNICEF and Safeguard’s first Health Watch lecture in celebration of World Health Day. We learned a lot at the session, and a lot of my germy-worries were addressed and validated. It’s good to know that my cleanliness rules are actually good for something.

Intervention should be the priority. Health comes first. I feel like these are the most important lessons we learned that day. Instead of waiting until someone gets sick to do something, we should instead aim to reduce the risk of illness, especially within the home. This can easily be done through proper hand washing with soap.

This handwashing demo was really useful. It surprises me that not a lot of people know how to properly wash their hands, but this is a reality.


Here are some simple tips to make sure that you are washing your hands well enough:

  • Start by wetting your hands well.
  • Lather well and scrub thoroughly. Don’t forget to scrub in between your fingers, and all the way to your wrists.
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds. You should be good to go after two rounds of the Happy Birthday song. Singing out loud is optional.
  • Rinse well, and make sure that there is no soap left on your hands and wrists.
  • Dry off using a CLEAN towel. Emphasis on clean. I think you know why.

As a final note, we were taught some first aid basics by a representative from the Philippine Red Cross. I love that my son already learned most of this during a father and son camping session that he and MrC attended. At least I know that if there’s ever the need for emergency response at home, my boys are ready to save me. Lol.

Bandaging wounds 101.


As moms, our family’s health and safety should be on top of our list of priorities. Do you have any tips for keeping your households safe and germ-free?