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My Nutri10 Kid

Here’s a little bit about how I keep up with Little MrC’s growing-boy needs, both here on the blog and in real life.

alabang country club

A Movie a Day for Summer

I refuse to deal with “Mom, I’m bored” complaints this summer. On my battle plan is Movie Time. Here is our 2016 Beat Summer Boredom Movie List for kids and tweens! (List to be updated daily until summer ends!)


One Less Roommate

I never knew how major it would be to have Little MrC start sleeping in his own room. But it is. It’s as if I’ve been officially welcomed into a whole new phase in this parenting journey – The tween years.


On Frogs and Other Fears

Fact: I am a worrywart and a scaredy-cat. A lot of things freak me out. I’m easily startled by strange noises and …