4 Tips to helping your baby get a better night of sleep

If your baby sleeps well at night, the same is bound to happen to you because you don’t have to worry about waking up every hour to rush to your baby’s room. If you find yourself getting woken up by those cries more often during the night, the following tips will help you get your baby to get a better night of sleep;

Comfort is key

If you want your baby to have a better night of sleep, then make sure that he is comfortable before going to bed. Ensure that he is in comfortable pajamas that are made of soft cotton and that they are not too tight. Also, a comfortable crib is another great way to ensure that your baby sleeps well at night. Check the temperatures of the room to make sure that they offer a favorable environment for your baby to sleep in.

Be consistent

One of the reasons your baby doesn’t sleep well at night may be because of your inconsistent nighttime routine. Just like grown-ups, a baby needs to have a night time routine that allows her to go to bed at a certain time. Establishing a consistent nighttime routine will help to create good sleep patterns for your baby. So, if you like reading her stories or singing to them to prepare her to sleep, then ensure you do so a few minutes before bedtime and repeat the same every day.

Don’t be too quick to respond

If you are always quick to rush to your baby’s room every time he calls out then you may be forced to do so until he grows up a little older. Babies learn quickly, so if they are used to your quick response, it may remain like that for a long while. Delay for a few seconds when the child cries and stay even longer the next time he starts crying in the middle of the night. However, your baby’s raspy voicemay not be his usual snuffle, so when you notice strange sounds then make a doctor’s appointment for him.

Give larger portions during dinner time

Another trick to ensuring that your baby sleeps well at night is to increase her dinner portions. The lighter her dinner will be, the more she is likely to wake up at night hungry. This is why you need to ensure that her dinner portions are more compared to other meals during the day. If you are breastfeeding, stay a bit longer than you normally do and if she feeds on formula then make sure there are a few more ounces than her normal feed.

Bottom line

Every parent knows the struggle of waking up several times in the night every day to tend to their baby’s needs. There is no specific way to help your baby sleep better at night, but a few adjustments will go a long way to help her sleep well. Try out the above tips and find out what works best for your baby then stick to it.

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