4 Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom With A Small Budget

Are you planning to do some renovations to your bathroom? You’ve come up with a design to update your bathroom, only to be surprised that you will have to spend a lot of money to get the look that you want.

You need to expect that any renovation will cost money, even in small areas of the house such as a bathroom. But if you are not ready to shell out a lot of money, there are still things you can do to give your bathroom a new look. All you need is a little cash and a lot of creativity and effort. One of the things to keep within the budget is to do the renovation yourself so that you will not have to hire other people to do the work for you.

Check out some of the things you can do below. You or another family member can do them yourself so you will surely be saving a lot of money in the renovation process.

1. Frame your mirror – no bathroom is complete without a mirror. They are not only functional, as most would do their grooming and makeup in front of it, but it also opens up space and makes the small bathroom look larger than it really is. A big mirror can cost a lot of money, so unless yours is broken, consider instead putting a new frame on it instead of purchasing a new one. The style of the frame is up to you, you can go for a theme such as vintage or modern if you want and just add a few additional decorations throughout the bathroom to complete the look.

2. Repaint the walls – you might have been thinking of changing the tiles in your bathroom, but that would cost a pretty penny. Why not paint the walls instead? It would cost significantly less than a tile job but it can completely transform a small space. It would require a lot of concentration as you would have to maneuver yourself while you paint around the bathroom. Take note also that there is a risk of molds developing in the bathroom so invest in the high-quality paint.

3. Refinish the bathtub and sink – if you find your bathtub or sink looking worse for wear, do not think immediately about replacing it. A cheaper alternative would be to reglaze them instead. You can call professionals to do this for you as it might be too complicated to do by yourself. It will still be a lot cheaper than having to hire people to dig out your old tub, buying a new one and hiring a contractor to place if in your bathroom.

4. Update your fixtures – don’t forget the little details when doing your budget renovation. Changing the taps, towel racks and drawer pulls can create a big change in the look of your bathroom. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that. There are cheap taps, lighting fixtures and the like readily available in stores and online. Just go through the variety of choices and choose the one that will be perfect for the design you have in mind.

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