A Year With Belo Baby

Fact: Half of the things I use on myself are actually baby products. 

A year ago, I got to know the Belo Baby brand, and ever since then their products have been a staple on my room and bathroom shelves. I love them so much that I’ve shared them with others – My son, my mom, even an aunt in the US. I’ve also given the gift of Belo Baby a few times to my new goddaughter, Luna. It’s so nice having an actual baby to share baby products with! My kiddo kasi has recently moved up to the realm of big boy products already.

There are two things I absolutely love about the Belo Baby line – Everything smells so good, and the products are 100% all-natural, and contain zero harmful ingredients. Not necessarily in that order.

mrspcuyugan Belo Baby
Have you tried these yet? If not, you SHOULD!

The soap is super mild, and doesn’t at all leave skin feeling dry or itchy. The hair and body wash is really easy to rinse off, and actually works on both hair and body. I know, I tested it myself. Lol. We all agree at home that this is the best, best, best among the products in the Belo Baby bath line.

Bonus: Both the soap, and the hair and body wash produce a very light lather, which, I’ve noticed, is common in products that are made without harmful chemicals.

I use the lotion, too. Now believe me when I say I hate using lotion. I hate the sticky feeling it usually leaves on the skin. There’s none of that with Belo Baby lotion. Buti nalang because, as a fully-functioning housewife with chores like laundry and dish washing, I now need to use lotion on a regular basis.

mrspcuyugan belo baby
Sarap naman ng bagong ligong baby!! (Photo from Barbara De Jesus)

Their tagline says it all: โ€œCrafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.โ€

I’m so sold on how good these baby bath products are. Not only are they gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, they’re also all-natural and safe to use at any age. Best of all, they smell awesome, exactly how I think a clean baby ought to smell.

I said earlier that I’ve shared these bath goodies with my two-month old niece, and now I can’t wait to see and sniff her after she’s freshly washed with Belo Baby.

So obviously I like to give the gift of Belo Baby. And because they are celebrating their first birthday this month, Belo Baby is gifting three of my readers (yes, you guys!) with a nice little baby bath care package. I’m so excited for you to try their soap, hair and body wash, and lotion on your little ones!

Here’s what you need to do to join:

  1. Follow me on Instagram because I will be announcing the winners there.
  2. Like and follow Belo Baby on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook since it’s their birthday. 
  3. In the comments section, greet Belo Baby a happy first birthday.

I will be drawing three random winners from all those who leave greetings. You can do so from today, March 17, until March 23. Winners will be announced next Friday, March 24 on my IG.

Good luck, guys! And happy first birthday, Belo Baby!

To learn more about the Belo Baby product line, visit their website at www.belobaby.ph.

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16 thoughts on “A Year With Belo Baby

  1. Happy 1st Birthday Belo baby love!! Thankyou so much for caring ad loving our babies as much we do. Youve been here with us already a year with no worries to us mommies.. You give such a big impact for a mothers love and care. More years of making our baby safe, healthy and happy! Meticulous mom with love!

    Ig: @vickzpbarrera ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. All of us wish you a very Happy 1st Birthday and another year filled with wonder and success!
    Thank you for sharing your blessings Belo Baby!More Power and Godbless.

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Belo Baby!

    “It is such an incredible year
    Full of unending cheers
    The message has always been clear
    Results are so amazing my dear.”

    “Your products are wonderfully made
    Skin and budget friendly, so I stayed
    I’ve never used any other coz that’s a downgrade
    You make our life so easily played.”

    “Thank you, our dear Belo Baby
    You always think of our babies safety
    You’re our babies’ skin weapon daily
    That is why the effects are seen so greatly!”

  4. A Happy1st Birthday Belo baby! We look forward to many more successful years.
    Thanks for sharing your giveaway! Godbless.

  5. Happy happy birthday BeLo baby. More years of caring and loving our babies together <3 thanks for keeping mommies like me worry free. Youve shown great care for our precious one. Thank you for being the reason too i always see my baby smile and laughs without itching and she's always fresh all day. No regrets just love <3

  6. Since Belo Baby was launch last year we became a loyal user of it because its perfect for my unico’s delicate skin. Aside from that our bonding moments together last long because I really love to smell my sons fresh powdery scent kaya hug hug hug pa more. Happy 1st to Belo Baby

  7. Happy First Birthday Belo Baby. Hope we can try some of belo baby products. Thank you and more years to come:)

  8. Happy 1st Birthday Belo Baby! Thank you for taking care of my baby’s delicate skin. May you have more fruitful yeras to comeโค

  9. Happy 1st Birthday, Belo Baby!!!
    Continue taking care of our babies’ skin and keeping them smelling fresh and clean! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Happy Onederful Birthday Belo Baby wishing you more sweet birthday’s to come.Thank you for giving us the best crafted with care product to use on our children’s delicate skin making a meticulous mom like me worry free.We love Belo Baby.

  11. Happy birthday to Belo Baby! I hope for more stronger years to you! Thanks for everything as a mom ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BELO BABY!! HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY โค๏ธ Continue to inspire moms all over the world.

  13. Happy 1st Birthday Belo Baby!
    Thank you for taking care of my baby’s skin and for keeping them safe with your 100% natural formula.
    Thank you MrsC for sharing to us this ONEderful giveaway. God Bless

  14. Happy Birthday Belo Baby!!!!
    Thank you so much for making my baby’s skin soft, smooth and fresh! You are an answer to our prayers!

  15. Happy ONEderful Birthday Belo Baby!
    Thank you for creating products that are truly safe for baby’s delicate skin. My baby Zophie and I love using the hair and body wash, cologne and hand sanitizer. We haven’t yet tried the lotion and bar soap but I bet my baby’s skin will like it too.

  16. Hello MrsC and regards to your beautiful family. 👪
    Happy ONEderful Birthday Belo Baby. 🎉🎂🎁

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