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Discovering Bowen 24 Cafe

Fact: MrC and I are very particular when it comes to our coffee.

We prefer to drink Arabica, and absolutely love how it tastes chocolatey, nutty, and fruity all at the same time. We also enjoy brewing our own coffee at home. We only use an ordinary coffee maker because it’s the simplest option, but whenever MrC has time, he likes to play around with his Aeropress.


Our everyday coffee of choice is That Coffee Cult’s Sagada Dark Roast, because #SupportLocal! Lately, though, we’ve been indulging in organic Arabica from Costa Rica, since we have a fairly large (but quickly diminishing huhuhu) stash, all thanks to my sister’s boyfriend.


This week’s bag of beans. Thank you, @ricardoortuoste, our Costa Rican #coffee pusher.

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We like coffee a lot, so it’s easy to see why I would get excited about spending time at a coffee shop. With free coffee. Free coffee is the key to getting me to say yes, my friends. Lol, just kidding. But it does help. Ask my friend, Millie. I said yes to her right away when she asked me to come check out a new coffee shop in our neighborhood, Bowen 24 Cafe.


My barista here at #bowen24cafe looks kinda familiar. ?

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Bowen 24 Cafe is super easy to find. It’s just along President’s Avenue in BF Homes, right across Puregold, where (the very forgettable) Paume’s Pastryhouse used to be.

I love the glass windows and doors that line the front of this cafe, letting a lot of natural light in. It adds so much charm to the beautiful interiors of the place. And oh, how beautiful it really is inside.

The cafe is mostly clean and white, with wood-finished floors, and wooden tabletops paired with pasted blue chairs. There’s a gorgeous accent wall with a really nice honeycomb design, painted in lovely shades of grey. 

Small potted plants add a hint of nature to the space. Little details like framed photos and hand-lettered quotes, pretty throw pillows, and super chic light fixtures tie everything together perfectly. Bowen 24 Cafe is both chic and homey, and 100% Instagrammable.


I learned a few things about the cafe when I was there for their pre-opening Coffee Appreciation Day.

Roxie, one of the owners, shared that the name Bowen 24 comes from her apartment address as a student in Australia, #24 Bowen Street. Millie told me that the idea to have a kiddie corner springs from the fact that all the business partners are parents, and that they want Bowen 24 to be a place where moms can come to work, hang out with friends, or just quietly relax, and not have to worry about how to keep the kids occupied for a few hours.

Bowen 24 Cafe
Millie’s little ones enjoying this fun space for happy kids. Photo from Bowen 24 Cafe.


I’m excited over the fact that they also plan to build a small library in the cafe because for me, settling in with a good book and a hot cappuccino is one of the best things to do in a coffee shop. More than anything, though, I’m happy that there’s another place nearby that takes pride in serving really, really good coffee.

Bowen 24 Cafe serves a signature blend called The Brunswick Blend, which is specially made for them by the excellent roasters of Toby’s Estate. The blend highlights the coffee’s chocolatey and nutty notes, which is exactly the kind of coffee that we love.


Need one of these right now. Pwede ba magpa deliver? Lol! #bowen24cafe #morecoffeeplease

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During the exclusive Coffee Appreciation Day, we were given a crash course on proper coffee extraction by one of Toby’s Estate’s award-winning baristas, Andy. He made us sample several cups of espresso, allowing us to experience what over-extraction and under-extraction does to the taste of coffee. At the end of the experience, I feel like we all went up a notch on the coffee snob scale. In a good way, of course.

As if the tasting experience didn’t give us enough of a caffeine boost already, afterwards we were treated to a few specialty drinks and coffee pairings, also prepared by Andy. First, a long black paired with dark chocolate. Then we had cappuccinos paired with roasted cashew nuts. Finally, Andy made us some naturally-sweet iced coffee – So good, and something I’d totally go back for. No sugar added, which means it has only about 2 calories and no fat. Ang galing guys


They serve yummy cakes, too, made lovingly by Roxie. Not gluten-free, but certainly cheat day worthy. So even if I do save calories and fat grams by choosing the naturally-sweet iced coffee, nabawi naman lahat and more sa cake. Oh well. At least I know for sure that I’ll be one happy customer.

So, will I be coming back to Bowen 24 Cafe? Yes, absolutely. I love it there already.

Thank you, Roxie and Millie for having us. See you guys again soon!

Bowen 24 Cafe
At Bowen 24 Cafe with Helene, Roxie and MIllie. Photo from Bowen 24 Cafe.


Bowen 24 Café
#29 Presidents Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque
IG: @bowen24cafe

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10 thoughts on “Discovering Bowen 24 Cafe

  1. Millie has been asking me to visit Bowen 24 but haven’t been able to yet because I was still recuperating from giving birth. Hope to visit soon! I, too, can’t resist good coffee. 🙂

  2. Hmm..I think this is becoming a trend now or maybe it’s just recently that I’ve noticed it. =) I’ve been to new cafes lately here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where they have that Aeropress and other stylish coffee machine. =) Now, reading this and looking at the pictures, even the set up of the cafe look the same. =)

  3. I’m not a coffee person but I do drink sometimes lalo na pag rainy season, ang sarap magkape. I really like the smell of coffee nakakagising sa umaga. Nacurious naman ko sa Iced Coffee.

  4. Awww, thank you very much, Patty!! <3 I miss you!! Hope to see you soon either at Bowen or at the laundromat! I love you!! <3

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