Some days, I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. I know I don’t write as  regularly as I used to, so, realistically, I imagine I’ve lost quite a few readers. Ganun talaga, right? Why should I expect anyone to visit my site when even I don’t log on so much?

Something has to change. And it’s a good time for change because my blog turns 5 years old this month. Woohoo to half a decade of existing on this space. 

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In the beginning, there was this.


I know for sure that I’m not the same person, nor the same blogger that I was when I started writing here. My lifestyle has changed so much, and with it, my interests, too. Five years ago, I was newly married, and had just quit life as a corporate slave. When I started this blog, being a wife and hands-on mom was all so new to me, and now I can no longer imagine life as anything else. 

For someone who works in events, I learned three years ago that I'm pretty clueless when it comes to DIY birthday parties. These cupcakes were my saving grace.
I learned three years ago that, for someone who worked in events, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to DIY birthday parties. These cupcakes were my saving grace. And I didn’t even make them!


The themes and topics of my posts have evolved, too, over the years. I have gone from writing about blogging and working at home to learning how to make baon  everyday while still maintaining my sanity. There were a lot of reviews, food and restaurant posts, events, staycations, and the occasional giveaway. And then my posts became about moving out and nesting in my own space, caring for my family, and thriving as a homemaker. 


As I read through my archives, I can clearly see that I’ve succeeded in turning this space into a time capsule of the amazing and also the challenging moments of the last 5 years. And now it’s time to move on. 

No, I’m not quitting this blog. Just making some changes.

First, I think I’m gonna stop posting meal plans. Obviously, I can’t get myself to share those regularly, and the desire to do so just gives me unnecessary, self-imposed stress. Lol. I tried. Instead, I will focus on sharing more recipes, especially those that I’ve been trying out for my #100homecookedmeals and #theglutenfreeproject experiments. 

16. Chicken curry with potatoes for dinner tonight. ? #100homecookedmeals

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I also plan on writing more about are my little home decorating attempts, and the fun DIY projects that the boys and take on. I hope to share more of my journey towards becoming a true domestic goddess / marvelous homemaker, too, because that’s my life now and I love it. 

I want to cut back on restaurant reviews, so unless a place really made me say ohmygoshbestfoodeverguys, chances are I won’t be writing about it. Same goes for product reviews. After all, why would I waste my time and brain cells posting about something that I don’t absolutely love?

Yup, there's only room in here for stuff I actually love. Like these guys!
Yup, there’s only room in here for stuff I actually love. Like these guys!


So basically this blog, my blog, will be more of a reflection of life as I live it, than anything else. It’s gonna be me giving you the chance to spend time at home with me, MrsC, (see what I did there?) from wherever it is that you may be reading from. And who knows, someday, you may just find yourself sitting with me in my living room for real. What an exciting thought!

About MrsC | Patricia Cuyugan

I am a happy mom and housewife. Outside of this, I'm also a writer, a crocheter, and a self-taught home cook. I'm part of a book club, and I enjoy binge-watching my favorite TV shows. I'm super entertaining on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat! Follow me: MrsPCuyugan.

2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Happy anniversary! My blog also turned 5 last month, and like you, I have noticed that my blogging has really evolved. Just like my weight. LOL!
    Regarding readership, of course we want to keep our loyal readers. But if your time doesn’t permit it, it’s OK to leave it muna. I also ignored my blog last year when I started a new business. At first I was still trying to blog, but when I realized I was doing it at the expense of my family, I let go. I remembered that I blog because it was therapeutic and to share the joys of family life. If I’m being neurotic and my son feels neglected because of the blog, my purpose is defeated. So blogging definitely took a backseat. Now that my new venture is all settled, I’m active in the blogosphere again (active for me is posting a new entry once a week, hehe).

  2. Omg. I feel like this is that blogging season when every blogger wants to change something or overhaul a blog. Haha. You are the fourth blogger I think, that I’ve visited this week with the same ‘changing’ phase theme. 🙂 Of course, I’ll have to include myself. I ‘be just recently made some changes as well. Maybe it’s part of blogging that as we mture, we learn new perspectives on what we really want to write about. 🙂 Keep writing. 🙂

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