You Let Me Down Today, Uber.

Warning: This is a ranty, nega post. I don’t do this often, but today calls for one.

I had my worst Uber experience ever this morning. Now, I take Uber all the time, and sure, there have been unpleasant rides. But this one takes the cake. 

The problem is this driver. As far as I’m concerned he is not qualified to drive people around. Why? Oh, for all of these reasons.

  1. I had to wait for him for an hour. Sure, traffic was bad where he came from (which was only 20 minutes away, by the way,) but I know for a fact that wasn’t the only reason why it took so long for him to get to me. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. His phone couldn’t be reached. Whenever I book a car, the first thing I do is text the driver my exact pickup address. Spares us both a lot of trouble. But he never got my address because his phone was dead. I knew this because I tried calling him several times.
  3. And then he spent 20 minutes at our village gate. Obviously they wouldn’t let him in unless he told them where he was going. Obviously. But he didn’t know where to go because he never got my message. So how did he get in? I noticed that his car was stopped on the same spot on the map for a really long time. I figured out that he was stuck at the guardhouse. So I called them, asked a guard to find my Uber, give him my address, and send him my way. Finally. Or so I thought.
  4. He went to the wrong house. At this point, I already knew that this driver wasn’t the greatest. So I decided to wait for him outside. He never arrived. I looked down the street and saw the car I was waiting for several houses down. I tried calling again but his phone was still dead. So I walked to him. It’s a good thing I got there before he rang my neighbor’s doorbell.
  5. He used my most hated “I’m new” excuse. Ok fine, it was his first ever trip on his first ever day but that doesn’t give him the license to be unprepared. Or unreachable, for that matter. Rookies are expected to perform well too, right?
  6. He was so dependent on Waze, but really couldn’t follow the map. At one point during the ride, this driver positioned the car to make a u-turn instead of go straight towards our exit. I told him that a u-turn would take us right back to where we started. He said that Waze was making him turn. Honestly, it wasn’t. It’s a good thing I was paying attention. 
  7. Halfway through the trip, he forgot where we were going. True story. He asked me where we were headed. He couldn’t remember. Good Lord.
  8. His driving was comparable to a swerving, heavy-on-the-gas, heavy-on-the-brakes cab driver. Thank God I don’t get carsick easily.

Unfortunately for me, our car is coded today so I really had no choice but to sit there and suck it up. I was hungry, irritated, and very late for work.

Sigh. You let me down today, Uber. I’m a loyal customer, but if you keep hiring drivers like this guy, our relationship might just turn sour real quick. Too bad, coz I think Uber is a great service. Don’t let those bad drivers bring you down.

Side note – I’m loving the WordPress app for iPhone. Yay for blogging on the go. Now to figure out how to properly add photos from this thing. Lol, low tech problems.

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