Digital Konmari

I’ve just done a drastic digital Konmari on my blog. 

I did the same with my Instagram account a few months ago, and it actually made me feel good. I deleted photos that I didn’t want on my feed anymore, including ugly ones, posters for old events, and pictures that I simply didn’t wanted to see anymore. Basically everything that didn’t spark joy.

The other day, out of nowhere, I decided to de-clutter my blog. The first ones to go were old posts promoting workshops from 2012, 2013 and 2014. I don’t think those are needed anymore. Then, I deleted old giveaway posts. I took down posts that I felt were senseless, too. 

A couple of weeks ago, it was my phone that I was obsessed with. I deleted apps and games that I once thought I couldn’t live without, but no longer used or enjoyed.


A blogger friend told me before that I shouldn’t delete posts so drastically because it might affect my page rank or domain authority. Truth is, that really doesn’t matter to me. For some reason, I had this compelling need to get rid of clutter on my blog, and I went ahead and did it. It felt good.

While I was at it, I fixed up my menu bar (up there, if you wanna check it out.) There are drop-down menus now, and most of my posts have been properly segregated into adequate categories. I feel so accomplished.

All of a sudden, I have moments where I get these intense feelings of irritation over clutter. All of a sudden, I have no problem throwing things away. Well, some things at least. My yarn, notebooks and pens are all still safely hidden away. Lol.


Today I bought a trash bin. I shall call him Hulk. #Domestication #athomewithmrsc #lipatbahaychronicles

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I was never the type to be bothered by clutter. MrC even said that he didn’t understand how I could sort of thrive in it. But, I dunno, something changed when we moved houses. It doesn’t happen often, but I really make the most of it when I feel that way.

Once, I ended up sweeping the entire house, upstairs and downstairs. Then there was one time where I decided to just clean the bathroom. That’s not at all normal behavior for me.

Often, my cleaning sprees involve doing large batches of laundry at a time, and throwing out random containers of old food from the fridge and freezer. Sometimes I go nuts on my email and just delete everything that’s been left unread for over 3 months.

It’s insane how aggressive I can get with the purging, but I think it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I wonder what on Earth I’ll be compelled to clean up next?

Blogger friends – Do you delete old posts from your blog? Why/why not? 

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27 thoughts on “Digital Konmari

  1. I did the same thing last year after I switched hosting providers. It was liberating! 🙂 Planning to do clean up my blog again soon. 🙂

  2. Hello! I finally had the time to drop by. And I was inspired by your digital decluttering story. I am more inspired to get a copy of the book before I start my project. I started blogging in 2011 and my blog mission and purpose have evolved. It is necessary to review my old posts and decide if they still echo my purpose. I hope to start this decluttering project this first half of the year. Thanks, Patty!

  3. I would want to do the same for my blog if I had the time. There’s broken links on my blog too that already affects my ranking, so beneficial pa rin. 🙂

  4. Hi! i have that tendency too. It feels great to declutter your life every once in a while.. dati it’s just my room now, you’re right, there’s the phone the laptop the blog.. keber sa ranking.. the PRs are usually the first to go ofcourse coz it affects google ranking too. btw, i noticed u have nuffnang ad, how did u get it there i am also a nuffnanger but couldnt get my ad units in..

  5. I don’t like clutter and chaos either. Like you have this itch to clean and spot-clean again everything. WIth regards to the blog, I didn’t delete any post (just revamped the About section). From the very beginning I knew I wanted to make mine a professional but relatable blog to my target audience, so every post I come up with I make sure it caters to that. I had to redo the About because I shifted from just being a personal blog (which to me, isn’t really feasible; no one will care about my day to day haha) to a professional personal blog. There’s still a human touch, but I would make sure my audience will care about what I write too.

    Funny you named your trash bin The Hulk! Very apt!

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  6. I like Hulk. Ihihi. I am in the process of de-cluttering my blog. So many unnecessary posts, I think. Years ago, I threw a box full of high school and girlfriend-boyfriend knick knacks. I told myself I don’t need those anymore. I don’t know if I am being too heartless but I just felt throwing them will make my room clean. My friends would often describe me as OC but the truth is, I just love anything clean and mess-free.

  7. Grabe, Patty! Nangingiti ako while reading this! We’re the same! Ok, OA na sa exclamation point. Haha! Seriously, I always KonMari my IG. Medyo may pagka-OC lang rin sa feed. Recently, too, I started decluttering my blog posts. I removed yung press releases na maraming kapareho! Kalat eh. Hehe. Nakaka-hook ano? Like Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop. LOL. Food pa rin at this hour. 😀

  8. I need to be ruthless in decluttering our house. In my mind, I would muster up the decisiveness to throw things away, I have a mental list. And then, when I get to actually look and feel the things, I think of the memories and BAM! They go right back where I got them. I need help! I need the book! I also deleted some of my old blog posts before, especially after I had my blog redesigned. I set the comments section to close after a period of time. But, I think there’s still a lot of posts left that I need to delete.

  9. The magic of tidying up! I never want to live with clutters as well, rule of thumb in my personals things, our home, especially my closet, once that little black dress survived in the closet for a year without being used even just once it’ll automatically go to charit. Lol! Same thing goes with everything in the house. But tidying up my digital files is double work for me. I need a lot—– of time & patience to sort it out. Good for u though, maybe i should start deleting some old docs on my pc to start it with 🙂

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