What’s cooking this week (January 4-10, 2016)

Fact: Meal planning helps me be more efficient when it comes to our household budget and minimizing food waste. It’s something that I enjoy doing, too.

First meal plan of the year! I will start sticking my hand-written menu plans on our fridge for easy reference.


Since we moved houses six months ago, I’ve attempted to do this regularly, and this year I plan on really sharing our meal plans with you guys. I say really because I know I’ve said several times that I’d do this, but I’ve constantly failed to, so, yes, really this time.

For this first week of January, I started off with a near-empty fridge and freezer because I made sure to use up as much of our holiday leftovers as I could before the new year. My grocery shopping was done with soup on my mind because MrC hasn’t been feeling well, and any kind of soup always helps him feel better. 

For your cooking inspiration, here’s a clearer version of my first meal plan for 2016.


And here are some of the recipes I’ll be using this week:

In the interest of saving less, which is also one of my goals for 2016, I really hope to stick to my set meal plans. The truth is, though, that we deviated already today. Lol. The kid and I had ice cream and fried siomai at Mini Stop for our PM snack, and then we had dinner at Sinigang by Orange Whisk!

Lol. Oh well. We’ll do better tomorrow.

Tinola fail – I forgot to buy sili leaves, so I ended up putting cabbage in my tinola today instead. Diba mukhang brains? Haha, too much The Walking Dead!


What’s cooking in your homes this week? Do you plan your meals ahead, too?

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22 thoughts on “What’s cooking this week (January 4-10, 2016)

  1. I plan our meals for the entire week, too. Before I do my weekly grocery shopping, I make sure everything that I’ll need for cooking at home is on my list. That saves me time and energy to return to the supermarket each time I forget an item.

  2. Will definitely visit your blog often for menu reference. Hehe. Sakit sa ulo magisip ng uulamin. Everyday struggle talaga. But then we are blessed na ito ang problema natin kse yung iba iniisip saan kukuha ng kakainin nila. 🙂 will put this on my planner to regularly visit kapag nagkakaubusan ng maisip na menu. Thank you 😉

  3. I haven;t tried meal planning though I’ve been meaning to try it 🙂 Our yaya is usually in charge of the kitchen since I’m not the best cook :))

  4. Naku, yan ang plan ko since last year na hanggang ngaun hindi ko padin magawa huhuhu. Always busy and I don’t now where to start. Siguro now is the right time na talaga to plan our meals ahead kasi it helps you din talaga to budget your meal expenses. Thanks for this tip!

  5. this is something ive been needing to do but am super lazy to get started. its harder than it looks esp if you need to do on a regular basis. hirap maging mom and homemaker! hahaha

  6. As you know, I really love writing stuff in my planners. One thing I haven’t tried though is to write a meal plan for each week. I’m gonna try and do that this year.

  7. Hahaha. I also have that kind of handwritten notes on our fridge! And so sometimes kapag di nasusunod, husband would jokingly comment, “Ang sarap naman ng adobo mo.” Pero ang niluto ko naman is humba just because kinulang ako ng potato. Ihihi.

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