Laundry cycles and life cycles

In case you missed it, this blog no longer goes by the name “Mrs C’s Sugarcoated Life.” As of some time last week (OMG momnesia, I can’t even remember when I made the change,) we are now known as “At Home with MrsC.”

Why the change? Well, in case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t haha,) it’s simply because it was time for a change. It’s time to start on a new cycle.


It may be that I’ve been spending so much time at the laundromat that I’m now thinking in cycles, but I really believe that life works that way. Just as our dirty clothes go through wash cycles to become fresh, clean and nice-smelling again, our lives go through periods of change between good, weird, bad, and then better, until we fall into a place that works.

After a while, no matter how smooth-sailing things may be, something inevitable comes up and things get complicated or confusing, or even messy again. When that happens, it’s time to go for a quick clean (aka change,) and the cycle starts up again. Now please tell me that this made sense to you guys, and that it isn’t just my new-found desperate housewives status in life getting the better of me.

So, what changes are happening exactly? As far as the blog is concerned, nothing much, except that I am determined to set aside time to write more often. The last few months have been quiet here, and I feel a little sad about that. Oh that, and the new name. It’s kind of symbolic actually, in the sense that my focus now is really on making this house into a home. I want to be more than just a housewife. I want to be a homemaker.

As for real life, I obviously have to dedicate more time to my homemaking, wifely and mommy duties, basically because no one else can do that but me, and because it’s in line with what I want for myself and my family. This means that I’m putting my WAHM-self on the back burner, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes, I am slightly panicking over the fact that we now have bills to pay for real, but I know things will work out.


Today’s #letteritoctober prompt fits right in with where I am right now in life. #brushlettering #handlettering

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Ultimately, in order for me to continue to make this place a happy home (and by this place I mean our actual home, and this blog, which is my virtual home,) I need to be happier too. Happiness means being less stressed out, having more energy to do the things that I love, and having more free time, as in physical free time and a mind that is free from worry and distractions, to spend with my loved ones.

If you ask me, less stress > more money. 

Between MrC and I, I know that we will find a way to make everything work for us, not just in terms of finances, but also in terms of keeping our little family happy, comfortable, and satisfied. We do make a great tag team partner, something that has been tried, tested and proven again and again over many years. Plus, as my dear friend Tina always says, God will provide. I have faith.

So now I need to ask, how do you guys feel about my new blog name? 

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I am a happy mom and housewife. Outside of this, I'm also a writer, a crocheter, and a self-taught home cook. I'm part of a book club, and I enjoy binge-watching my favorite TV shows. I'm super entertaining on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat! Follow me: MrsPCuyugan.

3 thoughts on “Laundry cycles and life cycles

  1. At home with Mrs C… I love it! Definitely apt for a homemaker!
    I agree with the changes and the cycle. It’s very uncomfortable but it’s the way we grow.

  2. Ah! I’ve been thinking of the same thing. I WANT to dedicate more time to homemaking. My business has grown and I’ve been spending lots of time at the office. I feel guilty that I have almost given the full parenting responsibility to my husband. That said, I just remembered that I need to contact your aunt. Haha! I super need help.

  3. Awwww….I like your new name. 🙂

    I feel the same way, Patricia. Our choices reflect our priorities, don’t they? Today i decided to choose to support my husband and not go to Blogapalooza. As you also know, I’m making changes in my blog to. That is because I also realized that my blog has to keep up with my lifestyle and not the other way around. I love being wife and a mom more than anything in the world. 🙂 So breathe in and breathe out. Congratulations on the leap!

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