Learning about life from Loli and Mama

Loli and Mama were my grandmothers. Fact: It still makes me sad to refer to them in the past tense. It really does feel like something is missing in life when you lose any of your grandparents. At least for me. That’s because I grew up in a really close-knit family, and my grandparents were always a big part of my life.

We lost Loli, my paternal grandmother, in 2008. I lived with her for a few years while I was in college. My class schedule back then allowed me to come home from just in time for The Bold and the Beautiful.

My brother and I with Loli. This was taken in 1986, maybe?


Sitting with Loli to watch her favorite soap became my funny afternoon ritual, at least for a few months before things got really busy in school. I know she enjoyed having someone to watch with, and I just enjoyed sitting in her room and keeping her company.

Mama’s passing was recent. As in, not even a month ago, recent. We have always lived near her, but a few years ago she moved to a house that was even easier to get to from our place. This was also around the time I left my corporate job.

With my sister and Mama, New Year’s Eve 2012


After she and my grandfather (now, officially my last remaining grandparent) moved houses, the little boy and I started spending our birthdays with them. It was nothing fancy. We would just order food and have lunch with them, their treat of course! I’m glad that both the kiddo and I got the celebrate one more birthday each with Mama this year.

For my post on World Moms Blog this month, I wrote about my grandmothers and the life lessons that they taught me. It’s my way of remembering them, of paying tribute, and saying thank you to these two amazing women who have helped shape me.

I’d super love it if you can go check the post out here

What life lessons did you guys learn from your grandparents?

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16 thoughts on “Learning about life from Loli and Mama

  1. Most of us learn a lot from grandparents as usually our parents were working most of the time and these elderly are the ones who were able to guide us.

  2. Awwww.. Ako rin, I am glad na we were able to bond with her before siya mawala.. 🙁 She taught us how to enjoy life and to choose our children over anything. I have a tendency kasi to choose career over family. So, nung nawala siya, I just realized that life is indeed too short to be taken seriously.

  3. I used to think losing a grandparent feels normal, even expected, but when I lost mine in 2008, it made me write a thought-provoking article that got published in the Inquirer. The effect is different.

  4. You shared some beautiful moments with your grandmothers, those will last beyond their demise. They must be happy wherever they are. Thanks for sharing

  5. Like you I also have one surviving grandparent, my Lola from my mother’s side. Sadly, she lives so far away. I haven’t seen her in ages. I hope we can visit her again soon.

  6. I adore my grandparents because they were a solid couple up until they died. My Lolo passed away just months away after my Lola died and he was perfectly healthy before she died. They were also able to send all of my mom, titos and titas (10) to school to finish their respective degrees.

  7. My maternal grandmother passed on too this year ( just last March ) and while we all know that she was really really old ( 98 ), we still wanted her to live more years. How she valued simplicity and how she lived this kind of life were the things I admired most in her. Living a simple life also made her one of the most selfless people I know and I don’t think I can live up to that.

  8. Tipical na lola’t lola when i and my sister leave at my lola’t lolo fishpond, lahat ng pagkain namin galing sa garden. Tapos namamangka kami ng lolo ko para mang huli ng isda sa fishpond…. Oras ng Tulog namin noong walang kuryente pa duon is 5pm wehehe tapos radio di batterya lang gamit namin makikinig ng balita or makinig ng drama sa radio.. Favorite ko palabas este pakinggan “knowledge power” ni ka Ernie Barong!!… kakamis tuloy yung mga gaya ni ka Ernie fini featured nya mga imbento at natural herbal method 🙂

  9. I can feel the sadness from here. I miss my maternal grandfather so much and I dreamed about him days before his supposed birthday. What I learned from him is that I should continue doing what I love, never letting my hand go idle, as he did when writing Chinese calligraphy.

  10. I have a lot of things in mind when the grandmother is always brought up. We lost our grandmom few months ago and I missed her sooooooo much! I don’t want to use a past tense when I’m talking about her.

  11. I know what you feel. We just recently lost our grandmother too and though we don’t want her to go yet, we believe it’s time for her to rest. She have also taught us with so many things and helped us all to be what we are all now.

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