Baon Plan (Grade 4, Week 1.5)

Fact: I feel a little bit guilty about not being able to prepare packed lunches for MrC for almost the entire summer break. At the same time, I feel so happy and refreshed and well-rested, so I think it was worth his sacrifice. Lol. Yep, I really made the most out of the opportunity to sleep in while school was out.

The good news is that MrC’s lunchbox-less days are over. Back to school, for me, means back to packing baon for the boys. So far, we are on week 2.5 this week, and things have been smooth-sailing for me in the kitchen. Yes, there’s a half-week there because school started on a Tuesday and ended on a Thursday for us on what (technically) was week 1.


Back to #baon planning! What I packed for lunch, week 1.5 is up on the #blog now. Link in profile! ?

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This school year I promise to be more religious in sharing what I prepared for baon for Little and Big MrC. So I should be posting a weekly roundup every Sunday. In case you wanna follow my daily kitchen adventures, I share those on my IG.

Let’s get on with it, then. Here’s what I packed for lunch on week 1.5.


#backtoschool means back to packing #baon! #MrC is happy lol. ??? Today’s #lunchbox has bread and a banana for #recess, and pork loin, corn and rice for #lunch. The pork is an easy #makeahead #ulam that’s super convenient for early morning cooking. I simply sliced up the pork and let it marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Then I fried it in a little bit of olive oil. You could also freeze the meat in the marinade, to be cooked within a week. Or you may also cook it and then freeze, and it should keep for up to a month. Promise. To make the #marinade, I mixed together about 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp minced garlic and a dash of pepper. You can always adjust the proportions to suit your taste. ✌ #lunchforkids #schoollunch #MadeByMrsC #recipe #homecooked

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Forgot to post yesterday’s #baon yesterday, so I’m sharing it today. Packed #lunch for the little guy only because the husbandry was on sick leave. Happy to say that the kiddo loved his pork teriyaki and rice, which I made quick and easy using Kikkomam Honey & Soy Teriyaki Marinade. For extra flavor, marinate overnight in the fridge then use sesame oil when cooking. I like to wait for the sauce to get thick and sticky, and coat the meat. That’s when I know the dish is done. For #recess, I packed Monde Special Mamon, which is always a favorite in our house. Fruits and veggies nalang kulang. I really should go to the supermarket already. #baonbymrsc #baonforkids #lunchbox #lunchforkids #packedlunch #InstaFood #Instakaw #yummy

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Isn’t it so annoying when you put so much effort into packing lunch, and the kids don’t finish their food? Sigh. This happened to us yesterday. I noticed that it’s usually the case when I try preparing something new. Yesterday I thought it would be nice to try to make an old favorite in a new, healthier way. Instead of ground beef and tomato sauce I used ground chicken and diced tomatoes to make giniling for #baon. Well, that didn’t go so well. I thought the ham slices would be junky enough to act as a camouflage. Lol, guess not. This was still yummy though. MrC and I liked it. Lesson learned: Kitchen experiments are better off served at home and not in the #lunchbox. #baonbymrsc #baonforkids #lunchboxideas

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And of course, here are a couple of easy recipes that were used (and modified) for this baon plan.

  • Kiddie spaghetti – I used chicken and added carrots instead of hotdogs this time, para healthier!
  • My super benta adobo – I used pork instead of chicken because that’s what I had availble, then added hard boiled eggs for extra yummy-ness.

What have you guys been having and packing for lunch?

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  1. That’s actually so sweet of you to do! I agree with Jojo, planning a baon for the week is a lot of process and for you to actually do it is admiring. Shows how much you love your child and husband.

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