The Block Party

The Block Party

This is the first of a series of guest posts by Little MrC. As part of his writing practice, I ask him to write about things we do each day. As an incentive to get him to write well, I promised I would publish some of his works in a special section on the blog. For this post, even the photos used were taken by the little boy. I hope that you enjoy reading his story. -MrsC

The Block Party

On Saturday there was a block party. Me, my mommy, Tita Joei, Lola and Ninong came.

Tita Joei and my mom


In there was booths. I bought badges in one booth. My mom bought other things.

Art stuff for my mom


I got thirsty so we went to the food area. I bought a milk shake. It was super good. 

My milkshake was from 8 cuts


Then my dad came after. It was a very cool day.

A cool sign I saw at The Block Party


– Written by Little MrC on March 30, 2015

15 thoughts on “The Block Party

  1. Patty, I love that Tristan is your guest blogger! πŸ™‚

    Tristan, great job! You should write more often in mom’s blog. I really had fun with you during the Block Party! Hope to see you soon! Enjoy HongKong πŸ™‚

  2. I hope he was still drinking his milkshake the time the picture was taken. What is a block party anyway? How I wish I awas there too, the picture that has a caption of “Art stuff for my mom”

  3. I like how you’re incorporating learning and writing even if it’s his summer break. You and Bong must be super proud parents. I won’t be surprised if the little boy starts his own blog in a few years. He even takes nice photos – I noticed he has close-ups pa.

  4. The boy should start the right way and he will end up a master of letters. He should be encouraged to read books and writings of best writers so that he may be influenced on how they write.

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