September #BaonPlan

Hello, September! I can’t believe you’re here. It’s been a full and eventful 2014 for me so far. It feels like the end of the 3rd quarter is coming around so quickly, and yet it also feels like this year is such a long one.

September, just like the months that came before it, is gonna be a full one. MrC and I are celebrating our anniversary in 10 days. This month also marks my 3rd blog anniversary, and I’m thinking of a nice give-back giveaway for my mommy blogger and WAHM friends. It’s the 4th month of school, and a start of a new term for the kiddo. The third grade has been quite challenging, but it looks like we’re doing okay. I have a bunch of blog events and activities on my calendar also, and that’s sure to be fun.

I have to admit that between mommy-ing, homemaking, MrC time, and writing for work, it’s becoming a challenge finding time to blog. I really want to continue posting often, regradless of how busy I become. Guess I just really have to make time for it and streamline my writing process. Or something. One adjustment that I’m making as of this moment is instead of 2-week baon plans, I’m going for a monthly post now. I feel that this will allow me less writing time and more cooking time, which is something I need.

Baon Sept
More baon, more fun!


I’ve made sure to put a hyperlink on all the recipes that I took from the internet, whether they’re from this blog or elsewhere. It’ll make recipe searching easier on all of us! And, just like before, if I get to try a recipe that I particularly like, I’ll make sure blog about it so that I can share it with you guys. Oh, and I also hope to make use of my newly acquired bento skillsSana.

So, here we go with September’s Baon Plan. I included a pasta dish each week, and I’m extra excited about those. You know how pasta is my happy food. I also added lots of baked stuff as snacks, since my oven and I are now friends again. Hope you guys like the dishes I put together!

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21 thoughts on “September #BaonPlan

  1. Wow, it’s really amazing you can pull off this kind of plan. I don’t worry about my kids’ lunch because the school provides for them. But what I’ve been wanting to do since time immemorial is to plan for our breakfast and dinner. Every time I plan, something inevitable happens that I couldn’t follow the plan anymore.

  2. It’s really admirable how you can come up with these baon plans. I think I’m just about done preparing lunch meals for the kids to take to school. Hahaha! I’m thinking of just giving them an allowance so they can buy their own meals. Just like what I said in my recent article about allowances, it can teach them to be money smart. Haha! #excuses

  3. I wish I can be as organized as you when the time comes for me to prepare Ethan’s baon. He’s still young, but seeing posts like this remind me of things I look forward to as he grows up!

  4. I’m getting ALOT of tips from other mummy blogger when it comes to prepping the baby’s baon. For now though, I’ve just been prepping her everyday food since she just recently started with solids. Haaaayy! Trying to make sure your baby eats healthy is such a tedious but happy task no?

  5. I don’t d baon plans.. kung ano na lang nasa ref hahaha and the bento skills.. well, sinabihan na ako ng mga bagets na wag na daw ako mag effort, mas gusto daw nila ang pagkain halo halo.. hay nakuu!! hahaha

  6. Sarap! Was actually inspired to do these bento eating for future uses but I realized that it isn’t really needed since we plan to homeschool. Still these bentos are great and it gives you a good idea of how much your child is eating, it’s so hard to see if they’re eating right kung inuuna yung play.

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