Homework, Then and Now #MotherhoodMonday

The little boy and I are just about done with the first term of this school year. As I’d expected, the third grade is a lot more challenging than last year was, and there’s a lot more work that needs to be done, too. I can’t help but compare how things were during my time as a student with my son’s, after all, he is going to the same school that I went to. I’m also the one tutoring him and helping him with his homework, so I see exactly how fast their learning pace is, and how advance their lessons seem to be.

At the same time, things are also easier on the children now as compared to before, particularly when technology is factored in. I remember having to manually sift through thick, dusty library books all the way til college, just to be able to gather information I needed for reports and projects. Now, the kids have the internet and awesome search engines at their fingertips. Back then, even filling out the bibliography pages of reports was a complicated procedure. Now, tools like cite.com make it so quick and easy to create citations. Oh if only we had these things back when I was in school!


As a parent, I still can’t help but worry sometimes that the curriculum for the school year may be too tough for my 8-year old to handle. And I completely sympathize with other parents who feel that way. I often see them voicing their concerns out in our parents association Facebook group. I’d like to think, though, that these little guys have brains that are a bit more advance than ours were at that age. And I really am pleasantly surprised when I see my son learning more and doing more. Sure, it’s difficult for me to tutor him because I find the topics quite advanced for a third grader. But that’s me. Since he is more than able to keep up in class, I guess there really is no cause to complain. Maybe I’m the one who needs to adjust.

Parents, do you tutor your children? Do you feel that the things they learn at their age are a lot more difficult than what you had to study at that grade level? 

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21 thoughts on “Homework, Then and Now #MotherhoodMonday

  1. School is definitely harder for kids these days in terms of them learning more at a younger age. But lucky for them, technology really does help a lot. I’m just happy I don’t have to tutor much anymore. Hehehe. I have a few more years before Ziggy goes to formal school. 🙂

  2. Well, you know I am homeschooling my kids, and surprisingly, some of the topics are too advanced for their level. Both Kinder, and are already learning Roman Numerals! If I’m not mistaken, I’ve learned that 1st grade, I think. I cannot remember anymore! hehe.. But yes, I am surprised with the kids of today, they can easily adapt. Which I think, is good for them too. 🙂

  3. I do tutor my kids. For the grade school, I think it’s not that different. But for my high school boys, their lessons are really advanced since they are enrolled in a science high school. Also, I always tell them how blessed they are for having the internet and information at the click of a mouse. Though, I think there are disadvantages to having that as well.

  4. being a brother with 2 young sisters put me in a situation wherein all their assignments are my assignments as well. I also can’t help but compare the workload they have and to those I have back then. I remember when I was in grade school we used to cut pictures and paste them on bond paper and make a report out of it… now they are all presented in slide shows. the even have requirements such as computer assembly as early as grade 7 …

  5. I assist my child in his schoolwork. One thing I have noticed, our curriculum here is quite advanced and fast -paced. If I use books or websites from the west, I have to go one grade level higher to access the topics for his current grade. I hope the k-12 program addresses that but I’m not so sure really.

    1. Our school shifted to k-12, and you’re right, the curriculum is really a year advanced compared to what we learned before. In my son’s school, the students were all advanced a whole level ahead so instead of being grade 2 at 8 years old, he’s grade 3 at 8.

    1. I feel like their lessons are wayyy advance. But yun nga eh, my son is able to keep up. And we manage to have extracurricular activities. He isn’t burned out or overly stressed out over school. So I guess it’s not that bad?

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