Divergent, Magnum Opus and Biogesic #TheWeekThatWas

There are crazy weeks, and there are crazy weeks. This past one, for me, has been the latter.

It all started when I took on an AVP script project with a 24-hour turnaround time frame for the first draft. Are you shaking your head already? Well I figured I could manage easily since I’ve worked with the agency before, and they’re actually friends, from school. The topic was also something that I was super familiar with, so no problem there. And then I found out that the overall event theme was Divergent, and well, I hadn’t seen the film yet. Toinks.

And so, Monday became an impromptu movie date night for MrC and me, with Divergent as our film of choice. Have you seen it? I actually liked it! I liked the story better than The Hunger Games books, and I really liked those books. I think that the casting here is great, too. A blogger friend told me that the books are better than the film, so yes I’ve already loaded my Kindle up with all the books in the series. And oh my gosh, Theo James. That is all.

Hello, Four.

I managed to survive that AVP project, so I took a time out on Wednesday to spend time with an old friend. Our coffee date was an on again, off again one, with meetings always coming up on the days when we were scheduled to see each other. Finally though, we pushed through, and ended up spending 4 hours at Magnum Opus Fine Coffees in BF just chatting away about our new lives as moms and wives. I love when old friends grow with you. 

This wasn’t my first time at Magnum Opus. MrC and I actually visited the place around this time last year to attend a coffee brewing workshop. I love how their coffee is bold and full-flavored. I ordered a Picolo Late, which you can see in that photo up there. It’s basically a tiny latte, sort of like a macchiato. And by macchiato I mean the real macchiato, and not the watered down type that Starbucks serves, which I also happen to love. Lol. I am easy to please.

Our coffee date ended abruptly when I got a call from the school nurse saying that Little MrC had a fever and had to be picked up. Since then, I’ve been playing nurse mommy to the little guy here at home. It’s a good thing we always have Biogesic at home, so even though his temperature has been quite high, we’ve been able to manage his pretty quite well. I’ve had to cancel all of my appointments this weekend, and he’s missing football, too. But that’s okay. What matters is that he gets better soon.  

So there. I’ve been trying to just relax and rest this weekend because next week’s gonna be crazy. It’s exam week, so we have to study. At the same time, that means that the kid will be home most of the day, so I’m gonna have to be creative and keep him entertained so that I can get work done. All in a WAHM’s day.

How has your week been? Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Divergent, Magnum Opus and Biogesic #TheWeekThatWas

  1. As you know I’m having one of those crazy weeks too. And it looks like I’m gonna have another hectic one coming up because of our “big move”. I’m so tired already! Hahaha! I just actually realized that the month of August has never really been good to me. I wish it’s September already!

  2. Hope Tristan will be better soon 🙁

    We missed you tonight! Catching up on ABC’s blog entries because it seems like a busy week again for me next week so no time for blogging! (Thank God for scheduled posts :D)

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