On Peeing and Public Restrooms

I have a really long blog post queue. I also had a topic listed for today that I was supposed to write about. Today though, I really felt like doing absolutely nothing, so I had previously decided not to write. Then I thought, why not jump start my creative juices by trying out something different, something really random? So I Googled “Random Blog Topic Generator”, clicked this link, and got this topic:

Random Topic
My random blog topic: Using public restrooms

Alrightie then.

I never liked using public restrooms, unless of course I happen to be in some posh establishment where the toilets are clean and nice-smelling, and where there’s toilet paper for us to use. Unfortunately, after giving birth to Little MrC, my ability to hold in my pee for dangerously unhealthy amounts of time just vanished. Actually, my need to run straight to the nearest comfort room at the first sign (or sensation) of pee started when I was preggers. I’m sorry if this topic makes you feel uncomfortable, by the way, or if I’m sharing too much. You can always just stop reading. I won’t take it against you. πŸ™‚

So, after I became a mommy, I’ve had to get myself used to using public restrooms. Thankfully, the malls in Alabang have fairly decent comfort rooms. When in Alabang Town Center, I actually use the one in Rustan’s hehe. It’s really when we’re on the road that it’s extra hard for me. I remember having to stop at several gas stations when we visited Baguio the other year. That. Was. A. Pretty. Gross. Experience.

The craziest place that I’ve ever had to stop and pee was probably on the Skyway. No, I didn’t pee on the actual Skyway. They have a (yucky) restroom in the office at the toll plaza. One rainy morning on our way to Makati, I asked MrC to stop the car because I really needed to pee. I was pushing my luck then because I wasn’t sure if there was a restroom there or not. Thank goodnessthey had one! Those were days of super horrible traffic because the Skyway wasn’t complete yet, several years ago when I still had a day job.

A few weeks after my Skyway toilet experience, while stuck in traffic again, I actually saw a lady get off a jeepney and use an umbrella to shield herself from view as she peed on the side of the road on the actual Skyway. Kawawa naman, right? If I had seen her early enough, I would have told her to hold it in for a few more minutes and pee at the toll plaza. Now that I think about it, they really should put a rest stop up there because traffic does get really bad, and people can get stuck there for a long time.

Okay, I think that’s enough pee talk for one day. Honestly, I’m happy that it’s peeing that I have a problem with and not #2! Right now, I’m setting myself up for the possibility that I may seriously need to diaper it when I’m older. Til then, I just have to endure public toilets and hope that people would actually make an effort to keep them clean.

I wanna ask you guys, where are the cleanest restrooms around your area, just in case I find myself lost in your neck of the woods? 

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18 thoughts on “On Peeing and Public Restrooms

  1. Most public toilets are not that clean but sometimes you have to use it when you do not have a choice. I already experienced peeing on a portalet and its gross.

  2. I used to be very choosy when it came to restrooms especially that we always have clean restrooms at work until there came a time that I need to train myself not to be that choosy anymore instead of getting the despicable UTI. Surprisingly when I also started running and joining the early morning exercises at the park, I have learned to control going to the restroom especially on using portalets during fun runs. Kind a strange and I think I better do some research on my own. Thanks for sharing your post and inspiring me to write my own version of it in my blog.

  3. This is one hassle that we (especially us ladies!) have to endure. Malls & Starbucks places offer nice rest rooms. While the MRT & LRT johns suck bigtime. Spell gross.

  4. I can relate!! When we go home to my inlaws there should be a mandatory stop at a gasoline station because I cannot hold it in for 3 hours. And when we get to my inlaws I am the first to run to the bathroom. I have had my share of OMG this is a yucky bathroom but the worst one was in Malaysia I needed to pee and the only one available was the squat one type.

  5. Oh peeing and peeing, I’m so thankful that I can still hold at time of urgency, hehe. And maybe so thankful that we don’t have heavy traffic here in Bacolod. πŸ™‚

  6. Well, I think everybody or almost, people who’s applying for a job in the city, experienced this thing. For me too, I just forget it once and charge to my experience. Always, when traveling, bring the necessities according to your taste.

  7. My fear of public restrooms disappear when I REALLY REALLY NEED TO GO. Kahit going #2 pa yan. I always have toilet tissue, wipes, alcohol and my spray sanitizer from Human Nature that doubles as a freshner after I go. Haha! I usually leave the bathroom cleaner than when I went in!

  8. Haha I’m so OC too about using public restrooms. If it’s not nice, I’ll just wait til I get home. My problem though is when the kids need to go and the restrooms are yucky. And don’t get me started if they have to do no.2! Haaay to be honest I’d rather they pee in the side of the road na lang kesa in the dirty CR with wet floors pa haha! Ewww! ;p

  9. We hate public toilets! Di mo mapipilit ang Mga boys hehehe.. Lalo na si Wyatt! Worst nga ung gas stations and portalet hehehe.. πŸ™‚

  10. hihi…you’re so funny…I always arm myself with tissue and alcohol and cologne, heheh…one place that i can’t stand peeing–the used and abused portalet, hehe

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