MrsC – 1, Ipis – 0

For my non-Filipino speaking friends out there, an ipis is a cockroach. Eeew, I know.

This morning, after my usual driver duties, I happily changed back into my PJ’s and settled into my favorite spot (aka my bed) to start mapping out my schedule for the week. And then, horror! I looked up and saw a huge, and I mean HUGE cockroach above my bedroom door. It’s been raining and so our village sewers have been seeing a lot of activity lately. I think this one sneaked its way in through the bathroom. Ugh. The good news is I am not afraid of ipisThat doesn’t make them any less gross, though. Right? 

One thing that I have resigned myself to as a mom is that I will have to deal with these creepy crawlies, along with the icky slimy green creatures that I so fear, dark and possibly mumu infested areas, and whatever else it is that my son is uncertain about or afraid of, too. I have to be the brave one because I am mommy. I actually always believed that situations like these are what daddies are for, and he’s a macho man so he has to be the brave one. But there will be times, and I know this from experience, when there will be giant cockroaches on your pants or lizards on the bed just when daddy isn’t around. And you just have to hold in those screams and tears, and deal with the buggers for the sake of your little boy or girl. 

The memory of those lizards on my bed just made me shudder. There were two of them. On separate occasions. Why, universe, why???

Remember Spidey? I Instagrammed him last year! Yes, found him on my pants.
Remember Spidey??? I Instagrammed him last year! Yes, I found him on my pants.

So, going back to my early morning ipis  encounter, upon seeing the nasty thing on my wall my first thought was, “Oh please do not be the flying kind.” I threw a shoe at it, missed, and thankfully it didn’t take flight. It only moved a few steps and then stopped. I felt like it was staring me down or something, sort of like a battle of wits. There was only one thing left to do. I whipped out my handy dandy bug spray.

I got ready, I aimed, and I fired. After the first spray, the cockroach only shuddered a little. I fired again and it lost its footing and sort of stumbled while running away. It was the third stream of bug spray that finally got him. He fell down to the floor and ran straight for the back of my bookshelf. I suppose he’s gone there to die and I will just have to figure out how to remove his corpse from that corner of the room. Pinahirapan pa ako, diba???

We’ve been using the odorless Advanced Aerosol Multi-Insect Killer at home because, really, no one wants to subject themselves to the yucky pesticide smells that other brands have. And no, this is not a sponsored post! In fact, I’m open to suggestions to a better or more effective solution for mosquitoes and cockroaches, one that is preferably organic and chemical-free. Plus, even though this one is definitely the most odorless among all of the odorless bug sprays available, I still smell something in the air whenever I spray it. But that’s just me and my sensitive nose. Other people do not mind.

What cockroach and mosquito killers do you guys use at home? The ones that really work, ha? Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “MrsC – 1, Ipis – 0

  1. I’m still scared of roaches! One time, while the hubby was away on duty, a roach appeared in our living room. I ran away from the ipis with my kids and stayed on top of the couch until it left. Haha! πŸ˜€

    I heard pandan leaves are good in repelling roaches. I haven’t tried it, but I will definitely give it a try! If it’s true, then it’s way better than using sprays.

  2. This makes me remember a photo ive seen in facebook the other day, where it shows, as a child we use to chase insects but as we grow old we are the one being chased. I wonder why but it is somehow true

  3. Gosh! Challenge! I’m giving you a attending ovation in my mind. Hehe… I don’t think my being a mommy will make me face my fear of ipis. I don’t think I will ever overcome it… I can deal with other crawling insects or pests, but not ipis. Wahh..

    We use the water-based baygon. It’s not completely odorless but the smell is very subtle… unfortunately it’s not organic. Wish I could find one that is. Where do you buy the one you use?

  4. Hey Pat!

    We have a service that comes to the house once a month to check the termite activity. They also have a monthly maintenance fee if you wanted to spray routinely for other insects. I hate seeing ipis of any kind so I tend to freak out. I wouldn’t even try and kill one if it was above the door so I commend you for not screaming your head off and waiting for someone braver to come kill it. See you later this week!

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