Welcome to the 3rd Grade + Baon Plan #1

The little boy and I are so ready to conquer the 3rd grade. Same as last year, I’ve prepared myself for lots of early mornings in the kitchen. This year, we adjust our time a little bit earlier because school starts half an hour earlier as well. The good news is that the FIFA World Cup starts on the first week of school, so I have more than one reason to wake up way before dawn.

I know some of you have been looking forward to these lunchbox plans, and I’m really so happy and thankful for the appreciation and support. I’ve decided to make just a few changes this year to my posting, too. First, instead of a weekly plan, this is going to be bi-monthly. I think it makes for easier grocery shopping and meal planning (and blog posting, actually). I will also include at least two featured recipes per plan – one mine, and another I’ve found on the internet or from a cookbook. Disclaimer, most likely the recipe from the net is something I’m also only trying for the first time, so this has sort of an adventurous feel to it. At the same time, I promise to be sure to post feedback on the following week’s lunchbox post.

One last thing. I don’t have a shopping list yet this week because I still have a bunch of things from the summer that I need to use up. I also am pretty sure that what I’ve purchased from my trip to the supermarket this week is missing so many things, but I’m not sure what they are yet. Winner. Promise to make it up to you.

Chicken Adobo

So, anyway. Featured this week is my ever-reliable chicken adobo recipe. Why? Because it’s the first batch of baons for this school year and I need to go for something familiar, reliable and comforting, that’s why. I also decided to try this Cheesy Tuna Mac recipe from one of my go-to references for make ahead meals, Once A Month Meals. I’m excited about this recipe coz it looks so easy! Another new recipe I’m trying out is one for a garlicky Beef Tapa that I found in the Breakfast! book special of Yummy. I actually marinated some already yesterday and split them into two batches, ready for freezing. Can’t wait to tell you how these two new recipes turn out.

Download the baon plan HERE, and I’ll be back with another one in two weeks.

What have you guys been packing for your kids? I’d love to get new ideas from you!

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27 thoughts on “Welcome to the 3rd Grade + Baon Plan #1

  1. The adobo looks really good, nagutom ako bigla hindi pa naman ako nagbreakfast. This is definitely our dinner tonight.:) Thank you for sharing Sis:)

  2. 3rd Grade already! Big boy na sa Little MrC! Buti my little boy puro snacks lang baon since before lunch naman he’s home na. I dread when I have to make baon na for him na ulam and rice.

    You know when I eat Tender Juicy Hotdog and rice nowadays, every bite reminds me of my elementary days when I would have that for baon. As in nati-TBT ako bawat subo!

  3. I’m anxious for the time that Joaquin will be going to school and will need to bring baon! haha… He’s starting to be a little picky when it comes to eating. He used to eat anything and everything that we feed him.

    Right now, his more into “dry” food and always looks for chicken and rice. I hope he doesn’t become too picky when he’s already school-age! πŸ™‚

  4. Its good to have a Baon plan. I’ll be doing this soon when my kids start at school. The chicken adobo looks really appetizing Sis:)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I have downloaded the meal plan. Thanks, Patty! We need variety in our dishes at home. We do not have a school kids. We are all adults but prito all the time is not fun. πŸ™

  6. Thank for sharing sis. I am planning to make bento meals. But because our son’s school is just a few steps away from our house, I told our yaya to pick him up for lunch break πŸ™‚ Mukhang masarap ang adobo sis ha, I will tell Daddy to cook adobo for dinner πŸ™‚

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