Summer Is Ending + What’s Blogging This Week

While we were having dinner earlier tonight, I heard the familiar croaks of Froggy Friend, the frog who lives in our garden and keeps us safe from Dengue-carrying mosquitoes. I am scared of frogs, in case you don’t remember, so I have tried to paint a friendly picture of Froggy Friend in my mind, for my own sanity and peace of mind.

Thing is, Froggy Friend has been silent all summer. His loud croaking tonight is a not-so-subtle reminder that summer is officially coming to a close. As is the super strong rain that’s falling outside as I write this. In exactly two weeks, we are all shifting back to school mode. Time to say goodbye to late nights and lazy mornings.

Soccer Mom-ing
Soccer Mom-ing

This has been a spectacular summer. I was chatting with my friend Martine on Facebook a few days ago, and I told her how I really enjoyed being a soccer mom and spending time with the little boy. I love that the boys and I got to spend two amazing days at Pico de Loro Cove. We’ve been watching more movies and TV shows, reading more books, and I’ve been crocheting more, too. I am loving the slowness of this summer, and on some days I actually feel like I, too, am on a 2-month break. It’s a really nice change from last year, when I had to overload on work.

Summer Family Fun

The downside is that there have really been a number of lazy, unproductive summer days for me, at least as far as writing and blogging is concerned. It’s nothing that I can’t make up for, though, so I suppose it isn’t THAT bad, right? So, for this week, here’s a peek at what I’ve got lined up:

A sweet treat at Sweet Bella
A sweet treat at Sweet Bella

I’m excited to share all of these stories with you. I am also looking forward to making the most out of thee last two weeks of summer vacation with the little boy. How about you guys, any last-minute plans for the summer?

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4 thoughts on “Summer Is Ending + What’s Blogging This Week

  1. First of all, I didn’t know that you hate frogs! Naku, I hope the frog-in-the-bathroom doesn’t happen to you ever!

    Secondly, we’re still off for another swimming escapade this weekend! Yahoo! 🙂

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