Summer Crochet Roundup

In the middle of summer in hot and humid Manila, I decided to crochet a scarf. Weird, yes. But someone wanted it, and so I finished the project. 

Fresh off the hook!

I actually started working on this piece because I read in one of the crochet groups on Facebook that Baguio yarn is good to use for scarves. I bought a whole lot of those yarns during my last trip up north, and I haven’t been able to make that many things with them, actually, so I was eager to try. I think this was a success. In case you wanna make something similar, I followed this pattern, with some slight modifications.

My happy customers, Jersey and Millie

Over the summer, I also joined a craft swap. This was the first time that I’ve actually made something to be given away to someone who isn’t a friend or a family member. The pressure was on, big time. It took me a while to decide what to make, and to decide which yarn and colors to use. Eventually, I started on it and completed the project in just a few days. I’m really happy with the end result.

It's a bag!
It’s a bag!

My craft swap partner lives on the beach so I decided to make her a bag she can use, well, on the beach. What do you guys think? I got the pattern from a Japanese book I bought on sale at National bookstore. It actually calls for a totally different yarn, hook and gauge, but I thought it would be nice to experiment. Thank goodness it turned out okay.

My crochet headband

Last but not least, I made something without a pattern for the first time, ever. Happy dance! It’s just a headband, nothing much, really, but I still feel pretty accomplished. Plus, lots of people who have seen photos of it online have said that it’s really nice, so yay for me. I made one as a sort of trial piece, and another a couple of hours later, my sister-in-law’s request.

I’m calling this one the Melissa

There you go. I should get started on a phone pouch that I owe another friend, soon. I feel like making more headbands also, and maybe a scarf and a bag for myself. So much to do, so much yarn, so little time! Do you crochet? What have you been working on?

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13 thoughts on “Summer Crochet Roundup

  1. I don’t think I have the talent for this kind of art but wow, you sure are good with it. My favorite is the bag — and it’s not just okay, I think it came out splendid. Good job, mommy Patricia! 🙂 Wish I have a hobby of my own.

  2. Yay for crochet! Nakakainggit with the number of projects you managed to complete. My current WIP is a blanket, and i haven’t picked it up in weeks. No wonder di pa tapos. haha. Where are your yarn sources?

    1. I have a huge stash of yarn from my last trip to Baguio. Then, my in-laws regularly send me yarn from the US, but madalas it’s just one skein per color, so I can’t really do anything big with it hehe.

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