SBC’s April and May BOMs

Before we begin, let’s have a definition of terms. SBC stands for Secret Book Club, which is the name of our book club. It just started out that way, and none of us felt the need to change the name. BOM means Book of the Month. In our book club, we have two to read each month. I think I explained this already when I posted about our first book club meet-up, but I just thought I’d do it again. And now that that’s clear, we can move on.

Meeting up to discuss our March BOMs!  L-R: Me, Liz, Russ, Balot and Joei (who owns this photo)
Meet-up #2 to discuss our March BOMs!
L-R: Me, Liz, Russ, Balot and Joei (who owns this photo)

April’s books were polar opposites. Balot suggested Arabian Nights by Sir Richard Burton. Honestly, I didn’t go very far with this one because I got sidetracked by Book Four of A Song of Fire and Ice. Had to catch up on my reading because the Game of Thrones series started up again on HBO. Feedback from those who actually got to read Arabian Nights was that it’s a pretty long book. I’m definitely keeping this on my to-read list, even though it’s been decided that we will forego the discussion for it because it’s so lengthy.

Arabian Nights

I was in charge of suggesting the second April book. I chose Losing It by Cora Carmack. Oh my gosh this book was so funny. I would choose this over Fifty Shades of Grey any day because unlike 50 Shades, this book doesn’t take itself too seriously. The characters are a lot more endearing, not at all annoying, and a lot more real. Sorry Fifty Shades fans. Hehe. I actually read all three books in that series and, well, I wasn’t as swept away by it as the rest of the universe. I would recommend Losing It, though.It’s a really easy read, super light, and a great “breather” book, if you’re looking for something to read in between heavy novels.

Losing It

It’s Janice’s turn to suggest a book this month, and I love that she picked a Filipino author. Liz is also suggesting a book this month, and her recommendation is pretty interesting. 

Belong to Me

I’ve just finished downloading our two May BOMs into my Kindle, Belong To Me by Marissa delos Santos and This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith, and I am excited to start reading them both.

This is What Happy Looks Like

First, I need to finish A Feast For Crows. And of course, the only way I’m gonna be able to do that is if I get off this computer and start reading. Right? Right.

What’s on your reading list this month?

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23 thoughts on “SBC’s April and May BOMs

  1. you know i’m really envious. i miss curling up in a corner to read a book. i’ve been trying to but i always end up drowsing off after a few pages. i’m always so tired. πŸ™ I miss my books.

    anyway, that one by marisa delos santos looks interesting. is she the Filipino author?

    i’m no fan of shades of grey myself. i read that till the end hoping for some sort of redemption for a sorry-ass of a book (i apologize for the term). I actually started writing a review blog after reading it but i thought i wouldn’t want to give it more promotion than it actually deserves. I am boggled at how this book is a best-seller and highly commended at that too.

  2. I haven’t read Losing It and never heard of it before until now. I was disappointed with 50 Shades but since I mentioned that it’s a great breather and a light read, I might check it out. Thanks for sharing these novels! Just the perfect timing. I’m actually looking for good novels to read this summer. πŸ™‚

  3. hi! It’s my first time here in your blog. Anyway, glad to meet someone who loves to read books. I am a bookworm myself. My eldest daughter loves to read too. Thanks for sharing what books you think are good. Though I am a fan of the 50 Shades series but there is no offense made on my part. hehehe! siguro kanya-kanya lang trip yun. I am not into these medyo malalalim na books but who knows one day I might read yung mga classics. hehehe! happy me cause I have found a bookworm… πŸ™‚

  4. My blog about our meet is sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be finished but I have so much backlog. Good thing you blogged about it na!

    I’m hooked on book 5 of a Song of Fire and Ice so I can’t start on our BOMs but I bought both books already. They look promising.

    And good choice on Losing It. I probably wouldn’t have read it if not for our book club. See you in the next meet! πŸ™‚

  5. Makes me wish I have book club here too. Hmmm…

    Anywho, another ASOIAF fan here! I have read the five released books and three prequel novellas, complied the spoilers for the sixth and yet still stuck on the second season of the show. Lol. Blame it on slow torrent downloads. They changed quite a lot of stuff in the books for the show, so much that I feel like I’m watching a spin-off instead and not an adaptation.

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