Life Bliss Weekend

If you visit my blog regularly, you will notice that every once in a while I write about taking a break or going for a reset after a busy season. I find myself really lucky that I can afford to take breaks. I know that these are such luxuries for a lot of people, especially for a lot of moms. A timeout in whatever form is really essential in order for us to be able to continue functioning properly. I see the value in taking a breather so much more now, as compared to when I was younger and believed myself to be somehow related to the Energizer bunny.

Busy people tend to forget that they need to hit the pause button every once in a while. Most of the time it’s because they feel that they simply cannot afford to take a break. Maybe they can’t. Maybe YOU can’t. But you should. After you’ve hit reset, you may find that things are clearer and you may emerge with a stronger, more accurate focus. But you’ll never know unless you try, right?

The Life Bliss Weekend is actually the perfect opportunity for you to claim that much-needed me-time.

Life Bliss Weekend
Life Bliss Weekend

This creative-living weekend retreat for women is the first of its kind. This is a partnership between Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful and Apa Alviar of The Exuberant Life Consultancy. Both believe in leading a mission-minded lifestyle, and also in life-purpose integration in whatever it is that you do. Their goal is to provide the women in attendance with a meaningful break from their daily routines. As an attendee, you can expect exercises and activities that integrate your life-purpose setting, creativity and blogging all in one.

All women between the ages of 20 to 50, whether single or married, are invited to attend this life-changing retreat. It takes place in the beautiful Casa Luminaria in Lipa Batangas on May 24-25. For complete details including the schedule of activities for the two days, and to sign up for the Life Bliss Weekend, click here.

Relax. Connect. Create. Enliven. Go ahead and give yourself a break. You know you deserve it.

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