Westgate Easter EGGventure

Like I said in yesterday’s post, the boys and I went to two Easter events this year. I really made an effort to make it to Westgate’s Easter celebration because I know that Little MrC enjoys attending events there. We’ve been to several of Westgate’s Easter and Halloween events from the time that I was working for Filinvest, and even afterwards.

Bonus: These events give me an opportunity to hang out with my former workmates.

Extra Bonus: These events also give me an excuse to invite the boys for dinner at Whistlestop, something that has become a post-event tradition for us from my mall events days.

Westgate Easter EGGventure
Westgate Easter EGGventure

We arrived just after 5pm, which really is the best time to come to Westgate because it isn’t too hot anymore. At the registration area, we were given a map for the stations that we needed to visit. There, we had to answer a question. The first letter of each correct answer would spell out the “secret word”, which participants needed to claim their prizes. Right off the bat, this guy knew which prize he wanted. Can you guess which one it is?

Armed with his party hat and map (and still wearing his bunny ears from Greenbelt)

The stations were spread out all across Westgate. In each one, there was a giant Easter egg, made by the very talented creatives people of Westgate and Festival Supermall. I’ve worked with these guys, and really, they are amazeballs.

The giant Easter egg at Station 2

After our really hot afternoon in Makati, the Alabang breeze was such a welcome relief. One of the best things about Westgate on a good weather day is that you can really dine alfresco without having to worry about melting from the heat. It’s especially lovely there at Christmas time.

Westgate in the late afternoon

I actually enjoyed answering the questions at all of the stops. The promo girls couldn’t help but laugh at all the answers that the boys and I threw around. One of the skills that I’ve had to master as a writer is how to say things in a different way, and this often involves the use of synonyms. So, yes, I could think of more than one way to answer the clues given. Good thing MrC was also there to choose the most logical and sound answer haha.

Station 4 and 5, and the creepy fake Komodo dragon outside Caviar restaurant

Caviar is one of the newer restaurants in Westgate that I really hope to try soon. I hear good things about it from my friend, Joei. Just thought I’d share that.

So anyway, after going around all of the stops, we guessed the secret word and Little MrC was rewarded with his prize of choice – an even bigger Finn the Human stuffed toy. He now has a big one and a small one who sleep on his bed and keep him safe at night.

Yay! We finished the course!

Thanks very much to the Marketing team of Westgate for having us for yet another fun Easter celebration. We’re already excited for Halloween! šŸ™‚

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39 thoughts on “Westgate Easter EGGventure

  1. I knew it!!! Finn was Li’l MrC’s choice! Hah. I was right (dance dance dance).

    Sniff (biglang “sniff”, di naman bipolar ang peg ko? hehe) you’re making me miss Westgate and Alabang…….I love that place.

  2. Looks like you had a very busy Easter Sunday. Little MrC looks very happy with his Finn the Human stuffed toy. I really don’t get Adventure Time but my boys love it so much.

  3. I always wanted to bring my son to events like this but living far from the metro is always our problem. Especially now that the traffic jam at EDSA is so terrifying haha.

  4. Wow, what a lovely experience! My kids are grown, they don’t like to go egg hunting anymore! I suddenly miss this.

  5. The Eggventure look so much fun with some clues along the way. My kids do egg hunting at their Aunt house, sadly I wasn’t there to take some photos. I was working that day.. maybe next time. Great photos!

  6. Wow, that sure was a fun EGGventure, sis! Sadly, we were not able to go to any easter activity this year. šŸ™ Hopefully, next year, bawi kami. šŸ™‚

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