Soccer Mom For The Summer

I am so excited that the kiddo enjoyed his trial class at the Futbol Funatics Summer Camp here in Alabang. That means that I am officially going to be a soccer mom this summer. *Happy Dance* 


Yes, I am excited about this for so many reasons. First, we get to maintain a regular schedule even though it’s summer, so we won’t be so thrown off once it’s time to get back into the school year groove. Second, the kiddo gets to learn something new. This is his first time to try any team sport, and I’m happy that he likes it so far. Third, he and I get to spend time outside of the house away from our gadgets at least twice a week. And finally, I get to practice my very amateur photography skills during his sessions.


I just started using the 55-200mm lens I got from Mom On Duty Kim (thanks, Kim, for the safari/paparazzi lens!), and it’s a bit challenging because the shadowy parts end up really dark in some photos. I’m also still trying to find a good apperture-shutter speed-ISO-white balance for the time of day that we’re out on the field. Hopefully, as summer goes by, this kid’s soccer skills improve, and so does my photography. Let’s see, let’s see!


This post is really just for me to share my favorite captured moments from our first day at soccer camp. So, what do you guys think? Which picture do you like best and why? And to my readers out there who are experienced photographers, what can I do to improve my photos?

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20 thoughts on “Soccer Mom For The Summer

  1. That’s great! Soccer is starting to rise in our country already. My boyfriend and his younger brother engaged in competitive swimming lessons, while I, on the other hand, am their chaperone. Lol.

  2. Well, engaging kids every summer is surely a kind of giving them freedom and letting them explore the things they like. I also remember when i was in elementary. I do folk dance classes every summer and until now i enjoy dancing. That’s a good work for you and your kid.

  3. Hi Patricia! I am glad your kid is getting physically active. More and more kids nowadays are content with just their fingers doing all the exercise. I believe we all need to encourage kids to really engage into sports other than playing video games. That goes on to say to adults as well. 🙂

  4. haha soccer mom. thats fun! its great that your kid get to try it for free. you are so lucky. it’ll be a fun summer for sure. its a great family bonding too.

  5. Soccer is a good sports to train as it’s becoming more popular now in the Philippines. Maybe your son aspires to be a pro in this game?

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