Greenbelt Easter Party

We missed out on all the Easter fun last year because the little boy was sick and in the hospital. This year, we decided we would make up for it by attending not just one, but two Easter events. 

Our afternoon was spent on a really fun (despite it being really hot) Golden Egg Hunt all over Greenbelt with the boys, and some of my best WAHM friends and their families. I received an email invitation from the mall’s marketing people, and I love that they allowed me to bring three more families with me. Thank you, Greenbelt! This is why I really LOVE the Ayala Malls. 


We arrived at the venue early, just as the exhibitors were finishing their booth setups. The first thing that I noticed was that the place was absolutely beautiful! This is exactly how I would imagine my baby shower would look if I ever have a baby girl. Husband, friends, family and suppliers, please take note.

I love the pink and white, and the wood and pastel design combos!

We registered and were each given a postcard, which our kids used to redeem freebies and activities, a map for the Golden Egg hunt, a wrist tag to identify the participating kids, and a cute tin bucket for the goodies that the kids would collect. Of course, we chose a green bucket – green for La Salle. I definitely passed some of my school spirit on to this little guy.

Our green bucket, postcard for freebies and Golden Egg Hunt map

We had five small boys with us, ranging from 8 to 3 years old, and I was a bit worried about how we would keep track of them. Obviously, I’m not used to having lots of kids in tow since I only have one child. But thanks to the bunny ears that were being given out at the activity area, our boys became pretty easy to spot.

Band of Bunnies

We literally went from Greenbelt 1 to 5, visiting stores and stalls that were marked on our map. It was quite the sweaty workout, but we all stuck it out because we could clearly see that the kids were having a lot of fun. Most of the stores gave chocolates and candies. The best was Gelatissimo, who gave free mini ice cream cones to the kids. That was a great heat-beating snack break.

Easter egg hunting with daddy and Kib

One of the stops was the Greenbelt chapel where they gave the kids nice scapulars with the image of the Sto Niño. We also stopped at a new chocolate stall in Greenbelt 1 near Watson’s, called Frey Chocolates. Oh my gosh so good. I tried their white, milk and dark chocolate variants, and I can’t decide which one I like best. They have little nougat bits in them, too, like the ones at the bottom of Toblerone triangles. Yum. Sorry, I don’t have any photos. We ate them all before I realized we never took a photo of the kiddo’s Easter loot.

Egg-hunters stopping by the chapel and one of the restaurants

After we finished visiting all of the stores, the little guy asked to get a cup of juice from the drinks booth. He was really thirsty from the heat, despite occasionally sipping water from his tumbler while we were walking. I actually asked MrC to get some water from the nearby restaurants for me. He also bought me a bottle of pink lemonade Snapple, one of my favorites, and still I chose to drink water over that. The sugary sweetness did nothing to quench my thirst. It was THAT hot. 

Time to cool off!

Apparently, the cup of juice wasn’t enough to cool this guy down either. He went straight for his free cup of ice cream after finishing his drink. Oh my gosh, was I excited to see Baskin Robbins at the event! My childhood favorite is coming back to Manila real soon! I totally regret not getting a cup for myself during the event. The little boy enjoyed his scoop, though, down to the last lick. 

How about a chocolate kiss?
Sweet treats, colorful crafts and my babies 🙂

After he got his ice cream fix,Little MrC decided to try the arts and crafts activities that were available for the kids. First, he visited the washi egg decorating booth, where you had to decorate a paper egg with washi tape. It was quite similar to the Easter egg banner activity we did at home. The pretty washi tapes were provided by Hey Kessy

While the kiddo was busy doing crafts, someone decided to try on his bunny ears

After the washi activity, the little guy made a polymer clay bunny keychain at the Hobbes and Landes booth. Then, he also had a cute felt puppet made at the Plush Bunny Station by Ant’s Pocket. I love the crafty activities available to the kids at the event while we all waited for the awarding program to start. It was a great way to keep the kids entertained and occupied.

Polymer clay crafting
The cutest felt bunny puppet ever! It even has a tail.

The joy and excitement in all of our kids’ faces can definitely be seen in our photos from that day, and I’m really just so happy that our four families were able to celebrate Easter together. It just made the whole day a lot more fun for everyone.

Tristan, Wyatt, Elsen and Ziggy 🙂

Super duper thank you to the wonderful Marketing team of Greenbelt for the invite, and for assisting us during registration at the event. And congratulations on a super successful Greenbelt Easter Party! Even though we didn’t win at any of the activities, the whole experience and the smiles that it brought our kiddos was more than worth it.

Bloggy WAHMs and our little boys, and the lovely Ate Jersey
And of course, kailangan may wacky shot.
And of course, kailangan may wacky shot.

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46 thoughts on “Greenbelt Easter Party

  1. My kids had Easter egg hunt in school, it was fun. They were running around the place regardless of the heat. We have not tried doing it with other families in a posh place like greenbelt.

  2. ooooh, how fun! 🙂 from the sound of it, you’re already planning you baby shower with a “baby girl” in mind. 🙂

    I think I would be very nervous letting the kids on their own as they go with other kids I’m not so familiar with, but that’s just because paranoia is part of me, hihihi, were yours the only ones with bunny ears?

    1. Hahaha I like to plan ahead! 🙂 I also am paranoid like that, that’s why all of us parents were trailing after the kids despite the heat (bags in tow pa!) Other kids had bunny ears too, but I think ours were the only ones who really wore them.

  3. I missed my kiddies egg hunting this year because of work but I’m hoping to be able to attend next year.:) The photos looks great and the kids excitement is super cute!

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