My Summer Plus Size Closet Essentials

With only two weeks to go before school officially breaks for the summer, the kiddo and I are officially, already, feeling the heat. My nasty pink rashes are proof of that. Yup, underneath my shirt I look like a pretty pink leopard. Or half human-half pig. It’s a good thing pink is my favorite color. But anyway, that is not the point of this post!

With summer comes lots of family swimming fun, vacations and other activities. One sure way to beat the heat during these fun times is to dress appropriately. This was a total challenge for my plus-sized self growing up because there were only a few stores that sold larger sizes, and most of them were quite ugly, too. Sorry, I’m just telling the truth! I always say how happy I am now that these amazing plus size stores have popped up online, in malls and in bazaars. We no longer need to dress in tito shorts, in lola prints and in nightgown-looking dresses just because there is physically more of us to love than your average Filipina. One of these days, I promise to look for photos of the silly clothes I had growing up, and I’ll post them here. That’s what happens when a skinny mom gives birth to a chubby child. But that’s okay, I love my mommy anyway.

So, now that summer is here, it’s time to switch the stuff around in my messy closet again and unearth my favorite plus size summer pieces. Here are my closet essentials for the season.

1. Maxi Dresses

I am probably over-sharing, but maxi dresses are great for those days when you’re preparing to get a wax or to shave your legs. Tell me that isn’t true.

Some of my favorite maxi dresses. Both are overruns I bought  super cheap in Subic.

2. Shorts

A comfy pair of shorts plus a cute breathable top is great for a relaxing summer afternoon. I would wear this to hang out with friends, a quick grocery trip or a day at the pool.

On the left, shorts by Erzullie. On the right, shorts by Ward88.

3. Short Skirts

Short skirts are great in the same way that shorts are great, but with the added perk of being girly.

The skirt on the left is from Moda Plus. The one on the right is from Ward88. And yes, short na yan for me hehe!

4. Dainty Printed or Pastel Skirts 

Cute florals and prints are great for the summer, as are pastels. I love skirts that go below the knee paired with a nice top and sandals or ballet flats. These are nice for summer date nights, trips to the mall or to the movies.

Mint green skirt from Marks & Spencer. Floral skirt from Debenhams.

5. Summer Dresses

Yes, maxi dresses can be summer dresses too, but I just had to give my favorite beach dresses their own line. K, moving on…

Summer dressing in El Nido with my friendship, in a green Daisy Fuentes dress from Big Deals, and summer dressing in Boracay in a grey People Are People dress.

6. Cute Beach Cover-ups

This is a must for any beach trip. Sometimes I wear maxi dresses over my swimsuits, but they take forever to dry. That’s why I’d much rather have a nice cover-up.

The one on the left is from Cococabana and the one on the right I got from a beachfront stall in Boracay.

 7. Tankinis

I love tankinis! One-piece suits may be nice, but I hate how it’s so hard to pee when you’re wearing them. I also am not the type to wear a bikini, though I know a few plus size ladies who are so comfortable in their skin that they do. I just never did, not even when I was a few sizes smaller. I’m a little bit of a manang. Hehe.

As you can see, I love tankinis with skirt bottoms. I got both of these from Big Deals in Alabang Town Center.

What are your favorite summer outfits? 

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17 thoughts on “My Summer Plus Size Closet Essentials

  1. WOW! you’re gorgeous Indeed! Love how you were able to pull those maxi dresses off. It looks like you’re tall… 🙂 I’m vertically challenged?? hehe You inspire me to become a Gorgeous mom in the future. I used to hate what I wear during summer because mom taught me to hide everything that is big in my body so in that case, I can wear mini skirts but paired with long sleeved blazers. can you imagine how uncomfy it is to wear that on a very sunny day? But now, I have found the solution, It’s CONFIDENCE. Congratulations Mrs. C. Keep inspiring Plussie girls like me! <3

  2. You are soo right about getting tamad to shave legs and maxi dresses are your saving grace. I love using them too :), just because they are soo comfy and soo girly

  3. Dress and skirt is definitely my summer outfit. I don’t wear Maxi dress though. I tried once but I look like a midget (lol) so I always opt for short lengths. I also wear shorts and tank tops for lazy afternoon.

  4. I am really not confident with my legs so I really don’t wear shorts or skirts in public. So I am a bit worried what to wear on summer. Lucky you, you get to enjoy flaunting your legs! I often wear tokongs but this time I want to wear maxi dresses! But I feel like it doesn’t suit with short girls. How I wish I am taller, but nah, I love my height. Haha.

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