It’s a few minutes before bedtime, a time that is normally filled with noise and restless movement from my little boy. Instead, a strange calm has settled over our bedroom this evening. And you know what’s even more surprising? This boy is already in bed.

Shot with a Sony TX10 camera and post-processed on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

With kids around, being unusually quiet is often a reason for either panic or worry. This time, though, I know exactly what is causing Little MrC to stay in bed without complaining. The friendly crew of Sky Cable finally came by at around dinner time to install a Digibox in our room. MrC and I decided that since it’s officially summer it would be nice to have a working TV again, and so we requested for cable service to be re-installed.

Right now, Beyblade is on, and I have already been informed that Dragon Ball Z is up next. Guess we already know who is in charge of the remote!

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15 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Kids are always in-charged when their favorite cartoons is coming up.:) I remembered watching Dragon Ball Z way back and I enjoy so much..:)

  2. oh yes, i can relate to the unusually quiet being a reason for panic or worry! I am discoverting that being quiet for a long time is highly unlikely for little boys!!!

  3. If I need immediate peace and me-time I turn our tv on too and put Elijah’s current favorite – Real Steel. Unfortunately, the little girl is not a fan of tv. Hay naku. Me time postponed. haha

  4. Baliktad naman tayo. When my kids are in front of the tv, they are super restless! That’s why we decided to just mount the tv in the living room so come nap time and bed time, it’ll be easy for them to relax and go to sleep.

    1. That’s actually why we didn’t have a Digibox installed in our room right away when our whole village went digital. Getting the kiddo to sleep early really started becoming a challenge, and he had just started whole day classes.

      Now that it’s summer, I’m being a bit more lenient with him. Thinking though of how I’ll manage when school starts. Maybe I’ll remove the batteries from the remote hahaha!

  5. Yay for being calm in bed! My kids would only be calm if it’s a new movie they’re watching. If it’s a replay, they would be jumping around and climbing up and down the bunk bed.

  6. Aww,them boys and those shows hehe (you’re luckier he is quiet like that. my son just tried a karate chop on my back a moment ago thinking it would not hurt!).So, mommy, youre not into teleserye?haha

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