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It’s only week two, and already I’m a day late in posting my entry to the 48 Photos weekly challenge! *slow clap* Better late than never, though, right? And I did take the photo yesterday, at least. So without further ado, I bring to you my favorite place.

Shot with a Sony TX10 camera on February 14, 2014 at home
Shot with a Sony TX10 camera on handheld twilight mode. Taken on February 14, 2014 at home.

This is home. Or rather, this is the first part of the house that you will see upon entering. Obviously, that’s our front door, and next to it you will see a wall of pictures that show our family through the years. Here you will see what we looked like several years and pounds ago, during our awkward phases, in various places around the country, and in the hippest, coolest fashion of that particular era. I don’t think this door has been repainted, ever. Or at most, it was repainted once. I think it’s due for a retouch soon.

Home is my favorite place. It’s where the heart is, as far as my world is concerned. I’ve made so many memories with my family in this house we’ve shared for 25 years. Honestly, though, I am eager to start making new memories with my boys in a home of our own, but that’s something that is still “coming soon” for us.

I have tried living in other places before, in condos, apartments and other peoples’ houses, but none of these places were ever home. Just this, our messy, cramped, not very tall house that was once surrounded by open fields, and is now walled in by much taller houses on every side. This place will always be home, no matter where life takes me.

How about you guys, what’s your favorite place?






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PPS Promise, next week I will use my DSLR already. Also, this is the last time I’m using the Sony camera for a night shot. So, so grainy!

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Place

  1. Sooo sweet! True. Home is and will always be the best place to be. There’s nothing like the smell of good food and the sound of a hearty laughter echoing around, though there are occasional wailing and crying, still my favorite place too!

  2. I two-going-on-three days late!!! It’s just so impossible to have a shoot with a kid who just came home from the hospital and another one who wants attention because we were away for five days. @.@ But I love your chosen place. I was actually thinking about what I should feature for 2/48. I eventually ended up with home (which is anywhere, as long as with my family) too.

  3. So nice to know you can still call your family’s place your home. I can’t do the same. We’ve transferred houses several times when I was young so there is really no place that I can say was our “home”. But like you, someday I hope that our little family can have a home of our own too. 🙂

  4. Mrs. C! Late post din ako. Past 12 midnight na rin yun. 🙂

    I can imagine a red door after the retouch. Hehe. I’ve always wanted a RED corner/area in our home.

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