28 Grateful Days: Feeling the Birthday Vibe

In 21 days, I will stop being 30 and officially turn into a 30-something year old.

Celebrating Me-day in 2010
Celebrating Me-day in 2010

Birthdays are a huge deal in our family, and to be honest, this year’s birth month has not failed me yet as far as awesomeness goes. The first of the month found us in the gorgeous Las Casas in Bataan, and day two was family-fun-filled too. Yesterday, I received a box of happiness from Boracay, courtesy of my brother’s girlfriend – Six calamansi muffins from Real Coffee, something I’d been craving for, for a while now. Today, one of my favorite restaurants, Yabu, sent me an early present – a gift certificate for a free katsu set that I can claim any time within February. Amazeballs.

Happiness in a box, Instagrammed!
Happiness in a box, Instagrammed!

This month is all about celebration and gratitude for me. I am both reveling in all the goodness that I have in my life right now, and also being extremely grateful for all the blessings that have been coming my way. I’m so happy to not be feeling the usual birthday blues that hits me as soon as my birth month comes around, and I take that as a sign that my heart is now truly happy. Again, amazeballs.

The way I see it, I have 28 Grateful Days to celebrate, all in all. These are the first four. Can’t wait for the rest. Definitely sharing them with you, if only to be able to spread the joy. Let’s look forward to good days ahead, shall we? šŸ™‚

Tell me, what’s making you guys happy these days? What are you thankful for?


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19 thoughts on “28 Grateful Days: Feeling the Birthday Vibe

  1. Happy Birthday MrsC though I prefer you MrsP. hehe. Owning this month as yours and celebrating it by being grateful is the best way to look at birthdays, not just the increasing numbers that most are conscious about!

    Happy birthday. Meet up! Meet up!!!

  2. Unlike you, I’m feeling the birthday blues already not because I’m getting older but because there other things in my life that are not going my way. But I’m trying to make the blues go away by thinking of the blessings in my life ‘coz I know God has given me a lot. I’m actually looking forward to turning 35 coz I feel like it’s a milestone, like I’ve “arrived” or something. So weird. Haha!

  3. I’m curious about those calamansi muffins. I’ve been hearing a lot about ’em, but I never had the chance to try! Anyway~ let me greet you a happy birth month! I love that you are openly and happily welcoming a new year in your life. Most people I know dread the 30s.

    1. They are super yummy, and you’ll love them for sure if you love citrus-y pastries šŸ™‚ Thanks for the greeting. Know what? I’ve found that I am enjoying my 30’s (so far) more than I did my 20’s. Being 20-something was fun and all, but I welcome the stability and level-headedness (is that even a word???) that comes with being 30. I find it makes me happier and more content and secure. šŸ™‚

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