On Parents Who Drive Their Kids To School

One of my ‘home tasks’, as I like to call them, is driving my kid to school each day. I started doing this as soon as I became a WAHM. I took a break from school bus duties last year when MrC was available to do it, but now that’s he’s back at work I’m back behind the wheel.

Last week, my car broke down and I was stuck without it for a few days. During that time, I had my driver sweet mother, aka Lola, shuttling the little boy and I around. While I enjoyed my time as a passenger, I got to observe the different kinds of parents who were bringing their kids to school each morning. Of course there were bus drivers too, nannies and grandparents, but for some reason it was the parents who really caught my attention. I became so fascinated with them that entire week that I actually categorized them into three. Yup, I did.

The Working Moms and Dads

First, there are the working moms and dads. These guys always seem to be in a rush, and understandably so. They have to make it to the office on time, after all. These are the parents who are dressed smartly in their ties and power suits, with the women sometimes in heels and other times in driving flats (but of course you know there are heels packed away in the car). Sometimes they’re on the phone. The more tech-savvy ones will be wearing a Jabra. One thing I observed is that they like to honk, and they get very upset when a car is preventing them from exiting the driveway quickly.

This has never been me, simply because I didn’t have the luxury of driving my son to school while I was Β working mom.

The Gym-Bound Moms and Dads

The second kind of parents that I see at my kid’s school in the morning are those who head off to the gym for a workout after they’ve dropped the kids off. These parents move at a more leisurely pace, and often look like they have a lot of time to spare. They linger and watch as their child enters the building, stay for a chat, wave at their friends. If they know you, they will invite you to join them at the gym or yoga or Zumba class, and/or for brunch afterwards. They’re dressed in their workout attire (obviously), and have such bright smiles so early in the morning. Must be all the happy hormones they get from working out.

Honestly, this is something I aspire to be, simply because it means that I have to commit to working out on a daily basis. Well, I’m not there yet.

The Home-based Moms and Dads

Obviously, I fall under this category. Maybe these parents work from home, like I do. Maybe they run their own businesses. Maybe they are stay-at-home-moms and dads. Maybe they’re just on leave for the day. You know them when you see them because they are dressed casually, either in a shift dress, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, leggings and a tank top, sometimes even pajamas. I might be wrong though, maybe those just looked like pajamas. Oftentimes they have their wet hair pulled up in a ponytail or dripping down their back. Or sometimes, particularly on hectic mornings, they have to tie back their greasy hair because they just didn’t have time to shower before leaving. I am speaking from experience, of course, and I can only speak for the moms. Although, there have been some dads who looked like they just jumped out of bed and straight to the car, too. Hopefully they stopped by the bathroom to brush their teeth or at least gargle.

One of the promises that I made to myself is to try to always look presentable in 2014. This means that I should at least wear clothes that match, dry my hair before leaving the house, wear shoes instead of flip-flops, and, on better days, wear lip gloss. I don’t know about you guys, but I find it hard to make time to fix myself up when I’m juggling so many other things, and things that I feel are more important, too. But, hey, I know I have to try simply because I refuse to be frumpy!

So, today I drove my kid to school in a t-shirt, old work slacks that I no longer use for work (because it’s so much more comfortable to wear pajamas while working from home), ballet flats and the dreaded greasy ponytail. Forget about the lipgloss.

I need quick and easy tips on getting dolled up. Help?!

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29 thoughts on “On Parents Who Drive Their Kids To School

  1. My daughter studies in a pre-school near our house so you can just imagine what I look like when I take her to school.Like you, I also made a promise to myself to try and look presentable whenever I go out. It’s hard to get out of a habit you’re used to .

  2. Hahaha! I love observing people and making up stories about their lives. Sometimes hubby and I even make up conversations. Hahaha! Anyway, when I know I have to go out very early in the morning, I shower already before I sleep at night. That way, I just need to wash my face, brush my teeth and change my clothes in the morning. Then, just shower again when I get home. πŸ™‚ I’m one of those who always tries to make an effort to look presentable every time I go out, even if it’s just for errands. Some time ago, I heard from somewhere that you really need to make an effort because you never know who you might run into outside. Malay mo, you might run into a prospective client or an ex. Haha! Best to look fab all the time. πŸ™‚

  3. I am guilty of not dressing up when I do errands. After reading this article, I will make sure to do 5-minutes wonders so that I’ll confident bumping into anyone.

  4. hahaha. I can so relate with the dripping hair and overly casual attire when bringing my kid to school. That was then, now I ask my helper to bring him to school because I have to attend to my other kid. It doesn’t really matter since his school is just a couple of cartwheels away. Hehe.

  5. It’s actually one of my Mommy “dreams” to be able to drive my kids to school. But since we’re trying out home schooling, I guess that’s out of the picture for now. We’re both work-from-home parents, so we rarely go out. Well, I rarely go out. My husband has Jiu Jitsu training every T-TH. But whenever I go out naman, I get guilty naman when I go out, but then I try to make myself feel better na he goes out more often than me ‘no! ;p

    When I do get a chance to drive my kids to school in the future, I plan on making singit yoga sessions in between. Para naman sumexy ako then!

  6. I fall under the third one! Though i don’t have school age kids yet and definitely it will be soon. I usually get dolled up when we go to the mall but few minutes trip to the grocery store I just wear baggy shirts and shorts and flipflops. I don’t mind me looking like I just got off the bed. Haha

  7. You are correct on that. We should at least try to look presentable when we go to our children’s schools. Teachers and school staff tend to have more respect to parents and their kids who look presentable. I had an experience once when we had just finished working out and then went to Jollibee for breakfast. Then on the way home, I saw this school which we thought we should look inside as a school alternative for my daughters. When we were at the gate, the security guard doesn’t want to allow us to enter just because I was wearing workout shorts. It was a miscall for me since that school was administered by nuns. But I learned a lesson that when it comes to school, always wear something decent or just cancel the trip πŸ™‚

  8. When I only had my girl, I used to fall under the moms-who-go-to-the-gym after taking my girl to Gymboree. Then my boy came so I became the mom-who-goes-out-with-wet-hair. Haha! With two toddlers kasi, it’s so hard to get dolled up. And when I do try to “beautify” myself, I end up with messy hair and a sweaty face a few minutes later.

    My get up now are just a comfy shirt, shorts, flats and my favorite lipstick. As for my hair, uso sa akin ang bed hair look. I like it, though. The hubby calls it “the mala-serena” hair. :))

  9. Present here…since I just recently resigned from the corporate world since September of 2013. I fall under the category of Home Based since I am now a WAHM.

    And yes i totally agree with you to always look good, you will never know whom you will bump out there.

    BTW, its my first time here seen your blog in mommy bloggers phil blog page.

  10. I always dress down when going out on errands. I figured nobody would recognize me looking so dowdy. Well, well, somebody did haha. So I promised myself then to make myself presentable, even when just going to Shopwise, which is just 5 minutes away. At least I can use my old clothes since I’m in my house clothes most of the time anyway!

  11. I wonder which mom I’ll be if ever I do bring my kids to school. I’m so scared of driving eh! I’m probably the mom with the dripping wet hair kasi I don’t dry. Haha! Why not try maxi dresses? They look nice and put together. I don’t know if okay sya when driving.

    1. I wear maxi dresses often when I go to the supermarket or the mall. Some of my dresses are too long to be worn with flats, though, and I just can’t drive in heels or platforms heehee! I used to be scared to drive. I actually still can’t go beyond Estrella on EDSA! You really just have to go for it if you wanna do it. After a while, you’ll feel more confident on the road. πŸ™‚ Then again, I mostly drive in Alabang where people follow stoplights and (most of the time) use the pedestrian lane when crossing the street.

  12. I might not drive my son to school daily (he’s homeschooled, lol), but I’m his ever-trusted PA whenever he has modeling gig. Just like you, I also observe the moms whenever we attend auditions. I also make sure na mukha akong ‘nanay ng model’, ayokong mapagkamalang yaya ng anak ko, lol

    1. Hahaha! Nako, I know what you mean! In our batch pa naman there’s a showbiz mom who always looks so fabulous. She likes to make me beso when she sees me, and kahiya naman if I look like a yaya next to her while dropping off or picking up the kids!

  13. I hear you on the looking presentable project! πŸ™‚ I’m a little vain, (ok, a LOT vain), so I never ever go out unless I have full on makeup and matchy-matchy outfit. Even if I’m just walking my younger son to his school in the building across from ours, I dress as if I’m going to the mall or a nice restaurant. Seriously. πŸ™‚

    Make it a habit and it will be part of you. Promise! πŸ™‚ Master the art of the 5-minute makeup. Only buy pieces that you can mix and match.

    1. Oh how I wish I was born vain! I don’t get why I’m not when my mom and sister both are. Maybe I should challenge myself to post an OOTD every morning before dropping my kid off at school, that way, I’m forced to make an effort. Eep, just thinking about it scares me lol. You, on the other hand really do look beautiful and photo ready in every photo you post. I’m so jealous!

      Thanks for the shopping tip. A friend once told me that every time I want to buy something, I should first be able to think of at least 2 items in my closet that I can wear it with so that it’s easier to mix and match. Makes sense!

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