New Year, New Routines

The philosopher, Heraclitus, said that nothing endures but change. He was right. At the end of 2013, after two long years of twists and turns, surprise bumps, starts, stops and one very big loop de loop, life shifted once again, and we were left facing more change. Vague? Yes, I know. That’s what I get for quoting a philosopher.

If you’ve been following my posts from the start of the year (this one and this one), the changes have already begun to take place. First it was my hair, which I dyed from a dark, dark, dark black to a dark, dark, dark brown. Then yesterday MrC went back to work and Little MrC went back to school. That meant that I had to shift from holiday mode back to 5am Iron Chef mode. It also meant that I would be faced with a long, quiet day at home by myself, for the first time in a long time. I was wrong, of course, because the rest of the family was home all day yesterday, and today too, for that matter. But in general, it means that I have several hours of me-time in the middle of the day, while the boys are away.

That means that I can now concentrate on completing my work tasks during the day, and finally impose a strict computer curfew on myself. I have to say, though, that when the urge to watch Homeland hits, that curfew will be totally ignored. I am absolutely obsessed with Sgt. Brody right now. Oh, and I’m only halfway done with Season 2, so if any of you comment with spoilers, know that you will make me cry.

Anyway, going back, the computer curfew is a good thing, considering I need to jump out of bed – literally – at 5am so that I can have breakfast and packed lunches ready by 5:45. If not, MrC won’t get to eat before he leaves, and of course I don’t want that. I also need the early morning jump start so that I can keep the momentum going and make sure that the kiddo and I leave for school before 7:20, in order to avoid the nasty traffic that usually starts between then and 7:30. After that, I’ve got myself all to, well, myself, for a good 8 hours, except on Tuesdays, when it’s shortened period in school. But even then, I still get 6 whole hours to myself.

I haven’t had this much free time in a long time. When I was a new WAHM, the kiddo was only in school for 3.5 hours. Then, when he started staying in school all day, I had MrC with me at home. And now, it’s just me. Me and all of this free time. Oh, the fun things I could do!

The last two days have been about re-adjusting to my early mornings, getting on with work, and making a list of chores that I need to accomplish on my own again, now that my boy wonder partner in crime is back to being an office worker. Tomorrow, though, I am going to spend the morning at the mall. There will be errands, there will be shopping, and there will also be a hair treatment. One of these days, I think I might just go back to sleep after completing my morning routine. Sounds heavenly. I can’t wait! These, my friends, are the perks that come with having a big kid who goes to big school and an ever-so supportive husband who works out of home.

For the record, I know it sounds like I’m really looking forward to my me-time, and I am, but I must admit, the house is a whole lot happier when those two are home, creating chaos in our room and calling me silly names like Jackfruit and Momma the Hutt. That’s the funny thing about being a wife and a mom. For the most part, your husband and kids may drive you nuts, but it just feels incomplete when they aren’t around. Know what I mean?



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8 thoughts on “New Year, New Routines

  1. Definitely back to the routine, but that routine for me is getting more and more fast paced! We are getting to be a lot busier these days even my kids at school, they are having more activities. I always think when I’m being overwhelmed that it will be good to just enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. To be honest, right now, I am so envious of you. Hahaha! I don’t remember the last time I had a REAL me-time, away from everybody else. It helps when my girls go to school for the whole day and the hubby is asleep. But then I still have my toddler around, who constantly bugs me to play with him because no one else is around to do so. It’s so hard to achieve my “ZEN” tuloy. Haha! But then again, I constantly remind myself that this too shall pass and pretty soon all my kids will be grown up and I’ll miss these moments. So, I’m taking ZEN to mean not just being calm and quiet but more of being in the moment and enjoying it while it lasts.

  3. I couldn’t WAIT to have the house to myself, but I also dread the day my 3 year old gets big enough to spend all day at school because that means he’s growing waaay too fast for my taste. During those times when I couldn’t stand another moment of “mamamamamamama can you fix this, mamamamama can you open this, mamamamama…” I remind myself this won’t last forever, and that I should savor this time with him. Your post is is more than likely a glimpse of a day in my life a few years down the line, and I’m both looking forward and also a little bit sentimental about it 🙂

  4. I will totally be honest here. With two toddlers at home with me and a house that is almost always messy, I envy moms who can have a real, long me-time (because my me-time is usually spent in the bathroom… which is sometimes even invaded by the kiddos!). I sometimes find myself wishing that the kids are school age na so I can have at least 3 hours of silence. I’m a very quiet person kasi who enjoys the sound of silence. 😀 But after taking the kids for a weekend at their grandparents, I took it all back. Ang boring pala without the kids! Hehe.

  5. I totally agree. My daughter is super talkative, non-stop, literally non-stop. It gets irritating at times. But when she is not around, the house or the car just seem very quiet.

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