My Sugarcoated Week on Instagram (02/52)

This past week turned out to be a lot more fun and exciting than I thought it would. The boys went back to school and work, so there was a bit of an adjustment in all of our schedules. Bedtimes were moved earlier,alarm clocks were set for 5am, and I had a lot of time to spend any way I wanted to during the day.

Sunday, January 5
Sunday found me fixing my kiddo’s school bag, sharpening pencils, replacing a missing eraser and adjusting the hem of his pants because he has grown taller since the beginning of the school year.

Ready for tomorrow. #BackToSchool #MommyMode

Monday, January 6
We do this thing after homework called Reading Hour, where I have my little boy pick a book that he likes and read to me for an hour. It gets him to practice his reading and also helps to expand his vocabulary.

Reading hour resumes today.

Tuesday, January 7
I decided on Tuesday to try replacing coffee with green tea. I basically had a very sleepy day, and my cat seemed to mock me by sleeping right in front of me as I worked.

Buti pa si Sasha ang sarap ng tulog #WhatsNewPussyCat #Instapet #Instacat

Wednesday, January 8
Homework resumed on Wednesday.

Homework time #MommyMode

Thursday, January 9
Something didn’t go as planned for my son at school on Thursday. Good thing I had Whatta Tops and ice cream at home, my idea of instant happiness.

Ice cream + cake. Cure for a bad day. #MommyMode

Friday, January 10
My car decided to stop working. Thank goodness my brother was home on Friday morning, otherwise we would have had to walk to school.

Because mommy’s car is broken, this little guy took the Ninong School Bus today 🙂

Saturday, January 11
Mom discovered Kinect last Christmas, and so she and dad bought an XBox for the house. She is literally unbeatable on Dance Central 3.

My mom scores 2million++ on Dance Central 3. #xbox #kinect #workout

There’s my week in a nutshell. Hope you all had a great one! On, and if we aren’t yet, let’s be Instafriends! Find me at 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My Sugarcoated Week on Instagram (02/52)

  1. THE ever-dreadful adjusting bedtime hours & morning alarm scheds! But we can’t really complain, right? We all have so much to be thankful for. PS. Your little angel got taller.

    1. Oh, he’s so tall already! Good thing I always buy him pants that are a couple of sizes too big, then I just sew the legs shorter. I had to adjust most of his pants already over Christmas break coz his ankles were already showing!

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