My Sugarcoated Week on Instagram (01/52)

It’s a new year, and I am in the process of tweaking things on the blog in preparation for an exciting and fun new blogging year for us. I say us because I want you, as my readers, to enjoy reading whatever it is that I write here. And as the one writing the posts, I want to enjoy sharing my stories with you, and, more importantly, the entire process of making memories and doing other fun stuff that will give me material to write about as well. In the beginning of 2013, I promised myself that I would blog my best year, and I was able to do just that with the help of my friend, Martine, and her oh-so-helpful Write On Workshops. Now, at the start of 2014, I’m claiming another great year of blogging, and I know I can do it!

One of my blog projects for the year is a “The Week That Was” series, which will feature day-to-day posts from my Instagram feed. I remember how much I didn’t want to be on Instagram when it first came out. Then I gave in, and the next thing I knew I was hooked. Once in a while, when I have nothing to do, I browse through my past posts and reminisce on the stuff that went on over the past week or month. I thought I could turn my muni-muni time into something useful, and so the idea for this blog project was born. I bet I will have so much fun at the end of the year going through my past week-that-was posts and remembering the milestones and the mundane moments.

So, with much excitement, I bring to you the first My Sugarcoated Week on Instagram post! Now I’m thinking that it might be time to upgrade my Instagram-capable phone to one with a better camera.Sunday, December 29

I know, I know, this is supposed to be about 2014, but I want the series to be a Sunday to Saturday thing, and this is my blog, so please allow me to start at the end of 2013. On the last Sunday of the year, I got to spend time with MrC, running errands and going for a quick lunch date, while the little boy spent the day with his grandparents at Fishville. Because our whole family has been enjoying Santa’s gift to the little guy – a BeyBlade arena – MrC decided he wanted a Bey of his own as well. Since everyone at home was going to have their own, I decided to get a BeyBlade for myself too! I chose this one, the Pisces model, because that’s my zodiac sign.

Yes, I have my own Bey Blade. #BoysToys #BecauseMommyIsCoolLikeThat

Monday, December 30
My sister had a coupon for a hot oil treatment that she needed to use before the end of the year. We weren’t smart enough to make an appointment at the salon, though, and when we arrived they were already fully booked. We walked around the mall instead, and she was able to show me the pretty dresses that she had designed for Rustanette in Rustans Department Store. It’s nice seeing my baby sister working hard to make her dream of becoming a designer a reality. I really am so very proud of her.

Saw my baby sister’s designs at Rustans Alabang today. Moms with little girls, these are really cute! Check them out okay? #ProudAte #BabyGirlClothes #Dresses

Tuesday, December 31
That salon date finally happened! I now have brown hair, a new look for the new year. I have to say that I really enjoyed my AZTA Urban Salon experience. It was my first time there, and I already know that I’ll be coming back.

B. Brown. Sorta. This was supposed to come out light brown. My blacker than black hair wins again!

Wednesday, January 1
The boys and I welcomed the new year with the family at my aunt’s house. Ever since we started our little family, we have not spent a single new year’s eve apart. I would really like to keep it that way. There’s nowhere I would rather be on the eve of a new year than sandwiched in between these two.

Happy new year from our family to yours! 🙂

Thursday, January 2
On the first banking day of 2014, we took the little boy to our neighborhood BDO so that we could open his very first account. He was so cute, signing his name on the forms, then checking out his passbook once the first deposit was completed.

Meanwhile, this little person opened his first bank account today. #BDOJuniorSavings #BigBoyNa #ButiPaAnakKoMayPera

Friday, January 3
MrC and I wanted to surprise the little guy with a quick getaway before the holiday break officially ended. Tagaytay is one of our favorite places to escape to, and so we booked a stay at THouse. It was our first time there and we had a great time playing board games, enjoying the cool weather and just being lazy together. I will be blogging about our stay real soon.

U-Build Monopoly time! Thanks for this, Tita @nikkigab 🙂

Saturday, January 4
Nothing beats a cool Tagaytay morning. Okay, maybe a cool Baguio morning does. Or a sunny beach morning, even. But anyway, I obviously enjoyed waking up in Tagaytay yesterday!

Good morning from me and Santa! #THouseTagaytay #FamilyRoadTrip #TagaytayEscape

How was your week, loves? Oh, please follow me on Instagram, if you haven’t yet! 🙂


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