Quality Education?

Earlier today, I was reviewing my little boy for his final exams. As I was going over some of his quizzes from the term, I spotted a grammatical error in one of the questions. It bothered me so much that I took a photo of the test paper and posted it on Instagram.

Past tense overload

You might think that I’m making a big deal over this, but honestly, I would probably be able to let it go if this error was not committed by an English teacher. Then again, as a parent who is paying a significant amount of money for the promise of premium, quality education, I think that I have every right to be bothered. At the same time, I chose my son’s school because I graduated from there myself, and so did MrC and all of my siblings. I believe in its educational system and the level of excellence that it promises to deliver. I take pride in being an alumna of this school, and quite frankly, it’s pretty embarrassing to know that a teacher from this school is unable to write a proper sentence in past tense.

Sure, this may just be an error, and maybe she really is qualified to be teaching English. I am more than willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, of course. But I will be watching.


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14 thoughts on “Quality Education?

    1. I’m actually thinking of doing that, like maybe bringing it up during the PTC. I’ve never met this teacher, and I’m also curious to hear how she speaks. I think a conversation with her is probably in order, even just a casual one.

  1. As far as I recall, that’s one of the reasons why Ate Marge aka The Happy WAHM chose to homeschool β€” wrong pronunciation or something. When she tried to correct the teacher, the teacher insisted that it was the correct pronunciation! Haha! πŸ™‚

  2. If I were in that situation, I guess I’ll keep tabs on the teacher and for any future mistakes. Pag quota na sa pagpapa-sensya with little mistakes, I’d forward my concern to the Principal na. These are little things indeed. But they add up and are being passed on to the kids. Teachers make mistakes but they’re expected to not do so too much. A simple proofreading doesn’t take long naman.

  3. I so get you! I haven’t seen any grammatical errors from my girls’ tests in their present school, but sometimes I catch them pronouncing some things wrong and they tell me that it’s how their teacher pronounced it. Very frustrating.

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