Oh, Christmas, Why Are You So Fattening?

I have a question. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t gain weight during the holidays? If any of you raised your hands, I’d like to challenge you to spend Christmas with my family and then check your weight after. I’m serious. This family likes to celebrate with food, and Christmas is only part one. Part two happens in a week, when we get together to welcome the new year.

Christmas eve is usually spent at home, with my mom in charge of the menu. This year we had lasagna with pepperoni, garlic bread, steaks and Caesar salad. Dessert was a Purple Oven chocolate cake that my sister’s boyfriend gave our family as a gift. We also had fruit salad, which was my special request.

Xmas Eve
Christmas Dinner

On Christmas day, our usual routine is lunch in San Lorenzo with my dad’s side, then dinner with my mom’s family in BF. As far as I know, December 25 has been spent this way ever since I was born. Christmases in SanLo is always a big deal because my Lola’s birthday falls on the same day. Of course, we continue to celebrate her birth anniversary every year, even though she is no longer with us.

The moms of each family contribute to the meal, but most of the yummy food is prepared in the SanLo kitchen. This year was no different, with macaroni salad coming from our house, and yummy salad, pasta, smashed kamote, baked salmon, chicken galantina, roast pork and an assortment of desserts completing the spread.

Xmas Day
Lunch on Christmas day

At my other Lola’s house in BF, we had the customary holiday lechon, pancit, barbecue, quezo de bola, and a lot of other things, plus more fruit salad and two different kinds of cake. I don’t have any photos from dinner, though. I actually just borrowed all of the photos for this post from my dad (thanks, dad!), who loves to document everything with his trusty camera.

So there you go. I think I might be 10 pounds heavier today than I was yesterday. Have you guys been eating a lot, too, this holiday season? I’d love to know what you guys had on your table for Christmas.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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