It’s Time To Say Goodbye to 2013

It’s mid-afternoon, and so far my last day of 2013 has already been eventful. I woke up an hour before I intended because my little boy needed to go number two, and that meant I had to deal with poop upon waking. Then, right when I was starting to fall back asleep, he woke me up again because he was hungry. So I got up and fixed him breakfast. I made coffee while he ws eating, and he and I watched Duck Dynasty while he finished his breakfast and I loaded myself with caffeine.

I’ve been in the mall with my sister since noon. She and I have been on a sister-bonding pampering spree since yesterday, something we’ve not been able to do in a very long time. It’s given us a great opportunity to catch up on each others’ stories. It has also given me a chance to finally get my hair and nails done, in time for the new year. I decided to do something totally different with my hair, which suits the coming year because 2014 is gonna be filled with change.

Later tonight, we will be spending new years eve with family, like we always do. MrC and I are planning to indulge in a bottle of wine or two, or more. No big parties for us, which is fine coz we never liked parting much anyway.
I was planning on writing a long, potentially profound post to close 2013, but I decided to use my time pampering myself and enjoying the last day of the year with the important people in my life instead. I think that was a smart move. So now, as my hair is cooking and I am enjoying the free WiFi at Azta Urban Salon, I want to greet everyone a happy new year. I hope that you are all getting to spend today doing stuff you love with people who count.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Say Goodbye to 2013

  1. I LOVE AZTA in Alabang Town Center. They were the first salon in the area to have wifi.
    I wish I saw your IG-tweet earlier so you could’ve asked for Herbert 🙂

    I wish you and your family a fabulous year ahead +
    more blessings for you. Happy New Year, Patty.

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