Laptop-less or Laptop-free?

For the second time this year, I am without a laptop. I am now calm and collected again after spewing out a series of four-letter words and questions like, Why is this happening to me?, What kind of cruel joke is this?, Why can’t I get a break?, and Why is the universe messing with me?

We dropped my two-month Lenny off at the authorized service station earlier, and thankfully the service and part replacement is all covered by warranty. Afterwards, MrC treated me to lunch at Starbucks, a chocolate chip and macadamia cookie, and a red velvet cupcake from My Little Buttercup. I’m lucky to have a husband who knows what to do. Chances are, the sugar is responsible for my sudden mood shift.

The bottom line is that I will be computer free for 1-2 weeks. I flipped out a little bit when I found out, but I am now choosing to see things from a different perspective, that is that I am not laptop-less, but rather, laptop free. Yes, there is a difference. Essentially, one is pessimistic and the other optimistic. Allow me to explain.

If I were laptop-less, I would be panicky and possibly crying right now. I would be freaking out over the work that I need to complete over the next few days. I would be thinking about all of my unanswered emails, the photos to edit and blog posts to write. I would be panicking over the online posts that I have yet to schedule. I would be worried, cranky, feeling hopeless and defeated. I refuse to think that way.

Instead, I choose to see this as me being laptop-free. That means one less distraction and an opportunity to manage my time better. I will be working on a shared computer and that means that I need to work more efficiently and say no to procrastination. I hope that means that I will get things done faster. It also means that I will be forced to take more breaks from work. Having no laptop will mean more time to spend with the family doing things that don’t involve gadgets. It means that I will have extra time for crafting, too. See, doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun already?

Honestly, I’m not sure how difficult the next few weeks will be, and I’m a bit worried about how I will cope. But instead of wallowing on my worries, I’m choosing to see the bright side instead. And suddenly the situation isn’t so bad. 🙂

Wish me luck?

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8 thoughts on “Laptop-less or Laptop-free?

  1. I can so relate but on another level…you and your laptop, me and “regular work”. The impact of this change (hopefully, a permanent one) is so great, I plan to write about it. Your piece just inspired me more!!! Thanks, Patty!!!

  2. Despite knowing that I’m extremely blessed with my boss and the company I work for right now, I often miss those days when my days were full only with my time with the cares of the family – hubby huddle, homeschool, chores…I miss the days when I was laptop-free.

    Good for you that you see this situation in a positive light! 🙂

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